10 Tips to be organized

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The organization is the key that pushes everything to fall in place, giving us the mental freedom to focus our valuable energy on essential things. Everyone can be more organized with some commitment; here, I share ten easy tips to apply today and be more organized.

1 Get rid of useless stuff

Being organized is not the same as being clean; However, they complement each other; it is easier to clean when there is less stuff.

Go through your house and start gathering those useless things you have been storing for years. Anything old or broken with no meaning to you should go, it will clear up space and make the organization easier.

You want to be able to find everything fast and also know where everything should be stored afterward.

Marie Kondo's book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is a must-read for those who want to be inspired and change their current lifestyle.

2 Less stuff around

organize clutter

Our minds tend to get distracted easily, some more than others. Still, if you want to be productive, you need to store away all the things you are not using, those vases with a bunch of colorful pens, trip photos, knick-knacks, etc. All those things will lower your concentration.

Apply this first in your working space and see how you feel about it, if you can produce more in the same amount of time, then its time to switch your area and hide all visual distractions.

3 Less decoration

Like the previous point, in this case, we are talking about your entire living space, not just the office or desk.

The more decorative objects you own, the more they own you, they will take more of your time to organize and clean.

I'm not against decoration, but make sure each object you choose speaks to and about you and try to keep it simple, no more shelves filled with small knick-knacks.

4 Get rid of paper clutter

organize paper clutter

One of the fastest types of clutter homes tends to accumulate. Have a box to dispose of all the paper clutter. If you have the option to recycle it, do it every week to avoid paper piles, it's easy to store useless documents that we forget about.

5 Say goodbye to digital clutter

Just like papers, digital clutter accumulates and even faster as we receive mail every day. We forget to empty the trash bin and to declutter old documents, make it a habit to delete unnecessary files at least once a week.

6 Organize your closet and dresser

If you have piles of clothes everywhere or your dresser drawers won't close, you have to organize it, get rid of old or torn clothes, and tidy everything up. I like coordinating my outfits by color, but organize it in a way that works for you.

7 Ask yourself how does your space make you feel

Let your intuition guide your choices, do you like all those knick-knacks on your living room? How about the extra pots in the kitchen cabinet? Or the extra set of towels you never use. If you keep questioning yourself as you go through your home, you will find those things that have to go.

8 Organize your finances

organize finances and money

Money does not equal happiness but does give peace of mind and lowers our stress levels. As important as this aspect is in our lives, most people completely neglect it and then wonder where all their salary went.

Something as simple as a notebook or a digital sheet will help you keep track of your income and expenses.

9 Organize your time

As necessary as organizing your things, you will never reach your goals without a plan because you have not set a path to achieve it. I like to use Sundays as my prep day.

That's the day when I write down all I have to do and invest my time to make the most out of it, leaving time for myself too, which is as essential.

10 Keep up with the organization

tips to organize home kitchen

The best way to be organized is to be on top of it, store things after using them, small habits like placing your wallet in its place, or hanging your coat as soon as you arrive home. This way, you will avoid the dreaded chaos.

If you have any questions please write it down below and I'll answer it as soon as I can.


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10 tips to be more organized