organize a small kitchen

The best ideas to organize a small kitchen

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Do you want to organize a small kitchen? Check out these smart ideas.

Small kitchen spaces can often feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

With the right organization, you’ll transform your cooking area into a peaceful and tidy space.

Whether you are just beginning on a minimalism journey or simply need some reorganization tips – this article is here for help.

Get ready to master decluttering so that every meal in your kitchen will begin with peace of mind.

organize a small kitchen

In a compact kitchen, the challenge is to make it both attractive and functional.

Finding ways to utilize every nook and cranny while still creating an inviting look can seem overwhelming – but with some ingenuity you can master your space in no time!

Here are my top tips for achieving balance between beauty and practicality when organizing your kitchen quickly yet effectively.

Eight ideas to organize a small kitchen

Want to open up some extra storage space?

Maximize your vertical area! Freeing horizontal storage for those hard-to-store items is as simple as putting five great ideas into action – and you won’t even have to sacrifice any of the floor plan.

Keep the trash bin out of sight

The space below the sink is perfect for storing your trash bins because this is a humid area; it is not used to store food or cookware; some people also keep cleaning products here.

If you want to place your trash bin in this space, choose a model that attaches to the cabinet door or slides out like this one.


Install shelves on bare walls

Want to open up some extra storage space? Maximize your vertical area!

Freeing horizontal storage for those hard-to-store items is as simple as putting five great ideas into action – and you won’t even have to sacrifice any of the floor plan.


Hanging rods

You can install hanging rods on empty walls or below the cabinets.

This rod can help you hang a large number of items.

Like cookware such as pots and pans to oven mitts and other utensils.

If you have a small kitchen island, you can install a rack to hang heavier cookware, declutter your drawers, and use the cookware as part of your kitchen decor.


Install pull-out shelves

Struggling with a small kitchen?

Transform it and find your cooking materials in the blink of an eye!

These specially designed shelves are quick to install, making them perfect for utilizing all the space within cabinets and keeping food items fresh – plus, you can see everything at once when you open up any given cupboard.

No more digging around!

Leave counters as free as possible

As the kitchen is often a hub of activity, we want to maximize our efficiency by leaving free at least one countertop for prepping meals.

The ideal spot is in between the stove and sink – if this isn’t possible you can use an over-the-sink cutting board that opens up a whole new world of possibilities!

These next three tips are more focused on design, but they will help keep an organized and clean space.

No doors

Make the most of your small kitchen space by removing restrictive doors and opening it up to dining and living areas.

Not only will this help to create a spacious feel, but large windows or stove hoods can be beautifully integrated into an open-concept design for maximum impact.

Illumination is key

Your kitchen is the fuel for your family’s day-to-day life, keeping it well lit can be a game changer!

Whether you prefer overhead or understated lighting options like pendant lamps, make sure to prioritize brightness when designing this essential part of your home.

After all, an illuminated space = more energy and visibility – two things we could always use extra help with in our daily lives!


Pick a uniform color for the cabinets

Transform your kitchen from dull to dazzling with a few judiciously-chosen pops of color!

Make the most of natural lighting for an open and airy atmosphere, or dial up its brightness through white walls.

With some thoughtful touches, create a cozy yet stylish hub that radiates minimalist vibes.

Tips to organize your cabinets

Tired of cookware cluttering up your kitchen cupboard? Replace it with a stylish and sturdy set of heavy-duty cookware racks, perfect for organization without needing to hang any rods.

With adjustable metal racks, you can find the perfect fit for any pot or pan and organize them your way – horizontally or vertically.


With coffee mugs, the potential for a mess and breakage is high.

Luckily there’s an effective way to keep them safe – a sturdy holder designed specifically with your favorite cups in mind!


With a corner rack to organize your dishes, the days of struggling to find that last plate or bowl are gone.

Transform kitchen chaos into organized harmony for greater peace of mind and convenience – all in one simple solution just right for cabinets with plenty of vertical room.


Spice up your kitchen with a door mounted spice rack!

With these racks, you can keep all of your favorite spices and products in full view.

Put them to good use while adding an attractive display piece – the perfect way to transform any ordinary meal into something special.

I hope you found some inspiration with these simple ideas in this curated selection!

If you have any questions, please write them down below, and I’ll answer them as soon as possible.

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Tips to organize a small kitchen

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