24 Minimalist Christmas gift ideas

Christmas is almost one month away, and I have to admit it is one of my favorite holidays of the year because I enjoy decorating and gathering with my loved ones.

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The act of giving presents to your loved ones has become a staple of Christmas, to the point where it is the main reason is celebrated in countries with Christian minorities like Japan, companies have taken notice of this trend, and go all the way out with their marketing strategies to get you to buy more.

For a minimalist, Christmas can be a challenging time of the year, because it becomes tempting to buy stuff, but you don't have to torture yourself. There are ways to simplify your gifts, making them more meaningful and useful.

One way is to keep track of what your loved ones might need or want, so you don't gift them duplicates, and avoid gifting clothes or shoes at all costs.

So forget about the random ill-fitting sweaters no-one likes, here some smart ideas to gift-give with intention.


This is always my go-to choice when I'm not sure what to give, consumables are the best option because they will eventually run out, so people are not stuck with something they might not like or love. Here are some amazing consumable ideas to gift.


If you a person who loves scented candles, this is a great gift idea, they will be able to try different aromas to perfume their home, and once finished the jars can either be recycled or repurposed.

I like this aromatherapy set of eight candles in tin containers and using soy wax, great for vegans, the scents are all-natural essential oils such as; fig, lavender, lemon, rose, wood sage, coffee, vanilla almond, and secret mint.

Essential Oils

Other consumables are multi-purpose such as; aromatherapy, massages, skincare, scent diffuse, or even to create homemade cleaning supplies.

The 100% natural set includes twelve bottles in a cute wooden storage box, six of them are single oils (orange, eucalyptus, peppermint, lemongrass, cedarwood, and lavender), and the other six popular blends with different healing properties such as; immunity, relaxation, breathing, harmony, tranquility, and better sleep.


As long as the person receiving the gift enjoys chocolate, you can get a gourmet variety box like this one by Oh! Nuts.


Same as chocolates, cookies, or even better biscotti are a nice consumable gift for people with a sweet tooth because this is a special occasion I recommend choosing something unique outside of the brands you normally see in supermarkets, like this biscotti box by Barnetts.


For all coffee lovers, you can gift them some coffee, I'm no coffee expert but I chose this brand because it looks cool, has great reviews, and is a good deal for 2 packs of coffee grounds.


Just like coffee lovers, tea is a whole world full of flavors and scents to discover, a tea enthusiast would be more than happy to receive these twelve assorted tea set, made with 100% natural ingredients in India, this SOFI 2018 and 2019 award-winning tea is going to be an absolute delight.


For anyone who enjoys a drink every once in a while, you can find plenty of gift options to give, such as this cool DIY gin infusion kit, or the booze-infused snacks including rum, beer, bourbon.

Fancy beauty products

Gifting a set of scented soaps or a fancy set of facial moisturizer is sure an indulging and nice gift, think of all those products you would love to use but would never buy for yourself, the receiver will appreciate this gift as much as you would.


Honestly, books are not something I would consider minimalist, especially if you have a large collection that has been read once and then forgotten about.

But it is possible to read a book and then exchange or pass it down to a friend, you can also sell it or donate it to your local library.

You can also gift books about minimalism like the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, to a person who is interested in the subject or to see if they can make a switch.


If you can afford it, a better gift is a Kindle Paperwhite, these slim tablets will store plenty of books, plus there are always free titles to read. If the person already owns a Kindle, gift them a Kindle Unlimited subscription to the service, this way they can choose their books.

Appliances & electronics

This category is exclusive to useful products, always make sure the person doesn't have any similar item to avoid gifting duplicates.

Echo Dot

The smart speaker with Alexa enters its fourth generation, this sleek design gadget lets you control different entertainment options, control your homes, such as the lights, thermostats, or lock doors with compatible devices. Also, you can use Alexa to answer questions or even call almost anyone within the house.

Flash drive

Even though nowadays, cloud storage is a more popular option, flash drives are still relevant, especially to hold important documents or backups, owning a couple of them will prove useful whenever you are unable to access your cloud storage.

A fast flash drive with a lot of storage is an ideal choice, like the Axe Memory model, which offers 512 Gb of memory, metal casing, and a read speed of 400 Mb/s.

Digital notebook

A great environmentally friendly option for those who love to write down their notes or ideas, this digital notebook by Rocketbook can be endlessly used with a microfiber cloth included in the kit.

You can store your notes in cloud services like Google or Dropbox, a magical product that can easily last for a lifetime.

Instant pot

This is a minimalist must-have, Instant pot is a super kitchen appliance that combines seven functions into one, making it one the best selling models on online stores such as Amazon.

This pot can slow cook, pressure cook, saute, make yogurt, steam, steam, cook rice, and keep everything warm, the size works great for large families or people who want to meal prep.

Coffee maker

For any coffee lover, this is the perfect brewer for any occasion, the Keurig K-duo Coffee Maker is versatile works with both K-cups or ground coffee, to brew a single cup or a twelve cup carafe included in the set, you can also choose to brew a strong coffee with the simple press of a button. It features a removable water reservoir for easy refilling and is compact enough to fit any counter.

Vacuum robot

Another practical appliance, the Eufy vacuum robot is a powerful device to keep your home clean, the ultra-thin design can glide underneath most furniture and with a power vacuuming power of 1300Pa.

Includes a control to set and forget, this quiet vacuum will go back to it's charging port when its finished, the set includes; RoboVac 11S, remote control (2 AAA batteries included), charging base, AC power adapter, cleaning tool, extra set of high-performance filters, 4 side brushes, 5 cable ties, and a welcome guide.


Here are some other random gift ideas, that will surprise people.

Ancestry DNA test

Who wouldn't want to know where they come from? With these cool ancestry DNA test, you can check out whats ethnicity background with a simple saliva sample.

Please note that the sample for East Asia is not as large, so many users with this ethnic background have reported a lack of geographic detail.

Dog ancestry DNA test

With this test by Wisdom Panel 3.0, you can discover the genetic analysis of your beloved dog in as little as two weeks, this test is not just fun to help understand certain physical qualities or personality traits of your dog but also identify possible health issues specific to certain breeds and use them with the help of your veterinarian to create long-term health plans.


If you don't want to gift anything material, why not give an experience, something the person you know would love to do, like eating out, going camping, taking art lessons, there is no limit when it comes to experiences, this gift is also very flexible with different budgets.

Gift cards

Another great idea for those who aren't sure about what to give, you can gift this card so the person can choose what to get, there are also different categories available such as; amazon, retail stores, restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream shops, gaming, music, among many other options.

¿What about the gifts I receive?

I gave you some gift ideas, but what about when its the other way around, here is my simple take on this. If people ask you, let them know you are a minimalist and what kind of gift would you prefer.

In case they never get to ask and give you and your family gifts, just accept them, remember that they give you things because they want to show appreciation, for that reason alone you should accept their presents with gratitude.

The best solution, in this case, is taking the present to replace something else, like a duplicate, you can either sell it or donate it to a charity.


I hope you enjoyed this selection!

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