The best ideas to organize a small kitchen

I have talked previously about kitchen design and decor. In this article, I want to focus on small kitchens; this is a vital space where we cook, eat, share, and chat, this is why the need to keep it tidy is an important goal to achieve.

For a minimalist, an organized space is crucial for mental peace, and even if you are starting with minimalism or stumbled across this post by mere chance, this article might be for you.

In a compact kitchen, making the most out of the available space is vital; you want to fit all your essentials and make it look aesthetically pleasing. We have to balance keeping things neatly stored and at hand when we are ready to use them, so we have to take advantage of even the smallest corners.

That is why I want to share some of my tips to organize your kitchen in a few steps and effectively.

Eight ideas to organize your kitchen

Let me share you with five great ideas to use your vertical space, which is essential and often forgotten; by doing so, you free up horizontal storage area for things that can't be stored otherwise.

1 Keep the trash bin out of sight

The space below the sink is perfect for storing your trash bins because this a humid area; it is not used to store food or cookware; some people also keep cleaning products here.

If you want to place your trash bin in this space, choose a model that attaches to the cabinet door or slides out like this one by simplehuman.

2 Install shelves on bare walls

Only if you need extra space for frequently used items but can also help decor your kitchen, think of herbs, beautiful containers, or other decor pieces.

If you place them near the prep area, store bowls, spices, or other gadgets, check they have enough depth to store them safely. Click here to buy it.

3 Hanging rods

Like shelves, you can install hanging rods on empty walls or below the cabinets; this rod can help you hang a large number of items, from cookware such as pots and pans to oven mitts and other utensils. Click here to buy a wall rod.

If you have a small kitchen island, you can install a hanging rack to hang heavier cookware, decluttering your drawers, and using the cookware as part of your kitchen decor. Click here to buy a kitchen island hanger.

4 Select pull out shelves

These easy-to-install shelves are the ideal solution to use up all the space in the cabinet and help you organize better; it doesn't matter how deep you store your utensils, when you pull out the door, you will be able to see everything using this method with food will help you reach all your goods before they even expire. Click here to buy it.

5 Leave counters as free as possible

Counters are the surface where we prep all of our meals; if you have a bunch of gadgets and small appliances on it, cooking will take even longer, and we want to be as efficient as possible in the kitchen.

If you can't clear all your counters, at least compromise to leave one free where you will cook (it is best to free a counter between the stove and sink.

You can use an over the sink cutting boards to expand your cooking surfaces. Click here to buy a plastic cutting board or here for a wooden cutting board.


These next three tips are more focused on design, but they will help keep an organized and clean space.

6 No doors

This is a design idea, even though many small kitchens feature an open concept floor plan where the kitchen is connected to the dining and living room, some homes still have a closed kitchen; if that is your case, you can try to remove the door, not only it frees up space, but it makes the kitchen look bigger, works better on homes with large windows or stove hoods.

7 Illumination is key

I have talked plenty about illumination, and the kitchen is a space where proper lights are vital; depending on the height of your kitchen, you can choose a hanging lamp.

I know lighting is not an organization's advice but keeping a kitchen with proper lighting helps open the space. Click here to buy a similar pendant lamp like the one in the picture above.

8 Pick a uniform color for the cabinets

Here is where the minimalist concept shines; choosing bright colors for your cabinets will create a uniform look, and like good lighting will help open up space, a shade of white looks clean and beautiful in a small kitchen.


Tips to organize your cabinets

If you can't place a rod to hang your cookware, you have another option like these heavy-duty cookware racks by Caxxa; these racks are made of metal and adjustable to fit any pot or pan. You can store them both horizontal and vertically. Click here to buy it.

Coffee mugs are messy to store and can easily chip and crack if you are not careful when keeping them; a great clean solution is a coffee mug holder, this one by Bafvt is made of stainless steel and can hold up to 10 mugs. Click here to buy it.

A corner rack to organize your dishes is ideal for keeping everything at hand inside your cabinets. I recommend this item for cabinets with a lot of vertical space between the shelves. This model by SmartHomeDesign features three tiers and plastic feet to protect your surfaces. Click here to buy it.

An expandable rack with two tiers is perfect to fit inside the awkward space below the sink where the pipes are located; this great solution lets you move the shelves around to match your particular area. Click here to buy it.

If you have many spices and other products, my first recommendation is to start using them up. Still, if you want to keep them all visible, check out these expandable racks by DecoBros made of heavy-duty steel and silver color; it will look beautiful in any kitchen. Click here to buy it.


I hope you found some inspiration with these simple ideas in this curated selection!

If you have any questions, please write it down below, and I'll answer it as soon as possible.

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Tips to organize a small kitchen

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