120 minimalist Christmas decor ideas

A minimalist home can also enjoy the upcoming holidays, the key is choosing the right amount of decor pieces to avoid overwhelming the space.

For most people, the words minimalism and Christmas just don't go hand in hand, and it does make some sense. Minimalism teaches us to appreciate clean lines, a curated selection of furniture and decor, avoiding excessive colors.

Christmas arrives and turns our homes upside down, with bushy trees, many color ornamental balls, and sparkling wreaths.

Christmas decor is something very personal but in general, it tends to fill up at least a couple of rooms (living and dining) with decorative pieces, seeking compositions with a lot of layered textures, colors, and lights; for a minimalist, this might feel annoying.

Luckily for us, there are ways to decorate maintaining minimalism without losing the Christmas spirit, so grab a cup of your favorite drink and enjoy this compilation with 120 minimalist Christmas decor ideas to inspire you.

1) White Berry Garland

This artificial white ilex berry garland decor piece is the perfect item to place above a fireplace, to decorate a table center, or create a wreath.


2) Minimalist Nativity Scene

A simple miniature nativity scene made of porcelain with a glossy finish to decorate a dining dresser or as a centerpiece.


3) Scandinavian porch

Decorate your porch with this DIY idea using natural logs and plants and a lantern, like this beautiful Scandi style creation by Sara from Twelve on Main.


4) Gold Tree


5) Snow Pillow Cover


6) Bakery Christmas Scent


7) Bohemian Moon Decor


8) Sage & Silver Brush Trees


9) Cabin In The Forest


10) Snowy Tree


11) Simple Planter & Basket


12) A Tree Of This Years Memories


13) DIY Asymmetrical Garland Idea

You can also try this DIY project created by Rebecca from Hello Central Avenue, this garland will complement any cozy minimalist decor, check out her post for the full guide on how to build this garland.


14) Woven Throw Blanket

This woven Christmas blanket features a geometric design which can be used all year long, made in the USA with 100% soft cotton, available in three sizes (52"x37", 50"x60", 60"x80").


15) Silver Reindeers

Choose between five different silver reindeer to create a decorative holiday display, use them to decorate a centerpiece, a console, or your chimney, the silver color looks great on any minimalist decor but also works with any color combination.


16) Iced Wreath

Christmas wreath made of faux twigs with a silver finish, transform your front door with this stunning design that will last many years to come.


17) Accordion Paper Trees

A modern and sleek take on the traditional tree, this accordion paper tree is done by Indian artisans, cut and shaped by hand, folds flat for easy storage.


18) Botanical Leaf Menorah

The collection by Michael Aram is inspired by nature, leaves of eucalyptus and seagrape create a stunning centerpiece.


19) Large Reindeer Figurine

Nordic style inspired art reindeer decor, bring some charm to your simple Christmas arrangement.


20) Standing Wood Trees

Decorative wood trees, also available in red and green, great to decorate a centerpiece or a sideboard.


21) Snow Globe Stocking Holder


22) LED Light Garland

A garland with 200 LED lights to decorate with eight display settings.


23) Elegant Christmas Decor

Check out this minimal decoration with black accents created by Lindi and Russel from Love Create Celebrate, the contrast between light and dark really bring out the details in this curated space, for more photos of this stunning display please follow the link below.


24) Pottery Woodland


25) Scandi Mantle

Don't forget to decorate your dining table, the ideal place to gather with your family and friends, like this Scandi creation by Lori from Wild and Grizzly.


26) Advent Calendar

A wooden advent calendar that can be used throughout the years, fill it with consumable good such as candies or small positive messages.

photo: David-olivier Gascon

27) Edible Advent Calendar

Talking about advent calendars, how about one that is made of chocolate, a delicious treat each day until Christmas, great gift idea.


28) Handmade Postcards

Sometimes the best presents are the ones with true meaning if you are an artistic person draw and paint your Christmas cards like this design by pure Julia.

photo: Pure Julia

29) Christmas Stockings


30) Snowy Tree


31) Christmas Gnome


32) LED Christmas Tree

A glitzy decorative piece for any Christmas decor, this large LED tree measures 16"x4"x20" and uses 3 AA batteries, use it to decorate a dining table or a living room.


33) Light Up Tree

Looking for something unconventional, then why not try this LED Christmas tree, all the branches are illuminated for a cheerful celebration, the best part is no ornaments are required to decorate this tree.


