10 minimalist questions to start your journey

10 minimalist questions to start your minimalist journey

Ask yourself these ten basic questions as they will shed some light into those areas of your life that could benefit from minimalism.

Minimalism focuses on living with the things you need, leaving the rest behind to allow you time to do what fulfills you mentally, physically, and emotionally. Leaving behind is not just about material items. It can also be memories and people who consume our energy.

If you feel it's time for a wind of change in your life, ask yourself these10 questions as they might be the first step to start your minimalist journey.

1 Are you always running out of money?

minimalist never run out of money

One of the most significant issues we tend to face living in a consumerist society is quickly running out of money or living in debt for years or even decades.

Since minimalism preaches spending less on extra things, you will focus your money only on what adds value to your life. After some months, you will see how your savings account organically starts to grow because more money is going in than out.

If you want to see more growth, you can also lookup for a high-yield savings account. For more information about money and minimalism, read this article with six tips minimalists use to manage their money.

2 Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning and organizing you have to do?

minimalism how to get rid of clutter

Its no secret that most people who are curious about minimalism are looking for a way to put their house together.

We are creatures of habit, and it is normal if we get used to storing things. Still, there will be a point that all those things will become unmanageable, to the point where you will feel that cleaning, organizing, doing laundry, etc., is a never-ending cycle. You postpone many objectives you want to achieve for months or even years.

The solution is simple, you have to start decluttering, or you will never take a deep breath and relax in your home, follow this link to read about 25 things you can begin decluttering right now.

3 Do you waste your time doing things you don't want?

stop wasting time doing things you dont want to

Minimalism is not just about material things but also time, and time is more valuable than money as we all know, do you waste your time doing something you don't like? You don't have to go to the mall with that friend who wants your opinion on which outfit suits her better, or attend all those baby showers invites.

You have to be a minimalist with your time the same way you are with your belongings, just accept those activities that interest you, or help you grow, saying yes to everything is saying no to yourself.

4 Did you bought something you dislike and don't know what to with it?

impulse shopping how to stop it

A clear sign of impulse shopping; when you go to the mall and grab so many clothes, you start struggling to carry them to the cashier, feel that adrenaline rush as you pay, and the excitement to go home, unpack everything and store it.

That's pretty much when that good feeling fades away. After a while, you feel guilty about those purchases; this is a dangerous path as some people get in financial trouble because of their impulses, taking their credit line to the limit and not paying it off.

It is necessary to change your shopping habits and look for other activities or hobbies, going shopping when you are bored is a recipe for disaster.

5 Do you feel there's something wrong with your current spending habit?

stop wanting a bigger house

Are you always looking to upgrade your correctly working smartphone for the lastest one, buying more clothes, shoes, accessories, and getting home decor for every season/holiday?

You are buying more storage to keep all those things, upgrading your car as soon as your debt is over, and wanting a bigger house just for its sake.

Our consumption model is fast and impulsive as mentioned in the previous point. We are not aware of all we already own and are never grateful to own them because we are always on the hunt for the next best thing.

This consumption model is terrible for our life and money and the environment; the amount of daily resources required is draining the planet at an increasing speed.

6 Do you have a hard time saying goodbye to sentimental belongings?

get rid of sentimental belongings

We all have those things, gifts from ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, old greetings cards, photos of failed friendships, even school stuff like notebooks and art. Sentimental belongings are physical and emotional clutter, especially if particular sentimental possession brings painful or sad memories.

I'm not saying to get rid of everything, but be mindful of what is worth it. It's not easy, but the best thing you can do for yourself is to get rid of those sentimental belongings that tie you to the past.

7 Do you have trouble getting rid of everything else?

declutter perfume collection

Maybe your issue is not just sentimental clutter but pretty much everything, old appliances boxes, pens without ink, broken or mismatched socks, empty perfume bottles, etc. You know those things have to go, but somehow, you keep holding onto them.

Let me tell you if that just in case did not happen in the last year; it's time to say goodbye, you are using it as an excuse to not deal with it. And minimalism is the best tool to start doing that.

8 Don't you know what to wear most of the time?

Even with a closet and dresser full of clothes you struggle every day picking an outfit, I've been there. Before minimalism, I developed a system where I would choose an outfit the night before; otherwise, I would waste too much time in the morning.

When we own too much, it becomes harder to pick as we have too many options, not just an outfit issue. You waste valuable brain energy on something completely useless; this is called decision fatigue; you can read more about it here.

Applying minimalism to your wardrobe is one of the best things you can do; many Youtube videos teach how to do it.

This way, most of your outfits will always match what you pick, and don't worry, you won't be just wearing white, black, and grey, but the colors you like and flatter you.

9 Do you always receive bad gifts?

nice restaurant instead of material presents

For your birthday or any holiday you might celebrate like Christmas, we always receive those bad gifts, ill-fitting shirts, or perfumes that make us nauseous. It is essential to gift as we want to be gifted.

Instead of material things give and ask for experiences like eating at a nice restaurant, going to a movie or a theatre play. Most of the time, I give gifts cards; this way, the person can choose what they want and saves me the fatigue of searching for a gift.

10 Do you spend too much time on your smartphone?

woman wasting time on the phone

Have you ever been there? You decide to check your smartphone because a notification pops up and then jumps to Instagram to check what everyone else is doing, update your Facebook, and watch some random Youtube videos before realizing 2 hours have passed. You have not done anything you had in plan.

Think of all the things you could have done in that time, exercise at home, clean the house, meal prep, do the laundry, take your dog for a walk, or work on a side hustle, we are talking about valuable time wholly wasted.

My suggestion is to activate only the relevant notifications. Secondary apps, like games, should never have enabled notifications.

Now that you have the answers, its time to begin your journey.

With these answers, you know what areas you need to work and benefit from a minimalist perspective.

You might have also noticed how minimalism has a positive impact on so many areas of your life. You don't have to do everything at once; choose the ones that you feel the most comfortable with first, and once you have mastered them, move onto the next one.

There are no right or bad roads as they all lead to the same goal; it is entirely up to you and your lifestyle, the important milestone is the beginning of your journey.


If you have any questions please write it down below and I'll answer it as soon as I can.

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10 minimalist questions to start you journey