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What isn't minimalism?

There are many ideas about minimalism, either minimalistic design, and lifestyle, I want to focus on the lifestyle in this article. Some people believe that being minimalist equals being a cheapskate; others think living with pure essentials. I don't think minimalism should be labeled as a one and the only path; owning less doesn't necessarily mean you are minimalist. We all are at different stages of our lives and have passions, values, and beliefs that differ from others; that's what makes us unique; there can't be someone else exactly like us. With this perspective in mind, I want to write about minimalism to stop the confusion and learn how to make minimalism work for us instead of forci

22 amazing minimalist design items (September 2020)

Sometimes when I browse Amazon or check Pinterest, I come across some beautiful, cool, and innovative products; some are functional, others are purely decorative, and some are a mix of both qualities. What draws my attention to them is their simple design that would look beautiful on any minimalist kitchen, study, living room, bathroom, or other home space. But since they are mostly random objects, I decided it would be a fun idea to compile them together in a list, where you can check out my findings and maybe find that minimalist design item you were dreaming of. I enjoyed curating this list for you guys, so each month, I will make a new list with different finds; some months, there will b

Minimalist lifestyle using the Konmari method

Nowadays, I would be surprised to find someone who isn't aware of who is Marie Kondo, whether you have read her books, watched her on tv, internet, or enjoyed her Netflix tv show. This Japanese lady is an expert in the art of organizing and will teach us all with love and patience on how to keep the things we love and spark joy. But if you are no familiar with her, or just heard her name but have never seen her in action or read about her decluttering methods, I want to share this post with you to discover how her teachings can be applied to create a minimalist lifestyle. As a matter of fact, before minimalism, I found Marie first, and it was through her lessons that I naturally moved toward

The best ideas to organize a small kitchen

I have talked previously about kitchen design and decor. In this article, I want to focus on small kitchens; this is a vital space where we cook, eat, share, and chat, this is why the need to keep it tidy is an important goal to achieve. For a minimalist, an organized space is crucial for mental peace, and even if you are starting with minimalism or stumbled across this post by mere chance, this article might be for you. In a compact kitchen, making the most out of the available space is vital; you want to fit all your essentials and make it look aesthetically pleasing. We have to balance keeping things neatly stored and at hand when we are ready to use them, so we have to take advantage of

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