20 ideas to decorate a small minimalist kitchen

A minimalist kitchen is organized, clean, and easy to put together if you dream of having an ideal kitchen, get inspired with these beautiful ideas.

1) Artistic chandelier

If your kitchen has a high ceiling, you can hang a big bold beautiful chandelier to draw the eye upwards and increase the sense of space, this gorgeous kitchen also features large glass doors that offer a wide view of the trees.

modern minimalist kitchen

design credit: @juma_architects, @tjip_, @pieter_vanrenterghem, and @nielsmaier_

photo credit: @cafeine and @annick_vernimmen_photography

via: @est_living

article: https://www.estliving.com/minimalist-kitchen-covet-international-designers/

2) Minimalism with scandi touches

If you love minimalism but an all-white look is not your thing, check out this scandi style kitchen, a clean look but using more wood and earth tones to balance the white of the walls and give warmth to the area.

scandi minimalist kitchen

design credit: @pieter_vanrenterghem

via: @semboni_living

3) Use plants to decorate

There's no denying that plants brighten any room but they also help purify and detox your space, placing a few plants in a kitchen will bring a lot of life to your kitchen, make sure to pick plants that don't demand too much attention.

If you are interested in plants ideal for a minimalist home, check out this article.

decorate a minimalist kitchen with plants

photo credit: @minimalistcali

4) A small dining corner

Small apartments usually don't have much space for a regular dining set, even though is amazing to host guests, is not always possible to have such a room, in that case, you can create a cozy dining corner inside the kitchen.

Placing a small table against a window will give you plenty of light without taking up too much space.

small minimalist kitchen dining table

photo credit: @joanna.rozana

5) Use shelves

In small kitchens, any storage space is crucial, although it won't be as necessary if you have the kitchen essentials (check out some awesome essential products here).

Not all your items have to be stored out of sight, taking advantage of an open shelf can help you display some cooking utensils to other pieces to bring some personality to this space.

minimalist kitchen with shelves

photo credit: @shod.athome

6) Framing the exterior

If the view is amazing why don't take advantage of it? In this minimalist kitchen, the window becomes the star of the room by allowing the incredible view to shine.

The kitchen island is a simple large black counter with a sink and stovetop, giving plenty of working and walking area.

black modern minimalist kitchen

design credit: @mathiesonarchitects

​photo credit: @romellopereirastudio

via: @est_living

article: https://www.estliving.com/mosman-house-mathieson-architects/

7) Minimalism with a classic touch

Create a minimalist kitchen with classic vibes, in this photo, we can see how the storage area looks like wardrobes and the cooking space is a large island in light grey.

The kitchen is balanced with a mid-century dining set, the wooden floors are pale to give a hint of soft color.

classic white minimalist kitchen

design credit: @hansverstuyftarchitecten

​photo credit: @piet.albert.goethals

via: @est_living

Article: ​https://www.estliving.com/kortrijk-house-hans-verstuyft/

8) Organized open kitchen

I love open kitchens, they truly help make the most out of any small home, but is vital to keep everything tidy to avoid having a messy-looking house.

A small kitchen needs more storage space and an island can with a sink can double as a dining table with modern black chairs.

small minimalist kitchen

photo credit: @foxhomesmn

9) Accents in navy blue

Minimalism doesn't equate to lack of color, the key is to apply the right amounts of color to balance the neutrals and create interesting focal points.

This kitchen is completely white including the counters, the backsplash is navy blue with a glossy finish to clean easier if you can't afford an entire kitchen renewal, try adding color accents with kitchen towels or a colorful kettle.

minimalist kitchen with navy blue accents

photo credit: @frutanem

10) Drawers

To help organize better, drawers are a must in any minimalist kitchen, not only everything will be easier to grab as you can literally pull the entire drawer but it's better to place all kitchen gadgets and utensils.

beautiful minimalist kitchen

photo credit: @houseintheheatons

11) Clean look

Use straight clean lines and mostly white to create a bright kitchen that bounces light better and makes space look bigger.

minimalist kitchen design for small apartment

photo credit: @maijaheskia

12) Center table with storage

A kitchen looks amazing with an island, but not all spaces have enough center area or have the right shape for one, if that's your case you can purchase a small table with storage space for your fresh produce or large cookware, some models even feature wheels to move them around easily.

minimalist kitchen design ideas

photo credit: @farahramliee

13) Cooking nook

A clean look for a kitchen creating a small nook for your stovetop and oven with cupboards all around them, this computer-generated design doesn't include handles but a push-system to open the doors.

white minimalist kitchen

design credit: @alexallenstudio @atanz

appliances: @fisherpaykel

via: @be.archie

14) Kitchen with dining area

The less wall the better, this amazing kitchen is in the same area as the dining room, the all-white look is balanced with a black dining set.

minimalist kitchen and dining room

photo credit: @ladantolmarkroomezi

15) Japandi vibes

Ok, I'll admit this is not a small kitchen but as you can see it's a shared space between the kitchen, dining room, and even living room, plus you can't deny this photo is spectacular.

Another great choice for the ones who want the tidiness of minimalism but with more color, Japandi is a trendy style that features both design qualities, mixing white walls with natural wooden finish furniture and dark accent objects, you can recreate this clean and sophisticated kitchen.

japandi minimalist kitchen

design credit: @hansverstuyftarchitecten

via: @semboni_living

16) Smart storage solutions

In this kitchen, the warm colors also give the minimalist kitchen a cozy vibe, the black counters balance the walls and floors, and the narrow book storage is a neat idea for anyone who has a bunch of cookbooks to organize without taking up space.

warm minimalist kitchen

photo credit: @brush_up_dress_down

17) Black and white kitchen

A minimalist kitchen with modern vibes, the marble tile floors tie the looks of the white cupboard and black counter, the sleek ceiling lamp gives a modern touch and focal interest.

modern minimalist kitchen

photo credit: @minimalist_space_

18) Scandi kitchen

A beautiful kitchen that uses wood to give warmth and black accents in decorative pieces such as lamps, and different ornaments. The shelves serve as both decorative and functional secondary furniture.

scandi minimalist kitchen

photo credit: @pavla.habi

Hope these beautiful photos inspire you to create a minimalist kitchen and remember the benefit of minimalism is learning to live with less, so even the smallest kitchen can look more spacious thanks to a decluttered approach.


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18 stunning minimalist kitchen ideas