10 best minimalist wall shelves

ten best minimalist wall shelves

I like of having a home that is filled with more of the essentials and less of the superficial things, but of course, living with just bare basics is not for everyone, neither do I, I guess we try to do our best to balance both things, having the things we need and also the things we love.

As a minimalist, you tend to own less, so why not display them beautifully to help decorate your room. I love the idea of wall shelves. A minimal design with different vibes is great fits to any interior design.

And they are decorative pieces and functional; you can use them to place your office supplies, work-related items, or books.

If you live in a small place and struggle to organize things, take advantage of the vertical space, hanging a shelf frees floor area to place your couch or desk.

This is a simple list with a selection of some wall shelves I enjoy and hope you do.

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1. Comfify Rustic Wall Shelf | 2. Omysa Floating Shelves | 3. Omysa Hanging Shelf

4. Y&Me Shelf & Drawers | 5. Greenco Cube Shelf | 6. Kate & Lauren Octagon Shelf

7. WGX Design Shelf | 8. Kingso Wall Shelf

Soduku Floating Shelf

First on the list are these two set floating shelves from Soduku, ideal for the bathroom or kitchen, as one shelf features a towel rack.

The set is made with a metal frame and towel rack painted in black. With two pinewood planks, the manufacturer offers five different colors to choose from; natural, carbon, white, brown, and gray; pine is both humidity and heat resistant.

The shelves measure 16.53 X 5.83 Inches, and the set includes the tools to install it, the towel rack can be placed below the wooden plank or separate.

If you have limited space, these will come in handy, I find them particularly useful in the bathroom, as the shelves can be installed next to the sink to have access to the hand towel.

Depending on the color, you can incorporate the design into a farmhouse, rustic, or scandi design.

WGX Design Shelf

The next shelf is excellent for both industrial and minimal designs, it is made of metal pipe and wood planks, the set is only available in the black with a natural wood finish.

The shelves are customizable, so even though the instructions provided will guide you to build the shelves as the picture above.

If you are creative or love DIY projects, you will love this concept of building shelves as if it was a puzzle to fit any space you require additional storage.

Omysa Floating Shelves

If you are looking for a modern twist to your shelves, these two set floating shelves are an excellent option; the shelves are made of black painted metal structures with a matte finish and natural pine wood planks.

The clean lines highlight the modern vibes that can also work perfectly on a minimalist or japandi room. The set includes an instruction manual and tools to install the shelves quickly.

Each shelf measures 17.5 x 5.25 inches; they also offer a 30-day return warranty.

Wundenhom White Shelves

There is nothing better than white shelves for a minimal design, with clean lines and simple design, they are great for any kitchen, bathroom, or any room you like, made of MDF great non-toxic material.

The set includes three shelves and the installation kit; there are two colors available; white and natural. They also measure 4.7 inches depth with different lengths 11.8, 15.7, and 19.7 inches.

The design features rounded edges and a smooth finish, which protects against accidental bumps and scratches.

Kingso Wall Shelf

A modern and simplistic shelf with a clean circular shape and three shelves, the creative shelf is a decorative piece and a perfect fit for a bedroom, study, or living room to organize and decorate to display lightweight objects.

The structure is made of iron with anti-rusting coating, and the wood planks feature a rustic natural finish, The shelf measure 19.6 inches of diameter, and 7.4 of depth.

The set includes the circular metal frame, three wood plans, and the installation kit.

Omysa Hanging Shelf

This simple and modern hanging shelves will look gorgeous on a minimalist decor and a perfect fit on a rustic, scandi, japandi, boho, or contemporary room.

The shelves include everything need to install right away, the shelves are made of pinewood, and the seller provides hangers and rings in three colors (black, brass, and gold) to match any decor, such a small but thoughtful detail.

The hanging shelf measures 36 x 17.5 inches. So this is a narrow shelf but is perfect for an unused corner or the small wall next to your sink.

Greenco Cube Shelf

The Greenco shelf is a beautiful geometric shape intersected piece, a decorative piece on its own.

The rack is available in the following finishes; espresso, gray, and white, have to note that both espresso and white feature a new 2020 version, so the shade might be slightly different.

The perfect piece to decorate a living room, dining, bedroom, or study, the espresso shelf is quite bold. I think it would also fit a man minimalist bedroom or bathroom.

Some people don't hang the shelf but instead place them as table shelf and looks just as good, don't put these shelves on the bathroom as the humidity might damage the wood.

Y&Me Shelf with Drawers

When I saw this shelf, I thought it was such a brilliant idea (kudos to the person who created this), I mean, it is so simple yet so effective, the shelf can help organize or decorate, but the drawer is perfect for those little objects you don't want to show.

Place this shelf on your entryway, and it is the perfect spot to hide your keys, wallet, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, masks, or in the office to store mail to sort later temporarily, its a genius idea to make the place look nice and tidy.

The shelves are available in two colors, black and brown; each shelf measures 12 x 5 x 2.6 inches.

You don't have to assemble just install it to your wall, it arrives with an installation kit and an instruction manual, and if you don't want to mount it to your wall, it is the perfect counter organizer just pile them up.

Comfifiy Rustic Wall Shelf

The next shelf is by Comfify; this geometric shelf reminds me of a honeycomb, a lovely shape made of paulownia torched wood with a rustic finish.

Available in rustic white, rustic blue, and rustic brown, the blue, in particular, is a beautiful pop of color that would look amazing on a scandi style decor.

You can decorate a minimalist, rustic, farmhouse, boho, and scandi style bedroom, living room, kid's room, and even a nursery.

There is assembling required; you have to install it to your wall with the kit provided, once the shelf is sitting against the wall all the hardware will stay hidden, giving you a clean minimal look.

Kate & Laurel Octagon Shelf

My last pick for a minimalist shelf is this beautiful design by Kate & Laurel, perfect for an elegant minimalist decor of the living room, bedroom, or office, and I could see this as the ideal for a white and gold minimalist home office concept to place some plants and some office supplies.

The metal frame is painted in a gold finish, and the shelves are made of MDF in a contemporary white, other similar options include black, brown, and gold, but this particular design is the one that would fit a minimalist decor the best.

The shelf stands at 30.5 inches tall, while the top and bottom shelf are 13" long, the second and fourth 27.25 inches, and the middle shelf is 30.5 inches, the depth of each sheld is between 6 and 7 inches.


Hope you found some inspiration with the best minimalist shelves in this curated selection!

If you have any questions please write it down below and I'll answer it as soon as I can.

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10 best minimalist shelves

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