10 off the wall minimalist decor ideas

minimalistic wall art decor ideas

There is a misconception about minimalism being a design style lacking personality, monotonous, and dull walls.

Even though some essential minimalist does like this bare style, it's not the norm. There are plenty of minimalist interior designers who consider minimal room decor in both color and decoration to make the space visually attractive.

If you decide to decorate your home with a minimalist approach, you will achieve a timeless look.

It will be both functional and elegant, where white is the main protagonist, and the natural finishes of wood and stone with some color accents and plants help create a balanced style.

Here are some photos with ideas on how to decorate your spaces and links to similar decorative objects.

1 Geometric figure

minimalistic black and white geometric wall art

A simple yet intricated and stunning way to dress your walls, this decor style uses 2d lines and creates 3d shapes; there are wall art pieces that are 3d if you want to achieve more texture.

2 Galaxy

minimalistic galaxy constellations wall art

There's something so beautiful and mysterious about space and all the secrets we have yet to discover. If you love astronomy or anything related to the area, this wall art is an excellent choice.

You can even customize the galaxy art to match a special occasion like a wedding or the day your other half.

3 City doodles and graphics

minimalistic modern mid centure city art

If you love your city or love learning about other countries and famous buildings, this is a great way to add a lot of colors and creating attractive focal points.

4 Abstract art

minimalist elegant modern abstract wall art painting

A safe bet for those who are not sure about what kind of art to hang: you can use the colors from the painting to create a palette and apply it to the rest of the room like in the photo above or chose the classic black and white minimalist abstract art, which will go with most styles.

5 Maps

minimalistic white map wall art

There are plenty of city and country maps to choose from; the best ones are in white and black or golden for an elegant touch like the one I've selected in the banner below.

6 Circular and geode drawings

geode minimalist wall art

These beautiful shapes are natural treasures; the gorgeous patterns and colors can be an incredible inspiration to decorate your space.

7 Architectural drawings

minimalist building artistic photography wall art

For people who love architecture, building design and photography, art and aesthetics pictures for walls like those in the photo above are a nice decorative touch with soft colors.

You can also hang aesthetic picture wall collages to create a room theme around a city, an architect, or famous buildings; the sky is the limit.

8 Monthly planners

minimalist big calendar monthly planner

Great to use in the kitchen or a study, these large planners and magnetic boards are an excellent way to decorate but are also functional and will help you keep track of duties and appointments.

9 Flower art

minimalist pink daisy flower art

For those who love nature and gardening, flower art brings a lot of colors, and if you match these art pieces with a vase with natural flowers, your room decoration will be complete.

If you want a flower wall decor to choose a wall art with few colors like the photo above, it will be easier to create a color palette to decorate the rest of the room.

10 Wall hanging

artisan bohemian woven minimalist wall decor

A stylish way to dress your walls and woven wall hanging decor pieces is a nice bohemian or vernacular touch.

If you want to be bold, use fabric wall art as the focal point. There are some beautiful colorful wall hanging decor pieces inspired by pre-colonial native American cultures like Inka or Maya, or you can choose a vintage Turkish or Persian style.


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10 minimalist ways to decorate your walls


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