Best minimalist lamps

When it comes to minimalist illumination is a crucial component to achieving a balanced, clean, and serene look.

A minimalist design wants to bring as much natural light as possible; sadly, this is not possible in all cases when we use the help of artificial illumination.

I have picked some of the best lamps for different categories in this selection, including ceiling, floor, and table.

Ceiling lamps

Light Society Sela Pendant Light

A classic style for minimalist decoration

The ideal lamp to illuminate large rooms like a living or dining, the white matte finish is a classic color used in minimalism, but the wooden finish rim gives a scandi vibe you can use it to create both styles.

It is a one light source built-in metal and wood and is also available in a black matte finish for those who want to create an elegant minimalist space.


Pynsseu Industrial Kitchen Island Pendant Light

A rustic charm

This an adjustable light that will work especially on island kitchens and dining rooms, as you lower the lamp for more intimate lighting or higher for a spread illumination.


Modern Pendant Light

Artistic lighting

Sometimes one decorative piece is enough to make a room beautiful, this pendant lamp design is a gorgeous addition to any dining or living room, and it truly is all you need to decorate a room.

The lamp includes a cord that lets you adjust the height to fit any room properly.

Royal Pearl Modern Pendant Lighting

A lamp with a modern twist

Another beautiful artistic piece to decor any room, the shape is better suited for a dining room with a long table or an island kitchen. You can take advantage of the geometric shape to replicate it as a room decor pattern to pull the look together.


Floor Lamps

Modern Torchiere Floor Lamp

Stylish indirect light

This modern and sleek floor lamp is an excellent addition to any room as the thin design goes with any furniture you might have. The soft indirect light will hug the room; another plus is the remote control with three different light colors to achieve different moods.


Arch Floor Lamp

Modern classic design

A modern classic, this lamp goes with most styles, but its better suited for apartments and spaces with a minimalist and contemporary vibe to it.


Nickel Arc Floor Lamp

Ideal floor lamp for large rooms

A lamp with a classic touch that matches any minimalist room as the shade is white. The cord has the on/off switch, this is a high lamp, the highest point of the curve is 7 feet, wide from base to shade is 5 feet, and the shade is 18 inches diameter.


Table Lamps

LED Desk Lamp

A gentle light on the eyes, ideal for studies, workplaces, and for people who work for longer periods of time during the night. The base tilts down to 150 degrees & swivels 45 degrees, and it includes a USB port to charge your phone or any other item.


Black Bedside Lamp

You can also place this lamp on a desk, but I find it better suited for a bedroom as the switch is by touch, making it more comfortable to use by the bed while reading a book.


Color Changing Lamp

Another beautiful minimalist lamp, you can choose your favorite color for your room between six colors and three brightness levels. This lamp also includes a 30 to 60 minutes timer. For those reasons, this is an ideal lamp to buy for a children's bedroom.


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