5 tips for creating a zero-waste picnic

Spring is here, and summer is around the corner; even though the winter was crude and most people were still indoors due to the pandemic, better and hopeful times approach for all, the warmth invites us to be outside and no better idea than to create a zero-waste picnic with your loved ones.

Nowadays, the sun shines brighter, and it's tempting to go outdoors and do fun activities with family and friends. But, of course, the most popular activity is to enjoy a picnic. So, you need very few things to have a fantastic time!

I present you with 5 tips to create the perfect picnic to have fun while reducing waste and taking care of nature's gift.

Remember that most stuff you may want to add to your picnic basket has a zero-waste or environmentally alternative, so there's no excuse to reduce your waste.

How to organize a zero-waste picnic?

To create the ideal zero-waste picnic, you should consider the before, during, and after each moment is essential; these 5 tips are a great start to make a conscious decision while preparing your picnic.

1) Plan what food will you bring

A picnic without a meal and drinks is incomplete; my advice is to create a list of what you want to eat and drink.

This way, you can organize and cook everything beforehand at home; we do this to avoid hitting the supermarket to buy prepared meals and drinks that come in disposable packaging.

What can you prepare at home? Pretty much anything, from a snack array, to rolls or sandwiches, there is no limit; you can also make some ice tea or flavored water with organic fruits such as orange and lemon slices or berries.

2) Buy fruits without any plastic wrap

A great snack to have on a picnic is fresh fruits, but be careful of the kind of fruit you get; most of them come in plastic wrappings or bags that are disposable, instead, get them in bulk and bring your mesh produce bag to carry them.

3) What should you include on a zero-waste picnic?

Here is a list of some basic zero-waste essentials for your environmentally friendly picnic; you can add more stuff but always try to find reusable options.

  • To bring your homemade meals, you need some Tupperware; the best kind is made of glass. If you want something lighter stainless steel is another excellent option; make sure to purchase a set or individual containers for different meals and portions.

  • Don't forget the cutlery; you can buy zero-waste bamboo cutlery sets that include napkins or use the cutlery you have at home. Avoid using plastic cutlery; the same concept applies to any dish you may want to bring.

  • To reduce waste, don't use paper napkins or paper towels; get a washable set of cotton napkins, and place them in your laundry washing as soon as you arrive home.

  • Don't forget your picnic blanket to display your meals and drinks; I recommend this extra-large blanket which is easy to clean, waterproof, and multi-purpose as you can use it on the beach as well.

  • Finally, add to your zero-waste picnic a super absorbent rag to clean your cutlery and Tupperware, when you are at home, you can properly wash them, but this will keep your basket tidier for the time being.

4) Pick up all the residues

Even though we are trying to be zero-waste, there will always be some residue or trash, so make sure you and your loved ones pick up everything; nature gave you a wonderful time, so be grateful and don't leave anything behind that will contaminate.

Don't forget to have an extra bag to place any trash and recycle at home; this is a great practice to do in front of your kids or friends; if they see you do it, they will most likely contribute without you even telling them.

5) Compost any leftover

Between each snack and games, there will always be some leftovers, don't throw them in the trash; you can compost them, so don't forget to bring a reusable silicone bag to pick up any leftover and compost them at home to improve the soil for your home garden or indoor herbs.

Check out this counter compost bin and indoor herb grower, the perfect combo to grow your plants and use them for cooking and garnishing your meals.

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5 simple tips to create a zero waste picnic

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