5 Simple steps to live with less waste

People who start a zero-waste lifestyle soon realize how much trash they can stop tossing away by making a few changes in their habits. Although this switch may seem overwhelming at first, please don't give up! as it can genuinely benefit not only the planet but also your personal finance.

It doesn't matter if you aren't perfect at first; what's important is taking the first step into creating the change we want in our life. So I want to show you five stress-free and straightforward steps to start reducing your waste.

1) Buy in bulk

Although it seems to be difficult nowadays because of sanitary rules, as soon as life returns to normal, you should consider bulk buying. These stores are becoming more popular, so the prices become more competitive, the only difference is you have to take your containers or bags.

At these stores, you can use paper bags, but as you progress, you'll realize that not only you should say goodbye to plastic containers, but any unnecessary container; for this reason, reusable options are ideal.

You can buy once and use indefinitely cotton bags, grocery mesh bags, and glass jars for sauces or liquids.

2) Say no straws

They are everywhere, especially during summer, although it does seem like an inoffensive object, is a significant waste due to its popularity. Moreover, because it is made of thin plastic, it becomes micro-plastic, killing wildlife and polluting the oceans; say no to single-use straws and get your reusable kind; silicone straws are the best option as they are bendy like the plastic ones.

3) No more plastic bottles

These bottles are another massive contaminant; a single stainless steel bottle will save the planet from hundreds of bottles per person! Besides, water will taste better and much cheaper. Good for you and the environment.

4) Solid personal hygiene products

Most beauty and personal hygiene products come in plastic containers in the bathroom, from toothpaste, mouthwash to body lotion and shampoo.

Our entire bathrooms are covered in plastic! Luckily there are zero-waste alternatives to this issue. Nowadays, you can get solid shampoo and soap with minimal paper or cardboard wrapping, toothpaste, and mouthwash in reusable glass jars and compostable bamboo toothbrushes.

5) Start recycling

You might already have achieved this habit, in some cases, because of your city rules. However, having a good recycling system at home will make your life easier and reduce waste by properly tossing everything.

Another benefit is letting you see what kind of waste you toss the most and plan a strategy to reduce it.

You will feel happier when you realize how much longer it takes for a trash can to fill up. To help you better separate your trash, I recommend buying a waste bin with separations and a small compost bin for your organic waste.

I hope these simple tips help you start a successful zero-waste journey.

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