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If you have decided to change your mattress because it is over ten years old, you might have considered switching the bed frame for different reasons; I selected some of the best minimalist bed frames that will cover most spaces and needs.

All bed frames designs

Depending on your requirements, there are different bed frames, and modern bed frames also offer plenty of storage features, let's see all the types of bed frames in the market. I'm focusing on adult bed frames in this article.

What bed frame should I buy?

Before investing in a bed frame, it is vital to ask yourself these questions, to make sure the bed frame you buy is what you need, when we spend a lot of money, we should be more thoughtful about our purchase.

Here are some useful questions to ask yourself, I recommend writing them down, so you can also write the answer as well, this helps you see all your requirements, and you can take it with you to the store or to guide you while browsing.

Which bed frame size do I need?

Pretty straightforward, but many people don't realize how important it is, even though you might know the mattress size, I recommend measuring just in case, sometimes the bed frame and the mattress not fit even if they are from the same category.

Does this bed frame match my mattress?

Not all mattresses will work well with all bed frames; some are meant to be used on a specific type of bed frame, and always ask the seller about this, especially if you already have one of the pieces.

Do I need storage space?

Depending on the number of belongings you possess, more or less storage will be needed. For a minimalist, this is not an issue, but some homes are super tiny, and even with a reduced amount of belongings, you could struggle to store them.

Even for some items that are not frequently used, such as luggage, this might be an ideal choice.

What bed frame fits my room better?

Think of how much space you have available; maybe you had a single bed and want a queen now, which is excellent, but before buying, measure the area, and make sure you have enough walking space around it.

Consider the design; if you already have pieces you plan to keep like a dresser or nightstands, search for something that matches.

On the other hand, if you plan to revamp your bedroom but are doing it gradually, have a clear idea of what the final result will be, to avoid extra purchases, sometimes it is better to spend more once on a good-quality product with a timeless design that will last for years to come.

How many people will sleep in the bedroom?

If you are searching for a bed for you, a single might be tempting as they are cheaper, but I would suggest looking into the future a bit, small beds are meant for children and teenagers, if you are an adult, and have space in your room try to upgrade to a queen bed frame at least.

Will I give it any additional use, like reading?

I think beds should be used mostly for sleeping; other activities such as reading, writing, or entertaining should have their areas. Still, something to take into consideration if that is what applies to your lifestyle.

Is it for a guest room?

Do you receive guests frequently, some homes have separate guest bedrooms, but most people don't have that option, luckily there are bed frames to accommodate extra people.

What bed frame style do I want?

Depending on your room design, most minimalist bed frames can match any bedroom, as it works as a blank canvas.

What comfort level do I enjoy?

Do you prefer soft bed frames or maybe firm ones to relieve back stress?

Answering all these questions is a great start to help you narrow down the bed frame options.


Which bed frames are available?

There are many bed frame models in the market, but I will be focusing on minimalist design ones that are stylish, functional or a combination of both.

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Space-saving minimalist bed frames

Let's begin this list with some bed frames ideal for minimalist compact homes, the ones where there is not much space available, or where a room must fulfill different purposes.

Bed frame with trundle

Although this bed frame is popular among children's bedrooms, there are plenty of perfect models for young adults; it is ideal if someone is sleeping over. Small apartments and dorms also benefit from this bed frame.

Suzanne Twin by Zinus

The design of this twin trundle bed is simple, and with clean lines, its made of iron and wood, very sturdy, and with natural wood finish accents, not only it would look great on a minimalist design but also a scandi or japandi concept.

The trundle slides to accommodate an extra person; the trundle mattress should not be higher than 6 inches to slide comfortably.

Foldable bed frame

Another bed frame that allows us to save a lot of space, some models include the mattress, they can be stored in any area when not in use, like a closet, they are usually made of metal, so they are very sturdy and flexible.

Foldable Bed Frame by AmazonBasics

Made of steel and painted in black, it is the perfect choice for micro-apartments, you can easily fold it and store it under the couch. There is no assembling for this bed frame.

It supports up to 250 pounds and offers 13 inches of storage under the bed frame, it is available in six sizes.

Murphy bed

It is an old concept dating back to the XIX century, but it is still used in modern versions because of its practicality.

They are the perfect space saver, and ideal to fully clean the floor, many modern models with laminated finishes pass as part of the room decor and look like storage furniture.

It is so practical that this idea has been incorporated into other furniture such as desks, shelves, and drawers.

Nebula Full Wall Bed by Bestar

The perfect solution not only for small homes, a place to sleep at night, but during the day, you can fold up the bed frame and use the free space as a training room, study, or office.

It is made of particle board with three different finishes available; it includes a chrome handle, dual-piston mechanism, and a folding leg.

The frame includes a slatted bed base that is extra comfortable to sleep; just make sure you buy a mattress that meets the seller's weight and thickness requirement. The clean design is perfect for a minimalist room.

