10 minimalist rugs that will fit any space

ten gorgeous area rugs for a minimalist design

Minimalist design is clean and bright, but sometimes it can feel cold, I have shared in the past ideas to twist minimalism to mix with other styles, one of my favorites is cozy minimalism.

We blend the functionality of minimalism with a warm and personal touch that gives the coziness, a great piece to add such detail are rugs.

And not just for cozy minimalism, a beautiful minimalist rug with the right colors can enhance any decor you want to accentuate.

Here I share ten minimalist rugs I currently love on Amazon.

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1 Hampstead abstract by Luxe Weavers | 2 Tellis Frieze by Unique Loom

3 Bohemian chic vintage by Safavieh California | 4 Moroccan by nuLoom

5 Premium shag collection by Safavieh California | 6 Vintage Oriental by Safavieh California

7 Modern abstract by Home Dynamix | 8 Adirondack collection by Safavieh California

9 Bohemian by Artistic Weavers | 10 Alayna Abstract by nuLoom

Moroccan area rug by nuLoom

I want to start this list with an elegant yet simplistic rug, this Moroccan inspired rug designed by nuLoom showcases a soft geometric design in grey against an off-white background, this modern look will fit most interior designs as it features two neutral colors.

It is made of 100% of polypropylene, so this is a no-shed pet-friendly, and easy to wash the rug, the fact that the material offers plenty of longevity makes this area rug perfect for high-traffic areas.

This design is available in different colors from blue to multi-colored, you could use one of the many options to style a minimalist boho idea if you wanted to. Furthermore, the rug is available in over 15 different sizes and shapes.

What I love about this rug:

  • Available in different colors

  • Available in different sizes and shapes

  • Gorgeous geometric pattern

  • Easy to clean and maintain.

Modern abstract rug by Home Dynamix

I am in love with this area rug, seriously! The abstract design is beautiful and calming, reminds me of two things the sea and a sand zen garden.

This area rug designed by Home Dynamix features three primary colors off white and accents in blue and black. It is available in rectangular and circular shapes with six different sizes (smallest is 3'3"x4'3").

Made with polypropylene fibers, it will feel very soft under your feet; the material is easy to clean and maintain, I can see this area working on a minimalist room with navy blue accents on throw pillows or wall art to create a stark contrast against the white background, it can also be used on a modern, japandi, scandi or boho design.

What I love about this rug:

  • Gorgeous abstract design.

  • Bold accent colors.

  • The rug is easy to take care of.

  • Available in different sizes.

Premium shag collection by Safavieh California

A more classic look for those who want a timeless rug that will fit with any decor. The premium shag collection by Safavieh California is available in 21 colors (check to list for color availability). My favorite is by far, this warm ivory color.

The ivory combined with the plush 2" thickness soft texture gives the area rug a luxurious and cozy vibe, perfect fit for a bedroom or a nursery. Still, it can certainly work in any space you desire.

The rugs are made in Turkey and almost don't shed, but even if they do, don't worry as that tends to happen; after a year, the shedding stops.

A perfect style to match a minimalist, modern, contemporary, cozy, boho, or glam styles.

What I love about this rug:

  • Made of polypropylene.

  • Different colors available, ivory looks sophisticated.

  • A thick rug that feels luxurious for a fraction of the price.

Hampstead abstract by Luxe Weavers

Here is another abstract area rug option; this time, instead of swirls, we have a patched pattern in similar white, black, and blue colors.

You can find this area rug in four different sizes and five color combinations (beige, blue, ivory, gray, and multi-colored).

The rug is made of synthetic materials, which makes them an excellent choice for homes with pets, vacuum regularly, and use soapy water to clean dirty spots.

Perfect rugs to decorate a minimalist space with contemporary, industrial, or modern influences.

What I love about this rug:

  • Easy to clean.

  • Available in different colors and sizes.

  • Perfect for homes with children or pets.

Adirondack collection by Safavieh California

If you want a cozy vibe while maintaining a clean, minimalist look, then a thin rug with a hint of color is the ideal solution, these rugs are great for people who want to decorate but can't commit to frequent cleaning.

This modern area rug by Safavieh California features a classy ombre color (there are eight color options, check listing for availability). You can get this design in square or round shapes.

A perfect match to a minimalist room that will help you create boho, contemporary, rustic, or vintage vibes.

What I love about this rug:

  • Made of polypropylene.

  • Elegant and simplistic design.

  • Luxurious, timeless modern ombre color.

Bohemian area rug by Artistic Weavers

Here is a bold option for those who want to achieve a boho look without having excessive decor items or patterns, I would say this rug fits a marriage between boho and minimalism, which is possible even though they seem polarizing styles.

