Home office declutter and minimalist office design ideas

minimalist home office declutter and decoration

Have you ever entered your home office and feel your stress level rise just by looking at all the stuff you have, and it is understandable because home offices tend to accumulate clutter the fastest.

Yes, most home offices clutter piles up fast, including papers, office supplies, spare change, bills, kids' papers, magazines, books, decorative objects, even things that do not belong there.

In most households, offices are along with the kitchen; they catch everything places, where you might even find toys or beauty products.

Minimalism is an excellent solution for home offices in both aspects, lifestyle, and design. Lifestyle because everything will be easier to organize and maintain, saving you a lot of time and making your work time much more efficient, minimalism at work can be adapted by everyone.

cozy minimalist home office

And design because a minimalist home office will have fewer visual distractions, helping you concentrate and reduce your stress levels while you work.

I feel that people who work at home, like content creators or e-commerce owners, need to have an organized home office because if it is your business and your income source, you have to make sure it looks and feels as professional as possible.

Before diving into the design and aesthetic part of a home office, you should declutter the space.

Create a home office organization system. Although it might not be perfect initially, you can tweak and perfect over time to work for you and finally add some minimalist design ideas.

I'm sharing part of my experience mixed with the information I have read, but always adapt these concepts to your lifestyle; this is a guide, not a to-do list.

Office declutter

minimalist modern home office

Without a decluttered office, you won't be able to organize it, let alone decorate it accurately. For me decluttering is always a fun process, if you feel overwhelmed or stressed by the idea of decluttering everything in your office, don't worry, here are some tips to make it as fast as possible.

I like to use Marie Kondo's teachings when it comes to decluttering. I enjoy her approach to stuff and how it makes us feel.

If you are not familiar with her method, I recommend reading her book The life-changing magic of tidying up or watch her show on Netflix, where she practices her teachings on real households.

Buy Marie Kondo's book here

We want to find an open spot to put everything and see it all together, hopefully at the center of your home office; you can make room to place everything.

Also, go through your house with a laundry basket or any basket, and grab all the things that belong in the home office, such as notebooks, pencils, books, papers, etc.

I also recommend having an extra basket near the office piles, where you will put all those things that do not belong in the office to take them out of the room when you finish decluttering.

minimalist scandi home office

Marie Kondo tells us to grab each item in our hands and see if said things inspire or bring us joy, now the issue with office stuff, is that most items won't generate such feelings, in this case, we have to see them from a necessity perspective. Here are some main categories you can declutter.

User manuals are unnecessary at all. I used to store all the manuals and ironically kept them longer than the actual products because I completely forgot about them.

Nowadays, most products have downloadable PDF files, and if you can't find said manual online, digitalize it.

Magazines are other items that we do not need anymore. All the information is online, and if you are the type of person who has magazine subscriptions but don't even read the magazine, then stop wasting your money and cut the subscription and declutter all those magazines.

Like user manuals, if there are articles you want to read, don't tear the page, just a photo or digitalize it, saves time and space.

Books are more personal as we have different passions and interests; generally, I would suggest decluttering the obvious ones, such as novels you read once and never again. Most of the time we hardly read a book two or three times, if you have books that read once years ago, then donate it, on the other hand, if one book is your favorite or has a special meaning for you, keep it.

School and college papers, Marie Kondo, mentions this item in her book as well, we tend to save those papers for whatever reason, I had shelves full of college (and even school) papers, notebooks, and books.

I gave them all one final book, almost as thanking them for helping me become a more educated person, before saying goodbye because I give it closure I do not miss them at all.

Office supplies are another easy group to tackle. Check for all those pens and markers that are dry and recycle them. If you have multiples of amounts in good shape, consider donating or gifting them, such as rulers, notebooks, staplers, scissors, clips, calculators, etc.

Random papers with no value are also easy to recycle; you will know which ones are just by looking at them.

Bills, unless necessary, do not keep them, accumulate fast, and a much better alternative is switching to digital bills. Most companies offer them as they save time and resources and are easier to keep online if you have to.

