How I save money each month? | 10 Minimalist and frugal tips

Many people struggle to pay the bills and cover their necessities; with a budget and focus, you can even have some leftover cash. These are ten minimalist and frugal tips I use to save plenty of money each month.

how i save money each month

Minimal and frugal lifestyles have some concepts in common but differ in others. I find that minimalists can take advantage of some frugal ideas to save more money.

Some of these tips are popular, but others aren't. I want to share what I use, some tips might look obvious, but the key is applying them.

10 minimalist money saving tips

10 Minimalist and frugal money-saving tips

1) No extra services

We save money on particular stuff in a digital world but waste it on others; we buy fewer books and movies but pay for streaming services.

Without counting other paid services or memberships like gym or magazine subscriptions. Don't pay multiple services that offer a similar product, like Netflix and Hulu or Spotify and YouTube Music.

If you use Netflix, cut down your cable tv.

meal prep to save money

2) Meal prep

Eating out will eat your money away; buying a cup of coffee, having lunch at a restaurant, and ordering fast food at night every day is a massive money drain.

By meal prepping, you can cut down your expenses drastically; besides, you get to pick what you eat and how healthy the meal will be.

Meal prepping doesn't have to be complicated, expensive, or unbalanced. My weekly meal preps include carbs, protein, and fiber. Some easy tips to make meal prepping faster include:

3) Re-using leftovers

Food waste is a serious issue everywhere, bad for the environment and bad for your wallet. I save all my leftovers, like sauces which I can freeze and repurpose on a new dish. Even vegetables or fruit scraps can be used to make stock or to bake some sweet treats.

unplug appliances to save money

4) Unplug everything

Electricity makes our lives more comfortable, but the bill can add up fast; when it comes to appliances and electronics, I only plug what I'm using, and at night, I make sure to unplug everything.

Some things have to stay plugged in, like the refrigerator but think of those small appliances like a microwave, electric kettle, or toaster, stuff you won't use until the next day or even longer; the same applies to chargers. Please don't leave them plugged charging anything.

5) Saving water

There are different ways to save water; whenever I cook and use water to boil water or pasta, I let the water cool down and use it to water plants. You can install water aerators in your kitchen and bathroom.

When you shower or brush your teeth shut down the water flow before rinsing, I also save on dental floss by using a water flosser.

6) Save gas

Car owners can save a lot of gas money by using it as little as possible; I try to do as many things as I can by walking, but in cases, I need to drive, I create a list of everything I can do, this way I will only go once to different spots. It saves a lot of money and time, besides who likes a traffic jam.

make a list to save money

7) Make a list

A list for everything is king; it will help you be more organized and money efficient. I make lists for everything such as weekly chores and, more specifically to this money topic, shopping lists.

When you plan your grocery shopping, check out your kitchen for the things you have and need, write them down, and use this list as your guide inside the supermarket.

A list like this one works for any store.

8) Search for deals and sales

Whenever you need a new item for your home, try looking for sales, I don't particularly appreciate paying for the full retail price because there are always some sales.

If you can wait for a big sale like Black Friday, even better, don't use the sales as an excuse to buy but as a tool to save money for the things that you need.

save money repuporse items

9) Repurpose

Before you buy something new, search your home and find something that could be repurposed for whatever you may be tempted to buy.

For example, I don't have a soap dish. Instead, I use a small rectangular dessert dish to place my soap bar. When it comes to storage, I re-use clean glass containers of candles or food.

10) Organize

Tidiness is crucial to help you save money, give every item you own a home, and place them in groups by similarity, this way, you reduce the risk of losing stuff and buying replacements.

If you are curious about more decluttering and organization tips, check out all my posts about it.

Bonus - Upgrade your home to be more cost-efficient

Little by little to upgrade what you have for reusable or more cost-effective items. Like a reusable dish sponge, reusable paper towel, cloth napkins, or rechargeable batteries.

You don't have to buy everything at once but is smart to replace things with the money you saved when they run out or damage beyond repair.

For a full list of money-saving items, click here.

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how i save money as a minimalist

I hope these simple tips to save money each month that is part of my life can help you achieve your financial goals.