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The impact of minimalism on the environment

The first thing many thinks of when they hear minimalism is a pristine home with brand new, spotless furniture and little to no decor, which is an entirely valid and truthful aspect of minimalism. But just like minimalism from a design point of view, we have to see minimalism as a lifestyle. Without it, the design branch of minimalism is purely superficial and won't stand over time. A minimalist home and the way it may look is because the person who lives there made the choices that transformed the space. It can't work the other way around as naturally if an interior designer transforms a regular home with a bunch of stuff into a minimalist design. It might look beautiful for the first coupl

10 minimalist rugs that will fit any space

Minimalist design is clean and bright, but sometimes it can feel cold, I have shared in the past ideas to twist minimalism to mix with other styles, one of my favorites is cozy minimalism. We blend the functionality of minimalism with a warm and personal touch that gives the coziness, a great piece to add such detail are rugs. And not just for cozy minimalism, a beautiful minimalist rug with the right colors can enhance any decor you want to accentuate. Here I share ten minimalist rugs I currently love on Amazon. Pin this board! 1 Hampstead abstract by Luxe Weavers | 2 Tellis Frieze by Unique Loom 3 Bohemian chic vintage by Safavieh California | 4 Moroccan by nuLoom 5 Premium shag collection

From hoarder to minimalist | Ten tips from my personal journey

I embraced minimalism a few years ago, when I had to move, and we had to get rid of stuff one way or another. However, I always recall being willing to organize and tidy up. I was not a minimalist at all; in fact, I was a moderate hoarder. And in my case, there was a bit of mixed reasoning behind it; some of my clutter was sentimental (like toys when I was a child); the other was clutter for its sake (like CDs or books). See, even though I was organizing and cleaning, it was a never-ending chore because there was just so much to do. The idea of minimalism was not even a popular thing back then. For me going from a hoarder to a minimalist path was a long process, and it wasn't at all a straig

10 best minimalist wall shelves

I like of having a home that is filled with more of the essentials and less of the superficial things, but of course, living with just bare basics is not for everyone, neither do I, I guess we try to do our best to balance both things, having the things we need and also the things we love. As a minimalist, you tend to own less, so why not display them beautifully to help decorate your room. I love the idea of wall shelves. A minimal design with different vibes is great fits to any interior design. And they are decorative pieces and functional; you can use them to place your office supplies, work-related items, or books. If you live in a small place and struggle to organize things, take advan

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