Bed frame with underneath storage

A popular choice for additional storage space, if the closet is not enough to store our belongings, all the area below the mattress will come in handy.

There are two main bed frames with underneath storage.

You can lift some models, and others include drawers.

They both have their pros and cons. The first model offers plenty of space, although storage can get messier (it can be solved with storage boxes), the drawers options offer a cleaner storage option, but you will need more space around the bed to properly open them.

Avilla Queen Storage Bed by South Shore

I saw this idea first on Daniel Titchener's Youtube channel, a British architect who lives in a small apartment and shows how he managed to make the most out of the space available in his apartment; he lives with his girlfriend. They found this solution for extra clothing storage.

He didn't buy this bed frame, but instead, he uses Ikea dressers to surround the bed frame, I think this is the closest bed frame to that concept.

The bed frame includes two rattan baskets; extra baskets are sold separately by the same manufacturer. It supports up to 207 pounds; there is no need for a box spring, just place your queen mattress on the bed frame.

The Avilla bed frame has a subtle white oak color, it will match any bedroom decor, and you can decide to use a headboard or leave it as it is.

Queen Select by Prepac

Available in two sizes (queen and king) and four colors (white, black, espresso, and gray). It follows the same concept as the previous bed frame but includes drawers instead. In general, this is a cleaner way to store as it protects the items from dust, but it is essential to leave space around.

The design is made with sturdy wood perfect for a scandi style bedroom. It supports up to 193 pounds.

Bed frames without storage

If you want a clean design with a thinner structure or do not have many belongings, a bed frame without storage is a better choice.

One of these bed frames' main benefits is that they allow airflow below the bed, something I consider essential.

Bed base frame

The classic bed frame has support with transversal planks of either metal or wood, the sturdiness level is determined by how thick the planks are, in some cases it is possible to regulate it.

They are available to fit all mattresses, the larger ones such for queen or king beds, include middle support.

Heavy Duty Steel Bed Base by Olee Sleep

Available in four sizes, this metal bed frame can hold up 1000 pounds, the design features a structure that encloses the mattress to avoid slips.

There is plenty of storage space below the bed frame, and it includes plastic feet to protect the floor from damage.

Upholstered bed frame

Unlike classic bed bases, they offer extra support and a night of better sleep because the base is sturdier, they also look beautiful in any decoration.

Mid-Century Upholstered by Modway Addison

As the name suggests, this is a mid-century design. Still, it suits a minimalist style effortlessly, there are many different options for upholstered bed frames, but I wanted to give you a very minimal design.

This bed frame features thin black legs made of wood and MDF and a grey upholstered headboard; you don't need a box spring, just place your queen mattress on the bed frame. It can support up to 600 pounds.

Wooden bed frame

Like an upholstered design but entirely made out of wood, this is my favorite bed frame style, is sturdy and stylish.

There is a large selection of woods to match all bedroom decors, and just by switching the covers and pillows, you can create different looks.

Liatris Low-Profile by Homelegance

Queen bed with acacia wood and gray tones finish beautiful low platform design bed, great for scandi or japandi interior design styles as well. This bed frame does not offer storage space below.

It includes the headboard and requires assembling.

Articulated bed frame

These bed frames are ideal for covering different needs; you can use the bed to read books or check out your phone. Although I think bed should not be used for those activities, especially if you have insomnia.

They are better suited for people who can't leave the bed frequently, such as seniors, people with back or leg issues, or have to stay in bed for longer periods.

Comfort Affordamatic 2.0 by Classic Brands

This articulated bed frame is available in four sizes, made of metal, and easy to assemble, it is an affordable alternative to most articulated bed frames in the market.

It includes four positions (flat, head up and down, foot up and down, and head and foot up and down), plus a zero-gravity position that reduces pressure, ideal for relieving stress, its all easy to control with the wireless remote.

Shiki futon bed

The traditional Japanese bed, in theory, it is not a bed frame, a Shiki futon is placed on a tatami floor to sleep, and during the day stored in a closet to free the room for other activities, if you don't mind sleeping on the floor, or your place is super small, this is an interesting option.

Besides sleeping closer to the floor is ideal during summer, as heats go up and you will feel cooler closer to the floor.

Japanese Shiki Futon by Luxton Home

Don't let its appearance fool you, this is a very firm futon, even though some people love a soft sleeping surface, firm ones provide better back support.

The cover is made of100% hypoallergenic and antibacterial materials; rest assured that you will not sneeze or feel itchy while trying to sleep, great for babies, kids, and people with sensitive skin. You can cleanly fold it in three to store in the closet.

If you want to read more about Japanese minimalism and design, check out this article.


Hope you found some inspiration with the best minimalist bed frames in this curated selection!

If you have any questions please write it down below and I'll answer it as soon as I can.

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