The soft beige area rug provides a classic and timeless look and is available in ten sizes and two shapes.

Made in Turkey with polypropylene fibers, it is easy to clean but always pay attention when vacuuming as this rug has a lot of texture where dirt could get trapped, and as the manufacturer advises, don't use powerful vacuum machines as they could pull out the threads of the rug.

The long thick threads give an elegant and comfortable feel to the rug.

What I love about this rug:

  • Perfect for minimalist with boho influence decor.

  • Elegant beige color.

  • Long-lasting material.

Alayna Abstract area rug by nuLOOM

It is time to add some color to the list, and what better color than a calming blue, the different shades of blue reminds of when the ocean waves crash against the shore, what a stunning design.

You can quickly grab the colors featured on the rugs to select other decorative pieces, like in the picture above, where the abstract painting mimics the carpet and gives visual continuity to the room, also note how the leather couch in navy matches the darkest spots of the area rug.

Made of low pile polypropylene available in black, this is an ideal rug for homes with pets as vacuums will be able to pick any fur or dirt.

You can get this rug in fifteen sizes and two shapes, perfect to give a bold pop of color to any room and create a focal point.

What I love about this rug:

  • Vibrant color.

  • Beautiful sea-inspired design.

  • Perfect for homes with pets.

Vintage Oriental by Safavieh California

Here is another option with color; in this case, a soft distressed vintage oriental rug in ivory and light pink, the color in real life is between one to two shades lighter, so it will work even better a minimalist decor with a subtle hint of color.

This rug will work great on a room with classic, boho, or vintage; the flower design would look stunning on a girl's bedroom, match this rug with gold accents for a luxurious look.

The rug is available in ten different colors and a large number of sizes to place this rug in a small apartment bedroom or a large living room.

The non-shedding rug is made of polypropylene with low pile, so cleaning and maintaining it will be easy.

What I love about this rug:

  • Beautiful distressed finish.

  • Subtle flower pattern.

  • Easy to clean material.

Bohemian chic vintage by Safavieh California

My final color pick for an area rug that could work on a minimalist style, this bohemian design by Safavieh California, features a vintage pattern in bright distressed colors such as blue and mustard with hints of fuchsia.

An elegant looking rug made of non-shedding polypropylene, this stylish rug is kid and pet friendly, very easy to clean with a vacuum.

The bohemian style rug will fit a minimalist home with different styles easily, such as vintage, boho, modern, or rustic.

What I love about this rug:

  • Charming and elegant color selection.

  • Ideal for those who want to add some color to a mostly white room.

  • Easy to clean material.

Tellis Frieze by Unique Loom

The final selection is also a light color, I love white and ivory for area rugs, they look so crisp and open up the room, the geometric pattern in gray pops against the ivory.

This modern rug works great on high-traffic areas, made of polypropylene with low pile, is perfect for homes with children or playful pets, super easy to clean (although I wouldn't go for ivory in that case).

You can find eleven different colors; a dark gray is an excellent choice for homes with pets and children; this rug is attractive on minimalist decor with modern, contemporary, retro, or mid-century vibes.

What I love about this rug:

  • Modern design.

  • Perfect for those who want to add decor but keeping the minimalist vibe.

  • Easy to clean material.


I hope you guys enjoyed my picks, before finishing my post I wanted to share some useful tips on how to place an area rug, this will help you buy the right size.


The usual place where we see rugs is below the bed; when placing the carpet, it should be in the middle, but the nightstand should not touch it; the recommended sizes include 5'x8', 7'x10', and 9'x12'.

Dining room

When purchasing an area rug for the dining room, always go for a low pile model, as you want a rug that is easy to clean.

Recommended sizes include 7'x10', and 9'x12'.

Living room

As this is a space where we share and chat, the area rug should work as the glue that holds everything within a space.

For that reason, all the sofa and chairs in the living room should touch the rug, at least the front feet, a rug too small won't look right.

Recommended sizes include; 5'x8', 7'x10', and 9'x12'.

General recommendations:

  • When purchasing an area rug, always ask what kind of fiber it is made of.

  • Keep in mind that low pile area rugs are easier to clean and work better for homes with children and pets.

  • Be careful when vacuuming rugs with high pile, as you might accidentally pull out the thread.

  • When searching for an area rug, keep in mind that if it doesn't include anti-slipping rubber on the bottom, you will have to buy it.


I hope you found some inspiration with the best area rugs that can work on a minimalist home in this curated selection!

If you have any questions, please write it down below, and I'll answer it as soon as I can.

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