Some papers have to be kept indefinitely, such as birth certificates, social security cards, passports, etc.

Another group includes limited timed such as warranties, policies, tax forms, etc. And finally, papers in current use, such as anything involving current projects, items to return, current bills, etc.

Declutter paper that does not fit in any of those three categories, if you happen to find sentimental items, place them on a separate basket, as that clutter involves a different approach (examples of emotional clutter are: children's school drawings, old greetings card, school documents, etc.)

Organize what's left

Hopefully, you managed to get through the toughest part of this process as smoothly as possible, now we can start having fun looking at different ideas to organize all that is staying in your home office.

As a general rule, everything should be accessible and visible; this way, nothing is lost, and everything has a home.

Here are some ideas to organize your home office.

When it comes to random paper that arrives at home, I prefer to deal with it as soon as I grab them; either it needs to saved (bills), or it can go straight to the recycle bin (flyers).

I understand that this is not possible for everyone, especially if you don't work at home, there is an easy solution.

Get a small paper tray and place it near the office door, all mail and daily paper go there, and by the end of the day or when you have the time, declutter it, the goal is to leave that tray empty every day.

Marie Kondo recommends to keep these papers vertically; it is a matter of preference, however way you choose to try to maintain that area as empty as frequently as possible, although Marie admits herself that her inbox is rarely empty.

Check out some of these paper tray options for your inbox.

minimalist home office paper inbox trays

1. Rose Gold Wire Tray | 2. Bamboo Paper Organizer

3. Vintage Beige Wood & Metal Document Tray | 4. Stackable Office Organizer

5. White Letter Tray | 6. Gold Metal Organizer

Now it is time to store the essential papers, Marie Kondo suggests dividing papers in two groups, used frequently and infrequently. There is no need to divide papers beyond that as you will end up with pure essentials.

For infrequently papers, you can save them on a file bin and frequent papers on a desk drawer, this is entirely up to you, and how it feels more comfortable.

Achieve a minimalist home office look

minimalist crafting room home office

Now that we decluttered and organized, renovating the home office is easier. This is by no means a must, but if you feel inspired, go for it.

Give the walls more light by painting them white, it bounces light well, which is ideal for a working space.

If your home office is small, white walls will create a false sensation of a bigger space. Some people do not like all white walls, but I have a couple of decor tips to give color to your office.

Good lighting is crucial for an optimized minimalist home office; use thin curtains to allow plenty of natural lighting. If possible, position your desk near the window and choose a hanging lamp to save the most floor space.

For offices and working spaces, cold lights work better.

If you plan to change the furniture, choose designs with clean lines (white is ideal but not essential) where function prevails over design, select only the necessary furniture, and if it's a multi-purpose piece even better, this will help you cut back from purchasing extra furniture.

minimalist industrial loft home office

You can get creative with your office chair, select one that fits you comfortably, especially if you tend to work for many hours continuously. Get creative and pick an exciting design that serves as a decorative piece and makes you want to sit and work.

For storage options, stainless steel or glass are the best options, as they are easy to clean and don't stain, is you need plastic containers, choose plain neutral colors.

If you want to add some color to your home office, live plants are the way to go, you don't need many or have gardening skills, some plants like bamboo or succulents, require little maintenance and will look beautiful on a desk or shelf.

minimalist scandi home office

You can also pick an abstract or mid-century art piece for your home office to give some color, try to choose designs with soft colors to decorate but not distract you.

Pin Board Minimalist Home Office Ideas

Are you looking for minimalist furniture and decoration items? Check out these design ideas and get inspired to find the style that suits you better, all products mentioned will be linked below each image.

Note: All these selections don't necessarily qualify or are considered minimalist, but they can fit into the style.

