30 minimalist living room design ideas

Looking for ideas and inspiration to renovate your living room, or maybe you just want to rearrange what you own to give it a new vibe. In this article, I'm sharing some beautiful minimalist living rooms that can inspire you, and there is a wide range of styles and colors to choose from, not all black and white.

modern minimalist grey living room

1 Silver symmetry

This design plays between a modern and minimalist style, and it chooses symmetry as the central concept as the living room.

The furniture is in shades of grey except for the two accent chairs and tv console which have a dark brown and white color, the modern look that gives the grey and silver colors contrast with the natural finish of the dark wood behind the tv but the same dark brown color helps unify the entire look.

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minimalist grey living room

2 Small apartment

The best space to apply minimalism is in small living rooms like this one that benefits from a curated selection of pieces, and in this example, they all balance each other well.

The grey sofa is the right balance with the coffee table, and even though they do not match, they complement each other through a similar color palette, the black in the picture frame, and the floor lamp combined with the dark chocolate floor.

The faux fur rug brings the pieces together.

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modern minimalist living room and kitchen

3 Not so empty living room

I love this design! The space feels open and bright, but at the same warm, cozy, and inviting, in this open floor plan, we see the living room next to the kitchen, both spaces joined visually by a bar.

The white furniture stands out against the brown floor, and the blue area rug hugs the entire living room. All the furniture in this space is simple, and with clean lines, this creates a flexible space where switching around the accent pieces like throw pillows, trays, and paintings help achieve a whole new look.

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minimalist bachelor living room grey floor and black sofas

4 Black furniture

The shelf below where the tv is displayed works as a decor piece, and it's a side table for when friends are over, it matches the shelf in the back wall. The black leather furniture is simple, but the bold color makes it stand out in the grey space; this is a good option for narrow apartment rooms.

minimalist cozy cream living room

5 One big sofa

This design gives a lot of free space by one big piece, like the L-shaped cream sectional sofa. The sectional commands the attention; the coffee table and console are accessories in matching light color; this is a simple color palette that most people can easily pull off, including cream, beige and pale rose.

One issue with this design that you should consider is that big pieces like this do not allow much change in the distribution, as they interfere with the walking paths.

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minimalist scandi wooden cabin with glass windows and black sofa and chimney

6 Big chimney

In this home, we can enjoy high glass ceilings and big windows which allow plenty of natural light.

The focal point of the room is the balance between the black chimney and the black leather sofa and accent chairs; the colorful geometric pattern blankets give a pop of color.

The polished concrete black floor shines and contrasts against the yellow rug, which ties the look with the blankets' help.

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minimalist modern apartment grey sofa and cream area rug

7 Elegant color palette

A simple yet elegant living room for an apartment, I can see a young professional living in this apartment. The painted walls in classic white, and the floor is laminated dark brown tiles, both of them feel like a canvas for the grey sectional with a lounge, the accent chair is white, and the living room could do without it.

The coffee has a sleek design with a finish that matches the floor. The decorative pieces like vases have a similar add the touch of color in orange and copper, and the large painting unifies the room with a color palette found in the living room.

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minimalist apartment in grey and white

8 Serene small apartment

A tiny yet serene living room; in this case, the primary colors are white and grey; its the best choice for a narrow and small place like this; the white helps opening up the room visually.

Not only are the walls and ceiling white, but all the curtains are also light grey to give continuity to the walls.

The main furniture is a sofa/lounge in light grey, and the few accents of color are the throw pillows in dark grey and copper and the black blanket.

minimalist living room grey and black geometric area rug

9 Wall art piece

I love thoughtful wall art, which ties up space, and my favorite kind is the mid-century style and abstracts like the one in the photo above. In this living room, wall art has a white, grey, and black palette. These three colors are the ones deciding the living room palette.

Below is a comfy grey sofa with clean lines that matches the coffee and side table, and a white area rug with geometrical black lines. The decorative pieces include throw pillows, a tray with a wooden chain, vases, and a floor lamp, all using the same color palette.

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open floor minimalist living room kitchen and dinning room

10 More wall art

Like the previous photo, in this open floor home, we can see the living and dining room articulated with the kitchen and the backyard behind the glass sliding doors, the main focus from this angle is the wall art.

The sofa is in grey, and the coffee table is in silver and marble, although it's not visible from this angle the tv stands above a white console that matches the faux fur rug.

The color palette is muted not to oversaturate the eye as we can see many different things and spaces at first glance.

I have to admit I'm not a big fan of this art piece, ass you can see the design of the space is serene and clean, for me the wall art which is a pop style clashes with everything, a mid-century piece would look better. When you choose an art piece, make sure it does not have too many colors, and it matches the room design and feels.

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minimalist living room in cream and turquoise

11 Turquoise accents

This living room managed to successfully create what the previous one failed picking the right wall art.

Here we can see that both walls and ceiling are white, but the floor is in a natural pale carpet which works just as well.

The main focus is the wall abstract turquoise painting; the color is continued visually to the throw pillows and blanket. If you are not an interior designer, always try to go for fewer colors, it will be easier to match everything up.

The only things I would change is taking out the area rug, lowering the painting, and rearranging the stools together.

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minimalist japandi living room in black and yellow

12 Yellow accent

A living room corner where you may want to create a separate reading space, the color palette includes light brown on the natural wood finish floor, black on the sidewall, white on the walls, golden and grey details; the focal point is the deep yellow accent chair.

