Dining room minimalist design tips

minimalist dining table with white ceiling lamp

Creating a beautiful dining room shouldn't be complicated, right? But for some reason, most people get lost when they try to develop a design or coherent concept for this space.

Some of the reasons might be the many different styles, colors, materials, and textures available; when you start seeing so many options, your mind becomes overwhelmed with information, this leads to poor choices that turn into regrets and reminders of a hectic decision.

As I mentioned in other posts, minimalism is a magnificent tool for those who are not interior designers or have a small budget and can't afford to pay the professional advice from one.

I will show you some essential minimalist tips that will cover the most critical areas in your dining room to create a pleasant space with a pulled-together look.

Who could benefit from a minimalist dining room design?

If you like clean lines, open spaces, and a decluttered atmosphere, then minimalism works for you in general, this is the best design as it requires little maintenance like cleaning, ideal for busy people or those who dislike doing house chores.

How to consider these points?

I like doing when designing any room with a notebook with me; this way, I can write down everything as I see it, and save all my thoughts for future references.

Write down each tip number and title in this post in your notebook. Below each title, you will fill it with the information gathered from your dining room; this will let you make the best choices when ready to buy the materials, furniture, and decorative objects.

1 How big is the space

minimalist round table dining room with wall art

Is your dining room in a house? Small apartment? Open floor plan? Space defines the design and, consequently, the furniture and decorative objects, not the other way around, as you might end up with big furniture in a small dining room that complicates the room's flow.

Consider this, especially if you have a small space to work with, as you want to make the most out of it. Define what furniture you need and which will be your paths within the room.

2 Natural light

minimalist dining room with leather chairs and natural light

A minimalist room uses a lot of natural light; this also has an environmentally friendly perspective and will save you some money.

Where are your windows located? Does your dining room have glass sliding doors opening to a backyard? Take all these points into consideration, as you will want to place the dining set in the spot where it will receive the most indirect natural light.

Being aware of how much light your room receives is vital for the next point.

3 Colors

minimalist scandi living room wooden table and chairs

Generally, minimalism favors neutral colors like white, cream, beige, grey, and black. You can still use any color, but the key is knowing how to balance them and each color's amount.

Have you ever noticed how fast food places like KFC, McDonald's, or Burger King tend to use many bright and bold colors like red, orange, and yellow? There is a reason behind that; those colors signal emergency to our brains, this pushes us to eat and leave, unlike restaurants that use soft and serene colors to invite you to stay even after finish eating.

You want to mimic a restaurant experience at home, not a fast food one, on a dining room I would recommend light colors (more so in small dining rooms as bright colors open up the room), for walls and ceilings white is the best option. There are many white shades, so there is no need to worry if you don't want a pure white wall.

Just for the record color is not banned but you must be mindful of how many colors you add, try to think of accents whenever you want to add bold colors, things where I would apply said colors include paintings, flowers, candles, trays, vases, and pick 3 or 5 colors in total.

4 Floor

minimalist modern dining room with plastic chair in different colors

The same rule applies to floors; when you select one, you want to consider three points, how easy it is to clean, the color, and texture. I would go for a laminated floor with a light wood finish, as it is easy to clean, and there are many different shades to choose from.

Some might choose ceramic tiles, but a wood finish will always look the best in a dining room, and it mixes well with other floor finishes, if your dining room is small I will try to go for a wooden finish as it won't break the bank.

5 Artificial lighting

In most cases, one big hanging lamp is enough for a minimalist dining room; you want to make sure you choose the right piece.

Don't pick lamps with too much detail (besides they are a pain to clean) instead prefer lights with clean designs, minimalists favor metal, paper, or nordic style lamps, here are some options from Amazon.

If your dining room is large or the floor plan is open, you can add floor lamps or smaller ceiling lamps with independent switches; this lets you control the lighting.

Ceiling Lamps Picks

6 Furniture

minimalist dining room with leather chairs

What furniture you currently have? You want to have the essential pieces and if your space allows it some secondary ones like a console.

In most cases the table with chairs is all you genuinely need, this is the best moment to truly declutter the furniture that might not be working you, all those pieces that serve no purpose other than storing stuff have got to go.

The same applies to the objects, all those extra dishes for a fancy occasion that never happens; the other two complete cutlery sets still in their boxes, think about all you own.

Instead, I would use the fancy dishes every day and make the most out of the money spent rather than keep eating from the same old plates.

You don't have to throw away stuff; you can always gift it to someone you know who might need it, people remember kind gesture, and someday they might surprise you helping you out as well.

6.1 Dining table

Your table's shape will depend on the room shape, a classic rectangular dining room will look the best with a rectangular table, and a square shape might look better with a round table.

The classic material is wood as it provides a warm look and is also in line with different style trends related to minimalism like mid-century, scandi, or japandi. You can also use a metal table or glass, or even a mixture of these materials.

I favor wood over metal and glass, which I know is a popular material, but be aware that glass gets and shows dirty the fastest. You will have to continually clean it, especially if you have a large family with kids.

Dining Table Picks

6.2 Chairs

minimalist dark brown dining room with glass flower vase

Chairs give more freedom as they can serve as decorative pieces too. If you want a rustic or scandi style dining room to choose wooden chairs or stools for a cabin style design.

If you go for a glass table, choose chairs with a low back. Some designers even use different chairs with the same color or the other way around to create a fun yet pleasant look.

6.3 Other furniture

You could add more furniture, like consoles, wine racks, etc. But remember that minimalism preaches a simplified life and design, if you are putting furniture just to fill up empty spaces, you are taking the wrong approach.

I know we want some extra storage furniture, I would recommend a low console (lower or at the same height as your dining table) with doors this way all the stuff stored remains invisible.

Chair Picks

7 Decoration

Like any other room in your home, decorative objects are allowed, but the pieces must not overshadow the dining table and chairs, which should remain the focal points.

7.1 Center table

You can put some decorative pieces, some I would pick, include a long piece of fabric with a glass vase with fresh flowers or a wooden tray with glass jars or a candle, always keep it to a minimum few colors are within the same palette.

7.2 Plants

minimalist dining room with live plants decoration

My favorite choice for decoration; they add color and give energy to the room and help clean the air. Some of the favorite minimalist plants include Monstera and Snake Plant; you can read more on interior plants for minimalist homes in this article.

Plants Picks

7.3 Mirrors

Another good option for a minimalist dining room as mirrors create a bigger room's false sensation. A mirror over a console is the way to go, favor smooth surface mirrors with thin frames and simple geometrical shapes.

Mirror Picks

7.4 Paintings and wall art

wall art pieces for a minimalist dining room

It depends on your taste, but in general, you don't want to put more than two pieces or one large piece; make sure the room is balanced, not too small, not too big.

The placement is essential as well, some people like to hang their art above the console, so in many cases you have to pick one, mirror or painting, adding both might be too much, and just like mirrors favor thin and simple frames.

Wall Art Picks

7.5 Rugs

Some people like to have rugs everywhere, but one of the few places where I would never place a rug is in the dining room.

The first issue they present as they are below the table makes moving the chairs difficult, and they are a pain to clean as food will always fall even if you choose a rug with a smooth finish like vinyl, leave area rugs for the living room and bedrooms.


If you have any questions, please write it down below, and I'll answer it as soon as possible.

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