10 Zero-waste alternatives to replace single-use everyday products

Modern society is used to the idea of use and discard; the instant gratification humans search for can lead to waste.

Most people who are conscious about their consumerism habits can still be tempted by a cold drink on a plastic bottle or a cup of fragrant coffee on a winter evening while out in the city.

You can be part of the solution or the problem; let's change this use and discard mentality and buy some zero-waste reusable alternatives.

When we got trapped in use and discard mentality?

Companies would use either glass or metal to sell their products; both materials are much better than plastic, but once the plastic was introduced, it arrived to stay and eventually took the space glass and metal had.

Because plastic products are easy and cheap to create, they began to appear everywhere, including bottles, bags, wraps, and others.

Through each decade, plastic products became more popular with their maximum consumption during the '80s, it's finally in the '90s that most developed countries realize the damage plastic is creating, and recycling campaigns begin.

From the '00s till now, most countries have adapted recycling campaigns and promote the use of plastic alternatives.

Ten reusable alternatives to single-use products

We are used to single-use products, and we forget the damage it does to the environment when it's manufactured and when it goes to the trash. Here are ten alternatives to everyday use and discard times to reduce your waste.

1) Plastic bottles

If you crave a drink on a plastic bottle when you are out and about, why not bring your reusable bottle instead? You will reduce your waste and save plenty of money by bringing your water bottle.

You can choose different materials; the best ones are glass bottles with silicone sleeves or stainless steel.

2) Straws

We are so used to drink using straws most of the time; we don't even think about them; plastic straws are one of the worst contaminants; the good news is you don't have to give them up.

Instead buy a reusable straw, there are different kinds, such as stainless steel and silicone straws for children.

3) Plastic bags

Get used to saying no to plastic bags when they are offered to you at any store; these bags have a short life span and will take many years to decompose; in many cases, they end up in the oceans and are eaten by animals confusing them for algae.

Even though many stores offer decomposable bags, it is a much better option to have reusable bags; you can buy sets of cotton mesh bags for your groceries and larger shopping bags to carry your purchases.

4) Paper tissues

This is an old-school product that many of our grandfathers used, so why not bring them back? Instead of single-use paper tissues, buy a set of organic cotton handkerchiefs, the material is perfect for allergic people, and you can wash them infinitely.

5) Plastic wrap

The king of single-use products, these plastic foils are used to wrap and cover pretty much everything from snacks, fruits to bowls of food; what alternative we have to reduce this potential waste?

You can buy beeswax wrap sets that last up to a year and can be quickly restored (read more about beeswax wrap here) or get washable food bags made of either organic cotton or silicone.

6) Aluminum foil

Another kitchen waste culprit, aluminum foil, is practical for protecting your baking tray or covering a baking dish.

Instead, buy a silicone mat to use repeatedly, and to cover your baking dishes, use an oven-safe silicone lid.

7) Coffee pods

Each year 7,000 million coffee pods are trashed worldwide, we made so much progress by reducing plastic bottles and bags, yet now the plastic coffee pods are taking over; this plastic madness needs to stop!

A zero-waste alternative is reusable coffee filters made of stainless steel or organic cotton. If you love using coffee pods, get a reusable silicone pod to fill with your favorite ground coffee.

8) Coffee cups

It is common seeing people in the morning rushing to get their coffee fix at the nearest coffee shop, instead buy a reusable glass or stainless steel coffee mug with a secure lid to prepare your coffee at home and enjoy it peacefully as you commute to work.

9) Paper towel

I understand that for some messes, a regular paper towel is a viable option. Still, some people will use paper towels for everything, including drying their hands or cleaning their countertops.

A fantastic alternative to paper towels is bamboo paper towels; a washable roll can replace up to 6 months of regular paper towels, and to clean your countertops, swap the paper towel for microfiber cloths or cut old cotton shirts.

10) Plastic razors

Instead of buying a discardable plastic razor, get a safety razor. Plastic razor is difficult or impossible to recycle, safety shavers only need to replace the blade, making it a perfect alternative for your personal grooming. You can buy safety razors for men and women.

Do you use any reusable products or have any other idea of the reusable products you can share? Please leave them in the comment section down below.

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