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minimalist modern artist living room black leather sofa

13 Clean look

Another apartment that I envision for a young professional or maybe a designer, this living room has a clean and peaceful feel, almost as if it was outdoor, that decorative black vase is a simple yet subtle touch.

The furniture is spotless; the black leather sofa is the central piece; this is an excellent example of a simple palette that works (white, black, and deep orange).

minimalist cozy cream and mint living room

14 Cozy take on minimalism

This room is probably not precisely what most people see as minimalism; it is not pure minimalism, this style as cozy minimalism. Light grey is the primary color in the room from the walls, ceiling, rug, and sofa.

The rounded wood coffee tables and plants stand out; the vast grey area rug gives a lot of texture, and the two pencil style drawings complete the look.

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minimalist rustic concrete and wood beach house living room

15 Beach vibes

I like this design, and its the only one with this particular style on the list. The main focus is the natural finishes, which include the polished concrete walls and wood furniture.

The few color accents include red and green, beautiful design for a small beach house.

large family home minimalist living room

16 Minimalism for big families

I think a family minimalist living room could look like, furniture with clean lines but comfortable at the same time, a coffee table that doubles as a large ottoman and close to an open kitchen.

A big family could sit in this living room to play games, watch tv and do so many different activities, and once everything is stored and cleaned, you get a serene space.

large glass ceiling living room

17 Beautiful view

This living room works as the perfect frame for the beautiful viewable landscape from the glass large windows and ceiling, the three large sofas go incognito and let the glass ceiling become the center of attention.

modern minimalist grey living room

18 Grey living room

This grey living room is a relaxed take on a colorful minimalist style anyone can apply and works with most furniture currently owned.

modern minimalist artistic living room

19 Retro style

A unique design living room with white walls and red ceramic tiles; the artistic layout includes one large wooden sofa, a tall blue floor lamp, and a geometrical art piece tied visually with the area rug, both in shapes and colors.

We can see that there are plenty of figurines and knick-knacks on a large shelf next to the painting, but the muted colors make it visually disappear.

minimalist small apartment hot pink lving room

20 Feminine living room corner

For small apartments or living rooms facing a balcony, this mid-century style living room has a rounded sofa in deep pink colors and thin golden legs, and this looks matches with the coffee tables and floor lamp; the large monstera plant adds a pop of green that perfectly matches the sofas.

minimalist japandi white and black living room

21 White room

An essential approach to minimalism, an all-white living room with minimal decor in black, I get Japandi vibes from this design. There's not much else to say about this space, it's quiet and peaceful if you want a safe bet or don't want to spend too much on your living room, yet this is a perfect choice.

minimalist apartment living room wooden walls and black sofa

22 Minimal Apartment

Another simple minimal design adds two coffee tables and a black sectional sofa with a lounge. The area rug defines the area and works to dictate the decorative color palette, which includes cream, light blue with small touches of mustard and pink.

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minimalist living room in white pink and light blue

23 Cozy nest

The soft colors combine perfectly with the textures, and invites you to relax and unwind, the color palette in grey and pale rose matches with the faux fur rug.

minimalist living room and kitchen ikea furniture

24 Small home living room

A small living room is near the backyard, which receives plenty of natural light, minimalism is a good option for these floor plans, and the grey living room balances with the white kitchen.

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minimalist cozy cabin living room with natural wood and plants

25 Garden

This beautiful living room is ideal for a house in the outdoors; the sloped ceilings allow plenty of natural light and nature inside, replicated with the live plants and natural pieces like walls, beams, stairs, and coffee tables.

minimalist modern large home living room dinning room and terrace

26 Large living room

If you are lucky enough to own a large home like the one in the photo above, you can use a neutral color palette to tie the entire piece together what I would personally recommend, because there are too many spaces visually together. We want to achieve a harmonious feel.

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minimalist masculine bachelor apartment living room

27 Bachelor living room

This apartment living room uses plenty of natural wood on the floor, and the brown leather couch gives the masculine touch, another example of a simple yet effective palette (white, grey, and brown).

The accent and decorative touches include the snake plant, the two paintings, and the large grey area rug.

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minimalist rustic white living room with plants

28 White rustic look

For those looking to renovate a rented space but don't want to spend fixing walls, a coating of white paint over the exposed bricks give a rustic and clean look; the sofa doesn't have to be new either, using a large blanket can help achieve a particular look picking the right colors.

minimalist modern grey black and white living room

29 Small living room

Another great example of small living rooms in apartments making the most out of light colors to give a classic and elegant look, the bone-white walls contrast beautifully with the bright wooden floor, the grey area rug ties the sofa with the glass coffee table, and the geometric pattern stools, the abstract picture ties with the stools and throw pillow.

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minimalist and vernacular white living room with plants and traditional area rug

30 Minimalist and vernacular

wanted to place this photo last because I feel minimalism is a style that can mix and match with other styles.

A white living room only has two focal pieces the grey sofa and the beautiful and colorful area rug. In most styles, this area carpet would face either clash with the entire room (glam design) or compete for attention, among other decorative pieces (maximalism).

The beauty of minimalism is that the clean and white design will present you with the perfect canvas to gracefully display your favorite pieces.

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30 minimalist living room ideas

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