10 tips to reduce waste in your home office

10 tips to reduce waste in your office

Last year many of us had to change our lifestyles, while many already worked from home, during 2020 almost everybody had to create a working area within their house.

Even now, when we are slowly but surely returning to our regular schedule, some have chosen to keep their home offices as a personal space dedicated to work.

For that reason, even if you are at home or in a workspace outside, you can reduce your waste; in this shortlist, I share ten simple tips to do so.

1) Buy zero waste office supplies

Most office supplies include plastic parts, such as pencils, markers, glues, etc. Luckily, there is usually a zero-waste alternative to all these items.

2) Print on both sides

As long as there is no requirement for a particular document, you can always print on both sides and on a black setting to reduce waste.

You can also group any draft printed paper and use the back to write down notes.

3) Replace the plastic with glass cups

Plastic cups generate the most waste and, at the same time, are the easiest to eliminate. Therefore, most offices nowadays have changed their habit of using single-use plastic cups.

In working centers, you can find small kitchen areas where workers can bring their ceramic mugs, and at home, there's no excuse as you can grab your favorite cups from your kitchen.

4) Sort your waste

Even though most of us would love to be 100% zero-waste, there will always be at least some waste; it's essential to sort this trash to make recycling easier.

Keep three or four trash bins with labels; the largest bin should be for paper waste, another common office waste includes plastic, organic, and glass.

5) Use white vinegar as a multi-purpose cleaner

White vinegar is an affordable cleaning solution alternative to commercial products. You can create different solutions by mixing this product with water, alcohol, and essential oils.

To clean your surfaces, choose reusable microfiber cloths instead of paper towels.

6) Use plants to decorate

Many office workers have to stay seated for many hours until their lunch break; because of this, it's crucial to keep the working space well ventilated and illuminated.

At the same time, to decorate, there's nothing better than live plants; not only do they reduce stress and decorate any room, they also help purify the air.

7) Keep the office tidy

It may not seem related to zero waste, but keeping an office tidy, dramatically reduces the chances of buying multiple items because they seem to be lost.

Also, a tidy office saves time and makes us more productive, reducing our work time and resources consumption.

If you have a cluttered office, try the Konmari decluttering method. You can always donate or gift to family and friends those duplicate items you may find lying around like scissors, rulers, markers, or notebooks.

8) Avoid processed food and snacks

Please stay away from processed edibles; they are usually wrapped in plastic and are not suitable for your body. Instead, buy local fruits or subscribe to a healthy snack service if you want to save money meal prep some snacks at home, like nuts and fruit on a glass container or reusable food bag.

9) Turn off what you aren't using

Don't leave everything on when you are finished working; it consumes energy and wastes resources. So always turn off your laptop, computer, printer, lamps, etc. You can take it a step further and unplug everything.

10) Go to work without your car

As long as it's possible, this last tip isn't for everyone, but if you are lucky to have your workplace near go by foot or use your bike, maybe you live in the city and can commute to work using public transport, anything is better than using your car.

I hope these simple tips and ideas inspire you to create a better working space with less waste.

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