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A minimal smartphone

It is unavoidable that smartphones, whether we want it or not, are part of our lives; they are great as they help us keep track of our work, stay in touch with friends and family, and replace many single-use objects. But they come with a price, and that is taking more and more of our time, developers are always coming up with the brand new app everyone wants, sooner rather than later, your smartphone is a digital clutter central. Minimalism as a lifestyle doesn't only apply to a physical level of things we see and feel but also digitally; if you genuinely want to focus on what truly matters, you must make room by decluttering all that extra weight both physical and digital. Here are three si

Best minimalist bed frames

If you have decided to change your mattress because it is over ten years old, you might have considered switching the bed frame for different reasons; I selected some of the best minimalist bed frames that will cover most spaces and needs. All bed frames designs Depending on your requirements, there are different bed frames, and modern bed frames also offer plenty of storage features, let's see all the types of bed frames in the market. I'm focusing on adult bed frames in this article. What bed frame should I buy? Before investing in a bed frame, it is vital to ask yourself these questions, to make sure the bed frame you buy is what you need, when we spend a lot of money, we should be more t

Home office declutter and minimalist office design ideas

Have you ever entered your home office and feel your stress level rise just by looking at all the stuff you have, and it is understandable because home offices tend to accumulate clutter the fastest. Yes, most home offices clutter piles up fast, including papers, office supplies, spare change, bills, kids' papers, magazines, books, decorative objects, even things that do not belong there. In most households, offices are along with the kitchen; they catch everything places, where you might even find toys or beauty products. Minimalism is an excellent solution for home offices in both aspects, lifestyle, and design. Lifestyle because everything will be easier to organize and maintain, saving y

Minimalist Fall Decor Ideas

Some people love to decorate seasonally, and fall (or autumn as known in the UK) is one of the most popular seasons, staying inside a cozy home with a vibrant orange color palette, leaves decor, and a pumpkin spice scent to make you feel good. It probably implies having too much stuff for minimalists, and they don't want to compromise their time changing decor or buying seasonal stuff. It is entirely understandable, but there is a way to create an uncluttered decoration without breaking a sweat or the bank. Learning some of these ideas will be a useful guide for decorating all year seasonally round, not just for fall, these are some great ideas for the upcoming season on the Northern hemisph

10 Tips to be organized

The organization is the key that pushes everything to fall in place, giving us the mental freedom to focus our valuable energy on essential things. Everyone can be more organized with some commitment; here, I share ten easy tips to apply today and be more organized. 1 Get rid of useless stuff Being organized is not the same as being clean; However, they complement each other; it is easier to clean when there is less stuff. Go through your house and start gathering those useless things you have been storing for years. Anything old or broken with no meaning to you should go, it will clear up space and make the organization easier. You want to be able to find everything fast and also know where

10 Ways to save money

Some might consider these habits frugal but I feel that they can be minimalist too, as you are making the most out of what you have and if on top of that you become a smart consumer, you are saving not only a lot of money that can be invested or spent on more valuable things to you but also saving the planet by reducing your carbon footprint. These 10 are very simple ways and can become habits in a short amount of time, just apply those that resonate with you and your lifestyle. I will let you know which habits I adapted into my daily life as we go through this list. 1 Unplug devices when not in use Have you heard of the term "phantom or vampire energy"? Just as the name suggests its energy

Reasons to take the shoes off before entering your home

It might not be crucial to minimalism, but I think it is such a vital habit we should try to adapt to our lifestyles, and here are the reasons why. We have seen how some east Asian countries like Japan and Scandinavian countries practice this habit (isn't it funny how those two parts of the world are also home of popular design trends with similitudes to minimalism). It is not a common habit in most countries, but it should be as recent studies have determined that our shoes' soles are huge bacteria farms that we happily carry around the house when we arrive from the outside. So, the question we are asking ourselves is, do we need to take off our shoes when we enter the house? The answer is,

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