White Minimalist

The classic choice when it comes to minimalist interior design, this primary selection color is white with some small accents in silver; the best part is that you can personalize however you want with some plants or art.

white minimalist home office

1. Homfa White Writing Desk | 2. Ceramic Succulent Modern Pots

3. Haus and Hues Botanical Plant Wall Art | 4. Flash Furniture Elon Series White Plastic


Black Minimalist

The complete opposite, you can make this style work even though I previously talked about bringing as much light as possible. One trick is to maintain your walls white and use black on some furniture or accents. Here is an idea to create a minimalist black design that exudes elegance.

black minimalist home office

1. Mkono Wall Hanging Glass Planter | 2. Coleshome Computer Desk

3. Executive Swivel Office Desk Chair | 4. Rivet Modern Geometric Abstract Diamond Print


Retro Minimalist

An interesting take on a minimalist design with some retro touches, to create a timeless and clean look.

The wood on the table desk and chair structure with black metal accents in the legs, faux leather cushion, and the decor pieces tie the whole look together.

retro minimalist home office

1. Glass Vase Plant Terrarium | 2. Retro Brown Computer Desk

3. Armen Living Cassie Chair | 4. Architect Metal Desk Lamp


Marble Minimalist

A cool but at the same time warm design, the grey from the marble mixes with the golden details in the legs of the desk and chair, it goes well with the hollow table lamp, the bird art wall gives a nice touch of color.

The desk is not real marble but is a budget-friendly way to achieve an elegant look.

marble minimalist home office

1. Computer Desk With Storage | 2. Kate and Laurel Sylvie The Family Tree Bird

3. Golden Hollowed Out Base Table Lamp | 4. Five Stars Velvet Grey Chair


Gold and Pink Minimalist

A similar concept to the previous pin, but in this case, we go into warmer tones such as gold and pink, perfect for people who love soft and subtle touches of color.

gold and pink minimalist home office

1. Modway Sector Office Desk | 2. Iron Lantern Glass Shade Desk Lamp

3. Costa Farms Snake Plant With Planter | 4. Abstract Geometry Art Print

5. Safavieh Couture Pink and Gold Chair


Gamer Minimalist Desk

My final idea is for a gamer or hobbyist, who wants a multi-functional space that can work as a home office or study area, but at the same time, a place to play videogames or do crafts, for that reason this idea is adaptable to people with home businesses on e-commerce platforms.

A minimalist computer desk setup on of side of the table, leaving the other desk free to work. A minimalist desktop organizer is ideal to have all the frequent supplies at hand.

gamer crafting hobby minimalist home office

1. Monarch Specialties Computer Desk | 2. Motivational Wall Art Prints

3. Adjustable Office Desk Chair | 4. Desk Organizer


Here are three more desks that could fit into any minimalist home office.

Haven Retro Desk by Ameriwood Home

Perfect for small home office in apartments, it can make the most out of unused corners and tight spaces, the thin hairpin legs take almost no space, and are easy to move around.

The minimalist wood desk is sturdy enough to support 70 Lbs, enough for a laptop or a desktop screen. The rise is perfect to put some books, your everyday paper clutter, and office supplies; it can hold up to 20 Lbs.

You can find this design in the following finishes: white, walnut, espresso, and distressed gray oak.


Triangle-Leg Computer Desk by SHW

The picture is slightly deceiving because even though it looks like wood, the desk legs structure is entirely made of metal, while the desk is particle board with a maple finish.

A very sturdy desk that will work as a computer area or workspace is easy to assemble and can be placed next to each other to create larger working areas.

The legs are adjustable; if your floor is uneven, you can adjust the glides until it is balanced, another practical feature is the grommet to help you keep your cables organized.


Folding Desk by Sleekform

This is a portable minimalist wood desk ideal for tiny apartments, where space must be multi-functional, you can fold this table and store it under a couch, bed, or inside the closet to make extra room.

The design is thin, compact, and easy to fold. Unlike the previous desks, this model doesn't require assembling.

The walnut finish will fit most interior designs effortlessly, our favorite features include the rubber legs, which protect your floors from scratches, and secure clips to keep the legs in place when folded.


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home office declutter and minimalist design ideas

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