How to clean and fix beeswax wrap easily

In a previous blog post, I talked about beeswax wrap and why it is an excellent substitute for regular aluminum foil and plastic wrap to store your food or any leftover.

These natural wraps not only reduce the amount of waste we create but also help you save money, as they can be reused many times, it can last up to a year with proper care, if you are curious about why you should swap your old wraps for beeswax check out this article.

Now, let's talk about how to properly clean your beeswax wrap to maintain it in the best shape possible, and if it has lost most of its wax, I'll share some tips to repair them.

How to wash beeswax wraps?

Most of these wraps are made mixing of beeswax, resin, and oils. As you can see, it uses natural ingredients with anti-bacterial properties; once combined, they give the wrap flexibility to shape with your hands quickly.

Waxworks all year round, even in summer, regardless of the weather, is advised to wrap food when it's cool, as warm food will melt the beeswax. Also, these wraps aren't safe to use in the oven or microwave.

Even though beeswax wraps offer anti-bacterial properties, they should be cleaned after each use to avoid food contamination.

To wash your beeswax wraps, always use cold water if there's greasy food residue, use a soft dish sponge and natural soap to gently scrub the wrap, rinse with cold water and let air dry before storing.

It's crucial to use neutral dish soap to wash your wraps; avoid any soap with alcohol as it can dissolve the beeswax.

Avoid any harsh dish soap or abrasive sponges that will remove the coating from the wrap.

How to repair a beeswax wrap?

As mentioned before, beeswax wrap can last up to a year with proper care; after that, you have three options; the first one is to remove the remaining beeswax residue and use the clean cotton wrap as a napkin or cloth.

You can also place the wrap in the compost bin; it might take a while to fully compost, but it's made of organic materials, so it will eventually degrade.

The final option is restoring them, the good news is this process requires simple, easy-to-find ingredients, and most people can do it at home.

You can restore the beeswax wrap in two different ways; the first one involves just reheating.

If your beeswax wrap doesn't hold its shape even if you press hard enough, then the beeswax has lost some wax in some areas.

A quick fix is reheating the wrap; place your wrap on a silicone mat or parchment paper over a baking tray.

Put the tray with the wrap at a low temperature (150°F) and wait a few minutes; the heat will melt the wax and create a small pool, so it redistributes evenly.

Keep an eye on your oven; this process won't take too long; once the wax melted, take the tray and carefully hold the wrap by the corner, it will take a few minutes to cool down and harden.

The other solution is for a beeswax wrap that has been used for over a year and has lost most of its beeswax. You will need:

1) Beeswax (you can buy it in blocks, pellets, I think the best presentation is in bars).

Optional but recommended:

2) Pine resin

3) Jojoba oil

Follow these simple steps:

1) You can start by removing any beeswax by washing the wrap in warm soapy water. Alternatively, you can leave the wrap as it is to save the beeswax residue.

2) Place a silicone mat on your baking tray or use parchment paper and place your used beeswax wrap over it.

3) Pre-heat your over at 150°F.

4) Grate some beeswax over the wrap until fully covered, also mix the oil and resin.

5) Place the tray inside the oven for a few minutes until you see the beeswax melt.

6) Take the tray and, using a clean brush extend the melted beeswax evenly.

7) Let it dry before use.

Note: If you choose to use parchment paper, don't throw it away after using it; store the paper as it will hold some leftover beeswax perfect for the next time you want to restore another beeswax wrap.

With these simple tips, you can extend the life of your beeswax wrap, a must-have item in any zero-waste kitchen.

Make sure you buy sets of beeswax wraps that include different sizes to store snacks, fruits, nuts, pieces of bread, or use as a lid for a food container.

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