Minimalist boho bedroom decor ideas

The terms minimalism and boho or bohemian chic are opposite sides of an interior design spectrum for many. Still, with some smart tips, anyone can pull off a minimalist boho bedroom.

Minimalism loves bare spaces with clean lines and neutral colors, and decor is usually scarce, but all the pieces chosen are exceptionally curated.

Boho distinguishes itself for embracing natural earth tones, softly layered textures, and either rustic or vernacular patterns.

Both styles can somewhat agree on the use of plants as decoration and a palette of lighter colors (although this is not always the case in boho).

Taking those basic concepts from each interior design style, we can try to pull off a clean look but at the same time has some boho charm to it. Here are some simple tips to achieve it.

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Neutral Minimalist Boho Bedrooms

boho minimal bedroom with greenery decor

photo credit: @silvana_hr.ome

Use greenery

As I mentioned earlier, greenery is a big part of boho decor, which also is a favorite way minimalist decorate; you can use natural or artificial plants or leafy prints on canvas or as patterns on accent ornaments like throw pillows.

A simple and clean color palette can be upgraded with simple details such as a duvet cover with a black dot pattern; with the beautiful coffee tray, this bedroom becomes a small nest to relax in.

minimalist boho bedroom decor wood

photo credit: @anthropologie via @willowandjadeinteriors

Embrace textures

Colors such as white, cream, and browns work perfectly on a boho bedroom because it gives a warm tone but doesn't turn too loud on a room where we want to rest.

The bedroom has a lot of texture when you pay close attention to the photo but doesn't feel overwhelming, the selection of colors is limited, and the textures are soft.

The bed is a fluffy, almost cloud-like texture and a grey/brown area rug. Other details help complete the look, such as the prints on the wall and the wooden and brass hanging light.

minimalist boho bedroom decoration macrame

photo credit: @my.island.reno

Use muted colors

A minimalist boho bedroom decor can also use grey and black; this elegant and cozy bedroom is the perfect idea for someone who wants a more neutral look, great for guest bedrooms.

The simple palette in shades of grey with black accents looks sophisticated, and the texture is added by the wall macrame, throw, and wicker bin to store extra pillows and blankets.

minimalist boho bedroom dreamcatcher

photo credit: @gerdu.interior

Take advantage of textures

There is no need to add many colors to create a boho design; this simple bedroom design is still bohemian at its core, despite the muted color palette, which heavily relies on white.

Instead of color, we see more texture, such as the nightstand, the soft blankets, the large ceramic vase, and the dream catcher; they all create a dreamy space.

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Warm Minimalist Boho Bedrooms

boho minimalist bedroom with wicker furniture

photo credit: @handelikoto

Choose natural finishes

This bedroom feels like a dream, very light but very warm at the same time; the use of soft hanging light fabric above the bed and the white duvet cover mixed with the light floors give an impression of an almost floating bed, inviting you to dream on the clouds.

The boho style is reflected in tan and earth tones on the secondary furniture and decor, such as the chair, bench, and side tables. The finish is also natural, which matches with the wicker rug and the pampas dry plants.

bohemian minimalist bedroom with marigold bed throw

photo credit: @ourperthreno

Vibrant throw blanket

Are you a minimalist at heart and fear committing to a boho makeover? Don't fear; you can start with small steps; that's amazing about minimalism; it's so clean that it is super versatile.

So, instead of switching everything around, try swapping plain bed sheets for something that adds a pop of color, like this marigold bed, throw blanket; you can pair it with a wicker area rug and a small plant to complete a simple yet inviting look.

bohemian minimalist bedroom pink and red

photo credit: @my_growing_tribe

Colorful throw pillows

Colorful accents are the best friend of a minimal boho bedroom; the best part is you can always move them around for a cleaner look.

Pair vibrant accent pillows in warm colors like red, pink, and tan with a canvas and some wood accent ornaments against white furniture to create a space that exudes personality. Don't add too many accessories as it's easy to go overboard.

minimal bohemian bedroom

photo credit: @blancobungalow

Keep your walls simple

When it comes to boho, you can add a lot of decor to your walls, the key to creating a boho decor with a minimal twist is adding little to no wall decor; it all depends on how much you are decorating.

We see a balance between the walls and the lower part where the bed is, the macrame goes well with the bed throw, and the framed canvas colors match the throw pillows; you can use this technique to divide a room if you leave the walls bare you can place more items on the lower part.

bohemian minimalist bedroom pink

photo credit: @ando.mori

Add visual interest

Minimal decor doesn't mean 100% bare spaces; there's room for flexibility, especially if we try to give a boho twist. Add some interest by playing with patterns, contrasting textures, and pops of color.

In this bedroom, the color palette uses white and shades of light pink; the focal point is the framed art with abstract leaves in four different bold colors and adds interest compared to the more muted colors and soft textures of the bed and ornaments.

If you enjoyed this photo selection, check out my finds to recreate both a neutral and warm minimalist boho bedroom by clicking the links in the pinboards below.

photo credit: @fridlaa

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