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Tips to create a cozy minimalist design

Minimalism, as an interior design style, proposes living with the basics and stripping the rooms of most decorations, textures, and colors. Even though this concept might work for some people, it is just not realistic for others, especially those with large families. And what if you want to achieve a functional space but don't like the idea of living with anything but essentials and no decoration. Our home allows us to express our passions, style, and hobbies, so stripping them off everything will not work for those who want to tell about their lifestyle through their belongings, for those who want a clean and functional yet warm space with your personal touch. Cozy minimalism is the answer

Best minimalist lamps

When it comes to minimalist illumination is a crucial component to achieving a balanced, clean, and serene look. A minimalist design wants to bring as much natural light as possible; sadly, this is not possible in all cases when we use the help of artificial illumination. I have picked some of the best lamps for different categories in this selection, including ceiling, floor, and table. Ceiling lamps Light Society Sela Pendant Light A classic style for minimalist decoration The ideal lamp to illuminate large rooms like a living or dining, the white matte finish is a classic color used in minimalism, but the wooden finish rim gives a scandi vibe you can use it to create both styles. It is a

Differences between minimalism and scandi style

They might seem similar, but the truth is both styles have their defining qualities, even though we might use them mixed in the same home and visually adapt to each other, I want to do this exercise where we learn to see the differences. Where they originated? They share similar vibes, but their origins couldn't be farther apart from each other, Scandi style originated in the Scandinavian countries like Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark by the end of the twentieth century. Minimalism was a trend born in the '60s in the United States as a response to the saturation of previous trends like pop art, and its purpose was to seek to live with the essentials. What are their similarities? From a

7 Minimalist design mistakes to avoid

Minimalism can help you create a peaceful and harmonious space in your home, a little oasis in this chaotic world, I have shared many tips on how to renovate certain spaces but the concept os less is more can push us too far and before we notice one day we arrive home and realize its no home but more like a museum or a hospital ward. It's easy to get carried away by the idea of decluttering more and more but you need to remember that minimalism must adapt to your lifestyle and not the other way around, trust me it will be a failed project if you want to mimic an artist minimalist apartment when you have three kids with way more needs. In the previous post, I shared mistakes to avoid as a min

Avoid these minimalist mistakes

The minimalist journey is not an easy one, not only to start but also to keep it. I feel people who discover minimalism for the first time want to jump right in and don't stop for a second to see what they are doing. It is evident that we learn from our mistakes; otherwise, we wouldn't grow. I made some of these mistakes during my minimalist transition, but let me share them with you to make your switch as easy as possible. 1 Focusing only on the material part of minimalism I reckon this is what I did first and probably what most people do, watching a video on Youtube or reading a blog post, you want to tackle your stuff right away. I had a lot of stuff, and in a couple of weeks, I reduced e

Dining room minimalist design tips

Creating a beautiful dining room shouldn't be complicated, right? But for some reason, most people get lost when they try to develop a design or coherent concept for this space. Some of the reasons might be the many different styles, colors, materials, and textures available; when you start seeing so many options, your mind becomes overwhelmed with information, this leads to poor choices that turn into regrets and reminders of a hectic decision. As I mentioned in other posts, minimalism is a magnificent tool for those who are not interior designers or have a small budget and can't afford to pay the professional advice from one. I will show you some essential minimalist tips that will cover t

10 Ways to have fun without spending money

Wonder what to do when bored and broke? Check out these ways to have fun without spending a dime. Minimalists can make the most out of the most simple activities, and save money for precious experiences like traveling or even start a small business. We are programmed to believe that to have fun or do something to pass the time; we must spend money, whether it is a large or small amount, if you do not spend money, and won't have a good time is a false belief. For minimalists spending money to occupy time in things that they are not passionate about is not a realistic option. If they can save money for something that will add more value long term, they will choose free activities instead. I do

20 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

Searching for inspiration to renovate your bedroom and create your own personal oasis, get creative with these 20 gorgeous bedroom design ideas! Our bedrooms are probably the most important room in the house because it is the place where we can unwind after a stressful day and recharge our batteries for tomorrow. But what happens when your bedroom is nothing but a relaxing place? Instead of serenity, you are greeted every day by clutter, piles of clothes everywhere, clashing colors, and a complete sense of disharmony. Minimalism can help you create the bedroom of your dreams, before considering doing a major renovation project which could include changing the curtains, floors, or painting yo

Japandi the New Interior Trend

Want to decorate your home using the Japandi trend? Then read this post, I'm sharing some tips on how to apply this concept to renovate your space. Japandi is a new trend where Japan meets Scandinavia to create an incredible decorating style, one might wonder how these two go together? they actually make a great style and design marriage. Japanese style's main quality is the reduced simple aesthetic and Scandinavian style is also simple but has a certain edge, and cool sleek look. Get inspired by the beauty from the colder northern countries and the natural style from Japan, they might be far away from each other geographically but mixed inside your home. If you want to read more about the J

What Minimalists do with Money?

