A simple yet powerful strategy to create a new habit easily

We are almost halfway through this year, and it's time to evaluate the resolutions we made by the end of 2020. Are you fulfilling them or completely forgot about them?

Most people have difficulty reaching their resolutions for many reasons; the most common one is procrastination.

How many times have you said: I'll start tomorrow or next week?

It's hard to add a new habit into our lives, for constantly blogging is still quite challenging, but why this simple strategy? You can improve your productivity and create a new routine seamlessly.

I started this blog about minimalist about a year ago. I was so excited by the idea of creating content, but after a couple of weeks, I realized that I had to blog constantly and every day at the beginning, which is crucial when you start a blog and want to be noticed by Google.

To start in the right direction, I knew I had to create this habit of blogging every single day, and although at the beginning it seemed easy, after the second week, it became a bit of a struggle.

So I started looking for excuses to postpone my duty, doing extra chores irrelevant to my goal.

Maybe I was creating this extra duty because I was afraid of failing my main goal of blogging every day.

I have to say that now I don't blog every day as I used to because only the first 30 days are considered crucial, but I still try to blog at least twice a week, and if I feel inspired, I blog as much as I can and save everything as drafts.

Procrastination by the time we have to take action is fairly common; the reason behind this behavior is because, in our minds, we see the goal so far away in time that repercussions are not visible in the short term. Still, it will create issues in your long-term goals.

I know I'm not the only one who has dealt with this feeling, where I create a new goal but fail miserably after each try making the goal more challenging to achieve each time.

And the frustration can be increased when we see others achieve their goals while we become simple spectators of a show we would like to headline.

My main problem was blogging, but this issue can be applied to almost any goal that will significantly impact your life.

What is the worst mistake we comment while setting a new goal?

Having goals is the guide to walk directly towards it, but the main culprit of losing ourselves in the way is setting up a timeline.

A time limit will make us feel more relaxed about a long-term goal; as I mentioned earlier, knowing that the results are expected in months or maybe years, we don't feel any repercussion by procrastinating now but will when that time comes.

Setting time limits is not bad in itself, but instead of just focusing on the final stretch, we have to tackle our goal day by day.

A daily decision solidifies a habit.

It doesn't even have to be something big; it is better to start small to ensure the goal is achieved each day.

Just like brushing your teeth, small but constant decisions create habits that feel second nature after a while.

Creating a habit is not based on an isolated activity or decision but the result of a group of consistent small choices.

As time goes by, a somewhat annoying or hard activity will become tolerable and eventually manageable.

That's the trick to creating a new habit, but how do you take action and become constant over time to achieve a new habit?

There are many strategies, but this one is simple yet effective, and you may already know it but haven't put it into practice.

The schedule ahead strategy

Yes, as simple as that, you only have to think about the activities you want to do and mark them on a calendar as a reminder.

By putting a date beforehand, you remove the burden of deciding when to take the first step and avoid a never-ending postponing.

Instead of marking a deadline, keep a schedule to work on the goal constantly.

For example:

I want to exercise till I lose weight before summer.


This goal, as honorable as it might be, fails by placing summer as the deadline. A better plan would be:

I want to exercise to lose weight and create a healthier lifestyle.

You should be detailed about all the steps you have to take to create this habit and achieve the final goal.

Goal: Lose weight

Habit: Exercise more

Activity: Exercise x days for x amount of time

Strategy: Write down the activity on my calendar

The goal is fractioned in smaller steps that won't overwhelm or frustrate you by taking this approach.

It's time to create a schedule and stick to it.

This strategy helped blog more consistently and keep up with other duties that can be applied to create any habit you have in mind.

What we do constantly is far more relevant than what we occasionally do.

How to start the strategy?

Follow these simple three steps and get started today!

1) Compromise

Before anything, you have to be serious about this and take the compromise; it can be a mere interest because soon enough, you will forget about it.

Being interested only shows the wish of achieving the habit but compromising means you will take steps to reach the final goal.

2) Write down your goal

To be as detailed as possible, we want to remove as much thought process from our brain to make the activity simpler.

Remember not to place a deadline.

3) Decide the schedule beforehand

Make sure to mark in your calendar the day and hour you will do each activity. I recommend choosing a time frame; it can be one hour or more, depending on how complex the activity is.

Be realistic with your time and how busy you are, because you can write many activities, but our mind and body can only do so much each day.

You can take advantage of an already habit. You have to introduce a new habit, for example, reading a book after brushing your teeth, or in my case, I always start working when I have my cup of coffee in the morning.

You can use an app to create a schedule and place alarms to remind you of each activity, use a weekly planner, grab a notebook, and create a list.

Follow this strategy and became constant to create a new habit won't be as difficult.

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