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It is unavoidable that smartphones, whether we want it or not, are part of our lives; they are great as they help us keep track of our work, stay in touch with friends and family, and replace many single-use objects.

But they come with a price, and that is taking more and more of our time, developers are always coming up with the brand new app everyone wants, sooner rather than later, your smartphone is a digital clutter central.

Minimalism as a lifestyle doesn't only apply to a physical level of things we see and feel but also digitally; if you genuinely want to focus on what truly matters, you must make room by decluttering all that extra weight both physical and digital.

Here are three simple tricks you can apply as soon as you finish reading this article to declutter your smartphone, to keep yourself productive and focused; you will notice how your anxiety levels drop.

1) Delete all unnecessary apps

Digital distractions will keep you off track, just like physical ones. Have you ever went to check a note on your smartphone, and suddenly you are on Instagram looking at photos of your friend's latest trip to the Bahamas.

Digital distractions will reduce your productivity, focus, and waste brain power by making additional decisions, avoid this issue by deleting apps.

You won't delete all of them, but be truthful and check the ones you don't use frequently, you don't need to meditate that hard, as you can always reinstall them in the future.

After deleting the obvious apps, its time to tackle the others; it is not enough to use an app every day; you have to ask yourself if it is productive or makes you happy.

Does checking Facebook or Instagram give you joy or is it a reason to feel bad or jealous about what others have, and you don't.

If an object doesn't make us happy because it reminds us of wasted time or carries sad and painful memories, the same mechanism applies to apps; if it is not helping you grow, then it doesn't matter.

In the end what you might consider of value will depend on your job and lifestyle, as a general tip delete all the apps that don't contribute to your job, communication, or are in general use, and see if you can get by with them, it is common to think all apps are necessary when that is not the case.

2) Turn off notifications

Taking a minimalist path is not easy, and to have all that effort taken away from us by our smartphones is not fair, we should be the ones to decide when to get distracted.

To reduce distractions turn off the notifications; this will vary for each person; in my case, I only have notifications for calls and messages.

So any non-essential app is off, and there are no notifications when a new update is live when someone updated their profile or a new song on a playlist.

The final goal is only to allow important notifications, don't let an app direct when to get a break, it is your life, and you should be able to decide that.

3) Organize what's left

Now that your smartphone is free of clutter, there is one final step to do; a typical smartphone has apps everywhere, it looks messy and challenging to navigate, it's time to organize it.

You don't use all apps simultaneously, so it makes no sense to have them cluttering your screen, some people like to organize their apps alphabetically or by color, but I don't think that is the ideal approach.

I recommend grouping all apps in categories and placing them inside folders. Within each folder, you can organize them by name if you want extra tidiness; I have folders for communication, travel, money, and others.

Follow these simple steps and say goodbye to all the digital clutter on your phone; minimalism is not exclusive to physical things but also digital. It is crucial to keep the essentials to stay productive and focused.


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3 steps to declutter your phone