34) Wood Reindeer

What about a decorative piece that is also a fun project with the kids, this reindeer by shoploveandgrey comes in pieces to assemble and can be displayed as it is or painted to match any decor.


35) Christmas Frosted Fraser Fir

A Christmas tree with a snowy finish, these realistic trees by Balsam Hill are narrow and are available in different sizes to fit any room.


36) Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Celebrate Christmas with this adorable tree inspired from the Charlie Brown cartoon, a sincere and humble tree that symbolizes the true meaning of Christmas, which is being with the ones you love, this cute tree features one red ornamental ball and Linu's light blue blanket.


37) Edible Decoration

photo: Ignacio R

38) Reindeer Candle Holder


39) Pinecone Stems

Decorate with these realistic looking pinecones, each stem is covered in green moss and includes different pinecones, great to fill a bucket or create a Christmas flower arrangement.


40) Chimney Cozy Decor

Create a cozy corner near a chimney with this DIY idea using a neutral color palette in nudes and grey, like this cozy winter living room decor by Stacey from Wilshire Collections.


41) Cozy Living Room

Soft textures and blue accents help recreate a cozy scandi style for a serene Christmas decor.


42) Silver Glass Ball Ornaments

To decorate a minimalist Christmas tree, I recommend choosing one color and theme, a good ornament is silver balls, they look sleek and clean, place them at a similar distance to cover all the tree area without overcrowding.


43) Wooden Tree Ornaments


44) Details That Change The Vibe

Create a simple statement with little details that will bring the holiday spirit to all your rooms, like this kitchen decorated by Rachel, for the full decor tour please follow the link below.


45) Minimal Scandi Tree

A Christmas decor creation by Amy from Homey Oh My, this tree is inspired by the Scandi trend using fewer colors and a color palette found in nature such as green and earth tones, check out all the details on her blog.


46) DIY Clay Ornaments

Here is a fun DIY project to involve your children, create your own Christmas tree ornaments with very few materials, full tutorial clicking the link below.


47) Cozy Minimalist Living Room


48) Woven Tree Collar

Change the traditional tree skirt for a woven collar, this piece hides the legs of the tree better with a cleaner look and can be used throughout the year to cover other planters.


49) Kraft Paper Tree

An innovative Christmas tree idea from Lia, for a full tutorial and download please visit her blog.


50) Silver Reindeer Stocking Hangers


51) Home Sweet Home Decorative Pieces

Petite homes to bring a sense of joy and warmth to your home.


52) Farmhouse Pottery Candlestick

Farmhouse style candle holders with a modern twist, made with a detailed wood finish and smooth texture.


53) DIY Log Christmas Tree

DIY Christmas tree made with a log and pine branch.

photo: David-OIivier Gascon

54) Stars Paper Wrap


55) Gold Stainless Steel Flatware


56) Orange Garland

Decorate a home entrance like this one idea by the team at The Merry Thought, using natural plants and orange slices, they created a beautiful orange and pine decor that will also welcome guests with their pleasant scents, for more ideas click the link below.


57) Dome Lights


58) Present Wrapping

Check out these creative ways to wrap presents using leaves and feathers, a stylish and innovative way to surprise your loved ones.


59) White Glitter Tree

A stylish Christmas decor designed by Cody Foster, these glittery trees will bring a whimsy touch to any minimalist decor for a fun and sparkling holiday season.


60) Snowy Berries Garland

A berry garland that will match a rustic or minimalist decor, use it on a centerpiece or a vase.


61) Nativity Sculpted Scene

A bold twist on a traditional Christmas decor, this nativity scene designed by Todd Myers features the family in polished metal with a creche of acacia wood.


62) DIY Geometric Tree

Check out this DIY project from Homey Oh My, if you are a crafty person why don't try creating your own modern version of a Christmas tree, this minimalist decorative piece can be used all tear round, simple remove the ornamental ball when the holiday season is over, to learn how to make this tree visit Amy's blog by clicking the link below.


63) Pom Pom Garland

Made of natural fibers of banana and raffia, this is an eco-friendly decor for a minimalist or bohemian style, approximate length of 75".


64) Scandi Wreath


65) Wooden Christmas Tree

Ornamental trees made of wood for those who want to bring the holiday spirit without buying an actual tree, this is a clean and easy to store solution.