30 amazing minimalist design items (October 2020)

The end of the month is close, so here's my latest compilation of minimalist design items I've found, just like in my previous entry, this is just a fun list with well-designed items some are functional and others purely decorative.

These items cover different areas such as decor, tech, toys, kitchen, and others. By the end of each month, I will be creating a new list with some great finds.

Dog Leash | Robot Vacuum | Ceramic Origami Crane | Duvet Bedding Set

Headphones Stand | Bose Wireless Headphones | Backpack | Electric Kettle

Narciso Rodriguez Pure Musc For Her | Lacoste L.12.12 | Apple Magic Keyboard

Apple Magic Mouse 2 | Rice Cooker | Grinder Set

Watering Can | PS5 | Wooden Rocking Horse | Tower Stacking Game | Wooden Hangers

Plastic Sprayer | Smart Scale | Bread Toaster | Candle Warmer | Soap Dispenser

Knife Set | Cutting Board Set | Glass Vase


1) Dog Leash

Take your dog out for a walk with this stylish leash, made of white and light grey plastic, the sleek design is ergonomic and lets you hold the leash with one hand or go hands-free by wearing it like a bracelet.

The leash retracts to give you control over how far you want your dog to be from you, giving you more security and protecting other pedestrians and pets.

The leash also includes a LED light that charges via USB and is the perfect feature when taking your dog out for a walk during the night.

Check price here (Amazon)

2) Robot Vacuum

A robot vacuum is an ideal partner for those who have busier schedules, own pets, have toddlers, or simply don't want to use their time to clean, the Roborock vacuum cleaner is sold in a clean white design.

It can learn the layout of each room to determine the best route to clean it, you can set cleaning schedules to save time and you can create no-go zones for areas with delicate objects just using the app, if the area to clean is too large the vacuum robot will return to its dock to recharge before continuing.

It's a super quiet vacuum at 56db but with a powerful suction power of 2000pa, it sucks food scraps without any problem.

Check price here (Amazon)

3) Ceramic Origami Crane

A beautiful decorative piece made of ceramic, a sustainable eco-friendly material, great to decorate your living room, bedroom, or home office. It also makes a great present idea.

Check price here (Amazon)

4) Bedding Duvet Cover Set

A white duvet cover might not be everyone's cup of tea, but there is something so elegant and mature about white bedding, this set includes two pillow shams and a comforter cover with buttons.

Made of high-quality microfiber is double brushed on both sides, to give you an extremely soft feeling like the ones found in luxury hotels.

It can be washed in the machine with cold water, and if you worry about stains, make sure to read this useful article on how to keep white bedding white.

Check price here (Amazon)

5) Headphones Stand

Looking for a way to display your headphones while looking elegant and keeping it away from clutter or from damaging against the desk, then this cool stand is a great choice, the motorbike-style holder will properly hold your headphones, this particular model holds any headphone without a problem.

Check price here (Amazon)

6) Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

If you are planning to get a new pair of headphones, I would suggest buying the best quality you can afford, especially if you use them frequently, my headphones are Sony which is an equivalent to this model by Bose.

Unlike the Sony version, this one has a very minimalist design, there are no visible screws or joints and it is very sleek, almost like it was made from a sheet of steel, its soft to the touch and also lightweight, ideal for those who plan on using it during long trips.

Without going too much into details, some of the main features include; adjustable exterior noise canceling, the music is not distorted when noise canceling is active, compatible with all AIs, folds flat in its case, super-fast charging (on average every 15 minutes give 2 hours), includes wire in case the headphone battery dies.

Check price here (Amazon)

7) Incase ICON Lite Pack

Great backpack to travel, take to school, or work, made of recycled polyester, it can carry a MacBook pro up to 15", the interior is lined with faux fur to protect your electronics and includes additional storage to hold notebooks, smartphone, and other objects.

Check price here (Amazon)

7) Electric Kettle

The unique design of this electric kettle features an anti-scald lid, ergonomic handle, and smooth finish for easy cleaning, it includes a power base to heat the water in less than five minutes and its cordless design is great for serving.

Check price here (Amazon)

8) Narciso Rodriguez Pure Musc For Her

Once again this more about the design of the bottle rather than the scent, but in case you are wondering here are the notes: Top Notes: Jasmine, Orange Blossom Middle Notes: Heart Of Musc Bottom Notes: Cashmeran, Amber, Patchouli Olfactory Family: Musky Chypre.

The reviewers like the durability and the herbal scent.

Check price here (Amazon)

9) Lacoste L.12.12

Again a minimal design for this masculine scent, the notes listed include top notes of grapefruit laced with spicy cardamom and rosemary, to reveal an unexpected, passionate heart of Mexican tuberose. Base notes of leather, suede, vetiver, and cedar.

This crisp and clean fragrance is recommended for day time.

Check price here (Amazon)

10) Apple Magic Mouse 2

This sleek mouse by Apple is fully rechargeable so there won't be a need to use batteries ever again, great to help reduce waste, tracks easily thanks to the foot design, and the lightweight construction. Wireless and features Bluetooth to free a USB slot.

Check price here (Amazon)

11) Apple Magic Keyboard

The minimal design on the Apple magic keyboard features a numeric keypad and an increased stability thanks to its scissor mechanism, like the mouse it requires no batteries and includes a charging cable.