Want to learn the ways minimalists manage their money and how do they spend it? All information in this article. I have talked in a couple of previous posts about money and minimalism, one is the difference between minimalist and cheapskate and the other is 6 minimalist tips to manage your money. I may have talked briefly about things a minimalist might do with money but I want to dive deeper and explain all the things a minimalist can do with that money that is no longer being wasted on superfluous stuff. Minimalism and the need to work One subject many people who are curious about a minimalist lifestyle is if working is considered a priority because minimalism preaches living with the basi

10 minimalist questions to start your journey

Ask yourself these ten basic questions as they will shed some light into those areas of your life that could benefit from minimalism. Minimalism focuses on living with the things you need, leaving the rest behind to allow you time to do what fulfills you mentally, physically, and emotionally. Leaving behind is not just about material items. It can also be memories and people who consume our energy. If you feel it's time for a wind of change in your life, ask yourself these10 questions as they might be the first step to start your minimalist journey. 1 Are you always running out of money? One of the most significant issues we tend to face living in a consumerist society is quickly running out

6 minimalist tips to manage your money

Are you living paycheck to paycheck, want to cut your expenses, or save for any future project? Learn some minimalist ways to achieve those goals faster in this article. For a minimalist, saving money is not a difficult task. It pretty much comes naturally, spending money on more needs and fewer wants allows money to build up faster, to invest, go to an emergency fund, or save for bigger plans like traveling or paying a home. Whatever your motivation is, minimalism is an ideal tool to help you achieve your goals. In this article, I want to share some useful tips that minimalists apply to manage their money the best way possible. 1 Be careful of the lifestyle creep According to Wikipedia: Lif

7 tips for a minimalist bathroom

Here I share seven tips to make your bathroom a minimalist refuge for you or your whole family. A relaxing, calm place that will feel like a spa. The bathroom is one of those versatile home spots; it can be used by one person or an entire family. The decoration can be overdone or straightforward, so there are bathrooms with a modern or more natural touch. This list starts with the things everyone can do and ends with the most elaborated changes that probably involve hiring skilled workers. 1 Keep the bathroom clean A basic, but it is necessary to mention it; the bathroom, along with the kitchen, is two of the spaces of the house that get dirty the fastest because of how much daily use they r

5 scandi style decor principles

These finish design dining chairs are sturdy, and their modern yet warm vibe go with any style, the seat cushion is comfy and resistant, ideal for families with children. As we well know, the Japandi style is the fusion between the Scandinavian and the Japanese style. Before this fusion, the Scandi style had a lot of popularity until today, because of its clean and open manner. Do you know what furniture or decorative objects you need to achieve a scandi style in your home? There is a bit of a mismatch between the Scandi style and the Swedish Ikea furniture, but it does take inspiration from this style. The Scandi trend has much more history; it emerged in the 1930s, almost parallel to the m

10 things a minimalist don't do

Minimalist lifestyle teaches us many valuable things about ourselves, the impact we have on the planet, and how we consume resources and find more information about the things that minimalists never do. In my previous post, I talked about 10 Minimalists habits to improve your life quality, now let's mention the things minimalists avoid doing. All minimalists are different like I mentioned some of them in my six types of minimalists post. In general terms, there are specific main points where all minimalists tend to agree on, and they might be things you can start applying to your life. 1 Seeing minimalism as just a style I know my blog is about minimalist design, furniture, and decoration, b

10 minimalists habits to change your life

I want to adopt some minimalist habits into your life to make it more productive and pleasant, read my story, and some practices I currently have, maybe some of them will resonate with you. Before minimalism came into my life, I was not only a compulsive shopper; I was a person without a routine of good habits. Minimalism was first a decluttering process and naturally evolved into new habits, some appeared organically, and some adopted over time. I feel these are minimalists habits because they involve activities where I don't waste money, or it is the bare minimum, you will see what I'm talking about as I go through with this list. This list is in no particular; I'm just explaining each hab

6 interior plants for a minimalist home

Want to find some great indoor plants to decorate your home? All information in this article. We all know how minimalist design and decoration are about picking the ideal timeless pieces for the right space; this is not easy, as there are so many different designs and price ranges. There is always this common misconception about minimalist design to be boring and lacking personality; those two ideas couldn't be any further from the truth. If you are looking for ways to decorate your home but are doubtful about buying certain pieces, like vases, sculptures, or wall art, the easiest (and I think the first) option should be natural interior plants. Now let me clarify why I emphasize natural, I

A minimalist is not a cheapskate

There is this odd misconception that minimalists are cheapskates, I can think of some reasons why, and if you are also wondering this, keep reading. I'm thankful because I grew up in a blessed home with love and material things. I feel those material things were a bad influence, I was used to receiving presents on my birthday and holidays like Christmas, played with those toys for a while and then ditched them for the brand-new gift. As I aged, this idea of always wanting something new was into me; I never meditated about anything I was buying; it was a mechanical process. When I had money, I would not save a penny to invest or as an emergency fund. I would go out with my friends to eat, dri

30 minimalist living room design ideas

Looking for ideas and inspiration to renovate your living room, or maybe you just want to rearrange what you own to give it a new vibe. In this article, I'm sharing some beautiful minimalist living rooms that can inspire you, and there is a wide range of styles and colors to choose from, not all black and white. 1 Silver symmetry This design plays between a modern and minimalist style, and it chooses symmetry as the central concept as the living room. The furniture is in shades of grey except for the two accent chairs and tv console which have a dark brown and white color, the modern look that gives the grey and silver colors contrast with the natural finish of the dark wood behind the tv bu

50 minimalist principles

Grab a cup of tea and enjoy this article where I'm sharing 50 minimalist principles I've written down in my notebook, and now I'm sharing them online. These are just simple concepts and ideas that may help you take your first step towards minimalism or as a reinforcement if you are already on the path but feel the temptation of consumerism. In some concepts, I'm also sharing some personal thoughts about them. Read and meditate about them, some of them might resonate and click with you. 1 Things are always the way they are meant to be Do not stop and overthink the past or future, live the moment, and if you are not present at the moment, you are not living. 2 Organize and keep your space free

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