How to save energy at home this summer | 10 Simple tricks

The seasons are switching; the Northern hemisphere summer is coming with sunnier days and warmer nights; even though most people love to take advantage of this good weather, some will still try to stop the intense heat.

Saving money on your electric bill is a matter of habit; as easy as it might be to turn on the A/C, it will drastically increase your bill, as electricity consumption to change heat or cool is relatively high.

Saving energy is a zero-waste, frugal, and even minimalist way of life; here, I'll share 10 tips on saving energy this summer that you may not have thought about.

1) Electric fans

As lovely as A/C might sound, they consume a lot of energy; if you want to save a lot on your monthly bill, switch them for electric fans, they consume 90% less, you can move them around, and they reduce the temperature sensation by 5°C or 41°F.

2) Regulate the home temperature

If you want to plug in your A/C because the heat is too much to handle, at least make sure you control and optimize the temperature; the ideal indoor temperature should be between 24°-26°C or 75°-78°F.

You can also buy a thermostat to program the house temperature throughout the day.

3) Lower your blinds

When the sun is at its highest shine, you should lower your blinds; this simple yet effective trick will help maintain your home fresher inside.

When the sun sets, you can open them again to ventilate the house; this trick also allows your A/C to work more efficiently as it won't need to be on longer to keep the cool temperatures.

4) Invest in insulation

Let's keep talking about the heat entry points of the house; windows and doors. Isolation is crucial if you want to avoid heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. It's recommended to invest in good isolated windows and an under door draft blocker, which can are the most accessible and most affordable way to insulate the house.

Don't forget to keep your doors shut; this will maintain each room cooler.

5) Curtains and awnings

It's a good idea to place curtains on all your windows; you can find affordable thermal insulated curtains that also provide a black-out feature to keep your room dark to sleep better.

Awnings are ideal for windows that face south or dining rooms connected to a terrace through a glass door.

6) Create airflow

There's no greater feeling than the one of cool air blowing through your house on a summer day, it's super refreshing, and it doesn't cost a dime; you just have to be smart about how to set up a proper airflow.

To create a natural airflow, you have to consider the design of your home; a general rule is to open the windows that face the exterior a little less than the ones that don't, if the back opening is larger than the front one, the airflow will be bigger and constant.

7) Unplug what you don't use

This simple trick can be used all year long; not only do they suck up energy even when turned off or on standby, adding a few extra dollars to your monthly bill, but they also contribute to heating the house. Indeed one plugged phone charger won't make a huge difference but think of all the electronics and appliances you have plugged in at the same time.

8) Simple recipes

During summer, cooking can be a huge heating factor for the house; to maintain the space cooler, think of fresh recipes that require no oven or stove.

Besides the less use of heat and energy reduction, these fresh meals usually don't require re-heating, and they are the perfect food to eat during a hot day.

9) Store water in the fridge

Stay hydrated is essential, especially during summer as we tend to sweat and lose a lot of water this way to stay cool.

For this reason, it is in your best interest to keep a couple of refillable stainless steel water bottles or water pitchers in your fridge; you will also save money on bottled water and the environment from more waste.

10) Consider renewable energy alternatives

Green energy is our best ally when it comes to saving money and the planet from pollution.

Consider installing solar panels; even though they can be expensive, they will pay themselves over time as you save a lot of money on your electric bill.

What other tips can you think of to save energy and money at home during the summer season? Please share them in the comment box below!

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how to save energy at home this summer ten smart tips


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