It lays completely flat so for people who are used to a higher keyboard with noticeable inclination, this might not be an ideal option.

Check price here (Amazon)

12) Rice Cooker

Rice is a cooking staple, and if you eat it frequently or is a weekly side dish to your meal preps, then consider purchasing a rice cooker to do the work for you and save time, this model holds up to 5 cups, includes 11 settings to match different tastes.

This is a smart rice cooker, it automatically detects the amount of rice for the ideal cooking time, and the design prevents overflows, and sticking.

The display menu is in both English and Japanese, and it includes a mixing bowl, a measuring cup, and a paddle set.

Check price here (Amazon)

13) Grinder Set

A smart design that steers away from regular salt and pepper grinders, the bottle shape will make your guests guess what are these bottles for, interesting them in experiencing the grinder, the interior is made of ceramic which grinds easily not just peppercorns but other spices and nuts as well.

Check price here (Amazon)

14) Watering Can

Water your indoor plants and help them purify your home while decorating the space, this watering can with a beautiful minimalistic design is made of galvanized steel with a wooden handle, the long spout lets you deliver the water to your plants even in the smallest planters without spilling it on your surfaces.

Check price here (Amazon)

14) PS5

Although it still hasn't been released (Novemeber 2020) I wanted to include the Play Station 5 in this list, the design is both modern and minimalist, it actually doesn't even look like a gaming console, more like an art sculpture.

The sleek design is also noticeable on the control, doesn't want to get into too many specs about the machine but for those interested, it features near-instant load times, 4k compatibility, 8k output, HDR technology, and ray tracing.

Check price here (Amazon)

14) Wooden Rocking Horse

The perfect toy for a 1 to 3-year-old, this lovely wooden rocking horse is the ideal companion for indoor playing, the construction is both sturdy and not too heavy.

Wood is the best material to build toys for children, the material used complies with the Toy Safety Standards regulations in the USA and Europe. The white horse can be painted, not only this will protect your walls but also promote your kid's creativity.

Check price here (Amazon)

15) Tower Stacking Game

A twist on the classic Jenga brand game, this wooden tower stacking game is the perfect party companion to play with your family and friends, the set includes 48 pieces o durable woodblocks.

Check price here (Amazon)

16) Wood Hangers

From all the available hangers on the market, my favorite kind will always be the ones made of wood, not only they look nice on any wardrobe, but they are also sturdier and will maintain the shape of your heavy clothes better.

This white wooden hanger set includes 20 pieces perfect for suits, dresses, or jackets. It includes shoulder notches to prevent clothes from slipping and the rounded ends will help maintain the shape of your garments.

Check price here (Amazon)

17) Plastic Sprayer

This small geometric diamond-shaped sprayer is made of ABS free plastic and is an ideal tool to water plants, clean their leaves, or to use for your homemade cleaning solutions. The nozzle includes an adjustable feature to control the flow intensity.

Check price here (Amazon)

18) Smart Scale

I know some people dislike owning a scale, but if you want to keep track of your weight when you are either trying to lose or gain, is important to have a scale at hand and record your progress whether is weekly or monthly.

This smart scale by fitbit, measures and displays your weight on the screen, it uses Bluetooth to connect with the fitbit app, it requires three batteries.

Check price here (Amazon)

19) Bread Toaster

This compact bread toaster by Muji is a lovely minimalist appliance for any tiny kitchen, weighs only 1.1 kg, and can toast two pieces of bread at a time. Imported from Japan it includes no English translation.

Check price here (Amazon)

20) Candle Warmer

To scent your home use a candle warmer like this one which can also be used to warm essential oils with a bit of water.

The minimalist design warmer features a soft yellow light with inner rings that create a peaceful glow, this warmer is mess-free as it features a silicone dish that is easy to clean and has a timer setting of 3, 6, and 9 hours to control how long the burner will be on.

Check price here (Amazon)

21) Soap Dispenser

The modern design dispenses soap or hand sanitizer hands-free, the sensor will detect hands 5 to 7 cm away, there is a button that lets you adjust the amount of product to be dispensed. Great to use in the kitchen, bathroom, or at the home entry with hand sanitizer.

Check price here (Amazon)

22) Knife Set

Ceramic knife set by Kyocera, available in different colors, the set includes an all-purpose knife and everyday utility knife, and a paring knife, a great set with ultra-sharp blades, lightweight and easy to clean.

Check price here (Amazon)

22) Cutting Board Set

Using different cutting boards depending on what you are prepping is recommended to avoid cross-contamination especially from raw meat to fresh produce.

This set of three high-quality cutting boards are thick and durable, they are dishwasher safe and unlike flimsy cutting boards, they won't warp over time.

They not only look great with their neutral colors, they are quite practical as well, each cutting board has an icon to identify what can you cut in it, and they also bend to easily transfer food like diced vegetables to a bowl or a pan.

Check price here (Amazon)

23) Glass Vase

The last item I've found is this white glass vase by the brand Leonardo, with an oval shape and smooth finish, it measures 5.46 x 5.46 x 5.99 inches, the narrow neck is perfect to place some flowers or dried wheat.

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I hope you enjoyed this curated selection!

If you have any questions, please write it down below, and I'll answer it as soon as possible.

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