15 minimalist playroom ideas

Minimalists playrooms are known for being straightforward, uncluttered, and very easy to pick and clean up; if you want to reorganize your kid's playroom, check out these ideas.

What I like the most about a minimalistic playroom is that kids learn from an early age the importance of being grateful for what they have. Also, it pushes their creativity to develop new stories and ideas with the same toy.

If you are curious about the importance of teaching minimalist to children, you can read it all on my blog.

And if you are looking for minimalistic toys for your kids, check out this list with some great toy ideas that will be loved for years to come.

The first step to reorganize a minimalist playroom is teaching children that there is no need to buy toys all the time, and this is something that parents must learn too.

There's no need to reward every right action with a toy; it teaches children that they must only act positively if there's a reward when it should never be that way.

Before reorganizing and decorating a minimalist playroom, it is crucial to declutter, ask your children to help you in the process, discard everything broken and donate all the toys in good shape that your kid's no longer play with.

More information about toy decluttering in this article.

If you have reduced the amount of toy clutter and want to transform the current playroom into minimalist heaven, check out these fun ideas that show minimalism doesn't have to feel bare or boring.

15 beautiful minimalist playroom ideas!

1) Minimalist safari

Keeping a simple minimalist playroom using white and subtle touches of neutral warm colors like beige will maintain a clean look; the fun elements include the giant giraffe plushie, the deer plushie and deer wall art canvas, plus the animal stickers.

white minimalist playroom

photo credit: @interior.hj

2) Playroom with boho vibes

Wicker furniture and decor pieces like the adorable elephant wall piece or the marigold throw pillow and giraffe plushie create a warmer playroom that is also easy to clean; the storage helps keep extra toys or other items tidy and out of sight.

minimalist boho playroom

photo credit: @_veronicaherrero_

3) Extra storage area

Having a tidy and organized storage area is essential to avoid clutter and teach children to put back every item or toy after using it.

This project features removable plastic bins and cute storage tags with drawings to know where everything goes.

minimalist toy storage ideas

photo credit: @littlefeiyedschool

4) Colorful animals

As mentioned early minimalism doesn't have to feel boring, especially in a playroom, here we have a colorful display of different animals, and each box doubles as storage space, the furniture doubles as a large seating or play table.

The focal point of this playroom is the bold cockatoo against a bold pink background.

minimalist playroom organization ideas

photo credit: @alignwithliza & @clementsonphotography

5) Plenty of storage

When there are more toys, we need more storage space to keep everything off the floor; a popular choice is cube style storage, this way, your kids can manage their toys, and parents can easily carry the cube around the house picking misplaced toys.

This gorgeous storage unit features contrasting wooden boxes and decor elements in off-whites and baby blue on the wall art.

minimalist playroom wooden box units

photo credit: @thesimplewhitehome

6) Rainbow playroom

Another fun way to decorate a simple playroom, adding some color with a rainbow rug, even though is colorful it doesn't overwhelm the space but keeps a centered and balanced look with the cube storage units' help, the opposing rainbow arches invite you to play in the middle of the rug.

minimalist rainbow playroom idea

photo credit: @playroominspo

7) Fun walls

All playrooms should have a spot to hang different toys and fun gadgets like this playroom where the coat rack is used to hang toy cameras, purses, dresses, and even a broom and dustpan, don't forget to decorate the walls with fun animal cartoons and include a subtle color palette if you don't want an all white look.

minimalist cozy playroom

photo credit: @littleotja

8) Work station

Help your kids stay focused by defining areas to craft or study; it's important to keep the space simple (this is where minimalism comes in handy), avoid too much color in this area and keep the decoration light.

minimalist playroom craft desk

photo credit: @teoyolivia

9) Bright furniture

Keeping your furniture white helps maintain a clean look (especially when toys have a lot of clashing colors); an extra tip is choosing paintings with a glossy finish to make cleaning much more manageable, add pops of colors like the flower printed canvas.

minimalist playroom storage unit

photo credit: @alignwithliza & @clementsonphotography

14 ideas to decorate a minimalist playroom

10) Warmer tones

One large (or two) storage unit can command attention to one spot in the playroom, which helps organize toys faster; the rainbow weaved hanging and rug give the room a cozier vibe, and furniture with simple lines can be rehomed once the kids grow up.

cozy minimalist playroom decor ideas

photo credit: @mini.dots.room

11) Defined areas

Like any other room at your home, a minimalist playroom should have delimited areas within the space using furniture, like this adorable playroom where a workspace is placed behind, and a play or reading area is delimited by an area rug, two grey bean bags, and a white shelf with some toys.

minimalist pink playroom

photo credit: @winterdaisykids

12) Fun sleeping spot

A cute bed to play, nap, or sleep, the design features a fun slide, and the ball pool can be easily stored below the bed. These little spots are great for kids to play and use their imagination.

minimalist bed kids playroom

photo credit: @mamagefluester

13) Textures

Suppose you are looking to reduce the number of visible toys by keeping them in storage units.

In that case, you can break a bare look by adding more subtle patterns and texture, like these baby blue tartan patterns on the walls and hexagonal area rug. The playroom look is tied with the drawings of the fun cars in blue with grey canvas.

minimalist baby blue playroom

photo credit: @cocovillage & @mrsjuliemunro

14) Baskets and pools

A fun room with three primary colors, the cabinet is lined with woven baskets in beige and grey to keep a clean look, the ball pool is also easy to pick up and keep contained in a corner, the grey cushion with geometric shapes is great to build fun structures.

minimalist grey and beige playroom

photo credit: @ourforevercorfe

15) Soft Color Accents

It's easy to create a minimalist playroom with color by following a 3 color rule, choose three colors you want to add and stick to them as much as possible, in this example, the main color is white, followed by light beige and shades of pale emerald.

This is the best way to decorate on a budget and to avoid buying decorative pieces that don't match the room, try to use white the most and the other two colors as complementary.

photo credit: @babychouhouse

Organizing the playroom is the first step to start a minimalist switch, it might not be an easy task depending on how many toys your kids have accumulated over the years, but once you finish you will never want to go back to the cluttered chaos and a minimalist playroom will become the space where you will be able to breathe.

And your kids will love the space as much as you do!


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