50 minimalist principles

Grab a cup of tea and enjoy this article where I'm sharing 50 minimalist principles I've written down in my notebook, and now I'm sharing them online.

These are just simple concepts and ideas that may help you take your first step towards minimalism or as a reinforcement if you are already on the path but feel the temptation of consumerism.

In some concepts, I'm also sharing some personal thoughts about them.

Read and meditate about them, some of them might resonate and click with you.

1 Things are always the way they are meant to be

Do not stop and overthink the past or future, live the moment, and if you are not present at the moment, you are not living.

2 Organize and keep your space free

Space clutter equals to mental clutter, start by having an organized and decluttered home, it will release your stress levels, giving you the chance to focus your energy on more productive and positive things.

3 Routine puts an end to the chaos

Living an organized routine helps set a pattern where everything falls into place, leaving no room for chaos or disorder to thrive.

4 Every unhappy person has an attachment

Only when you are capable of letting go of those things weighing you down will you be happy, both in your mind and heart.

5 Decorative objects must be few or none

Hide all your decor for a week and see how it makes you feel; you might be surprised that all those decorative items were not as important as you deemed them to be.

6 Own the essentials

You do not need as much as you might think, start minimalizing your life.

7 Each item must have a home

If it does not have a home, it does not belong to you. And if you want to buy something, only do so if that item has a home within your home.

8 The important thing is to do the important thing

Stay on the path, and do not let meaningless things distract from your life goals.

9 What we own owns us

The stuff you own must be cleaned and take care of, own less, and do not allow your stuff to rule your life.

10 Make your entry an inviting place

Invite good people and good energy through your door into your life.

11 Changes are challenges

Do not be afraid of change, even if you are questioned, this is your only life, and you must live it without regrets.

12 Prefer emptiness over opulence

Learn to appreciate the beauty of emptiness and serenity; opulence is noise and materialism.

13 Prefer silence over noise

14 Prefer timeless over trendy

Do not waste money and time on trends that fade after a while, choose classic and timeless as your style.

15 Owning less is the shortest road to happiness

The less you own, the more you can focus your energy on your well-being and the ones you care about and love.

16 An empty room looks beautiful if it is lovingly arranged

Emptiness isn't dull; if you take care of your space and your things, they will look beautiful.

17 Surrounding yourself with memories is living in the past

The past is no longer here, do not let your mind stay there, especially if the past has painful memories, learning to move forward and live the present is loving yourself.

18 All your belongings say who you are

They will speak to others who you are before you get to say anything, be thoughtful about what you choose as they might talk bad about you.

19 Living in an unhealthy house is having your wardrobes full and not finding what you are looking for

I wasted time looking for things buried in clutter, getting angry and desperate, when all that energy could be used for something more productive and meaningful.

20 You will rest in a space that guides you to the essentials

Owning less will teach you what you genuinely need, and your mind will stop wanting things.

21 The place you live in will affect you for the better or, the worse

Not only if the place is dirty or disorganized, if there are tensions and bad vibes, sometimes it's better to leave behind or cut back the interaction with those people who are toxic and rain on our parade.

22 People and their attitudes also influence us

Surround yourself with people who share your values and principles, do no let the crowd guide your thoughts and say things you disagree with just to go with the flow.

23 The life masters are capable of finding their treasures from the ordinary

If you know what you need, nothing will tempt you in your search, and your firm will be your guiding force to find it.

24 Dirt and dust stop the energy flow and destroy the harmony

25 Your basic needs are the only things you need to live

If you minimize the things to satisfy your basic needs, you will be surprised by how little you need.

26 If you can stuff all your belongings in a suitcase, you have reached peace, serenity, and availability

That feeling of freedom of knowing you can pack and leave is unique and empowering.

27 Small thinking is living freely and simplified

28 Live with little and be prepared as if the enemy were to appear anytime forcing you to leave your home in a few minutes

29 When the dreams of ego die, we can go back to a simpler life

Stop wanting to own more material things; you will waste your life chasing those empty dreams when there are many more valuables things to look after.

30 The root of our problems is our greed

31 Look things closely to capture their quality

A true minimalist is capable of seeing things beyond the first impression, and that is why they always make the best decisions for their space and life.

32 Less is more

33 The simpler the things, the higher their quality

You can choose to own less, but that small amount of belonging can be of higher quality, lasting longer.

34 Appreciate owning little

Having only the essentials is not a bad thing. It teaches us to be grateful for what we own and stops us from feeling envy.

35 Knowing what you like and dislike is basic in minimalism

A minimalist would never allow something they do not like or deem useful inside their home; this keeps their lives practical.

36 Our belongings must be useful for our bodies, but also our souls

37 Get used to evaluating what enters your life

38 Do not admit in your universe things that do not satisfy your senses

39 Most people are not aware of what they need in their lives

Society teaches us that we should want many things and even let us know justifications to make it seem like a need, do not let others tell you what you need.

40 Objects are recipients of our emotions

41 Objects must give both utility and pleasure

The things you own must be useful, but they also must make you feel good when you see them, this way you will learn to take better of them.

42 Reject what does not fit

43 Vow to keep what you like

44 Own little stuff but own the best stuff

The best quality your budget can afford if you are going to own less at least make those items be something you genuinely love.

45 Feel free to replace what is not perfect for you with what it is

46 Our mistakes are our teachers

We learn from them, but do not let them live in your mind. You must live now with your life experiences, not in the past.

47 Simplicity is the union of beauty and practical

48 Nothing should be superfluous

49 Quality is not expressed in numbers

If it does not add value to your life, their quality won't matter, and just because an item is expensive does not mean it's the best alternative for you. I will always prefer a small vase with fresh wildflowers over an expensive silk roses arrangement.

50 Who has tried quality does not settle for mediocrity

Once you take this minimalist path, your life quality will improve enormously, as you will have what you need in the best condition possible, making your life easier, pleasant, and stress-free.


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50 minimalist principles