Japandi the New Interior Trend

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Ready to upgrade your humble abode using the Japandi trend? Then check out this post, where I’m spilling all my secrets on how you can makeover your space in style.

The marriage of Japan and Scandinavia is a match made in design heaven!

With the minimalistic look from both cultural influences, Japandi has become an incredibly popular decorating trend.

For those inspired by nature’s beauty – as well as cooler northern climates- this style provides that perfect fusion between two lands far away…but seamlessly combined inside your home.

If you want to read more about the Japandi Minimalist Lifestyle, follow this link to another article I wrote.

Understand the Philosophy first

Want to add a touch of Japandi style to your home?

Be sure you understand the basics first!

Decorating with wall prints and Buda figures may give off an Asian vibe, but that’s too simplistic – get real about this unique blend of Japanese minimalism meets Scandinavian coziness.

Feng Shui

In the East, ancient wisdom meets modern design.

From China to Japan and beyond, people strive for Feng Shui perfection with Bagua (energy map) guidance.

This special guide helps you choose furniture for your home that will bring about a harmonious balance of yin-yang energy fostering happiness and contentment in all its inhabitants!

For more information on home Feng Shui check out this site.


By embracing the core principles of Buddhist Zen, Japanese know how to make a space truly special – minimally and consciously.

Instead of accumulating showy possessions, they fully focus on necessities that won’t detract from the calming ambience.

Now there’s an interior design trend we can really get behind!

6 essentials of the Japanese home

Experience a little bit of the Far East in your own home with gorgeous, artfully crafted furnishings inspired by traditional Japanese elements.

Shoji walls

Japanese homes can now offer residents an ideal balance of privacy, light and a sense of community- all in one single abode.

The ability to create small private spaces without completely cutting off from the rest of the house is like having your own personal sanctuary at home!


In Japan, floor-level living is the norm – and for good reason!

Tatamis provide a warm respite from chilly floors with their straw insulating wonders.

Plus they’re got an easy clean up routine, are super adjustable, and look totally natural – truly indispensable to any home in Japan.

Futon bed

In Japan, the ultimate space-saving secret is the built-in closet!

By day it’s kept out of sight, holding rolled up futons until bedtime.

No more worrying about where to store them – just a great way to keep your room area clutter free and cozy at night!


Add an elegant touch of Japan to your windows with these artistic Noren curtains!

Traditionally used for sun protection, today you’ll find their eye-catching designs gracing the doorways and arches of restaurants.

Step up your style game by introducing a splash of Japanese culture in a practical way!


This Japanese chest of drawers is the perfect piece for any fan of traditional style.

Crafted from sturdy, durable wood and boasting numerous compartments to store your belongings, it’s a quintessential way to bring some Eastern flair into your home!

Japanese decoration

Create an oasis of peace and tranquility in your home with Japanese-inspired decor!

Pillows, wall hangings featuring calligraphy artworks, bamboo and wood tables – the possibilities are endless.

Whether you want to transform a whole room or just one area into this tranquilizing ambiance is completely up to you – why not give it a go?

Serenity awaits for those who embrace the zen atmosphere and bonsai garden vibes that come along with it!

What defines the Japandi style?

With the balanced beauty of Japanese minimalism and cozy Scandinavian comfort.

This interior-design trend gives any space an understated elegance that speaks volumes – all while keeping it feeling like home.

Here are some important points to take into consideration:

With Japandi furniture, your home can achieve a perfect balance of calm and chic.

Enjoy the simplicity without lacking any style – warm neutrals for timeless elegance coupled with light woods to add texture, plus dark black accents for contrast.

A look that’s laid-back yet anything but boring!

Japandi colors and materials

japandi decor

Get creative with colors to enjoy the best of both worlds in Japandi style – seamlessly blending Japanese darkness and Scandinavian brightness.

Natural shades like beige, terracotta, grey and black provide an eclectic mix while deep blues and greens make for chic accents.

But don’t go overboard on your use of black!

Alternatively charming dark wood pieces can bring out a sense of tranquillity that you’re looking for.

Bring together elements such as bamboo paper china coupled with natural textiles like cotton linen jute or wool will lend this sophisticated design its airy subtlety so it doesn’t feel overwhelming yet is still captivatingly alluring!

Japandi furniture

If you want to go with the flow of Japandi style, don’t overlook furniture that adds lightness and subtle lines.

The timeless pieces that offer understated elegance can really make a room feel larger than life! So, aim low – lighter legs are always better in this situation!

Japandi decor

Whether you live in Scandinavia or Japan, when it comes to decorating your home the focus has always been on function and natural elements.

Handmade vases, plates and accessories perfectly combine style with practicality while plants bring a dose of nature inside.

All this ensures that any room feels cozy at all times!

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