What Minimalists do with Money?

what minimalists do with money

Want to learn the ways minimalists manage their money and how do they spend it? All information in this article.

I have talked in a couple of previous posts about money and minimalism, one is the difference between minimalist and cheapskate and the other is 6 minimalist tips to manage your money.

I may have talked briefly about things a minimalist might do with money but I want to dive deeper and explain all the things a minimalist can do with that money that is no longer being wasted on superfluous stuff.

Minimalism and the need to work

minimalist work and when to quit

One subject many people who are curious about a minimalist lifestyle is if working is considered a priority because minimalism preaches living with the basics, most full-time jobs would be considered unnecessary as we don't even require that much cash to pay for our needs.

I can't talk about all minimalist but I want to share some of my thoughts on this matter with you.

Success is not equal for everyone

We all have different views and goals about success, for someone success could be owning their dream car and home but others could see this as something with little to no value which doesn't spark any interest in them.

In general terms for a minimalist success is choosing and maintaining this lifestyle, because they want to reduce their waste and impact on the environment, they find more value in non-material things, they want to save money for their early retirement or to invest, they want to challenge themselves or want to stop working for others and focus on their personal growth, the reasons vary from person to person but fulfilling their reasons would be deemed as a success.

A minimalist lifestyle is difficult, especially in the beginning, as it requires plenty of motivation and focus, its easy to get carried away because society is engineered in a way where consumerism is presented to us as a daily routine.

Learn to value things properly

minimalist important things

As I wrote before, minimalists are not cheapskates, as a matter of fact, they are on the opposite side, minimalists do not seek to spend less but spend better.

Minimalism is not about saving money for the sake of it or hoarding things for that just in case moment that never seems to come. Minimalism is a simple lifestyle that anyone can adapt to their current situation no matter their economical situation, because its all about satisfying your real need and saying no to those wants that always seem to creep, that may carry bigger issues, like unpayable debts or a false sense of personal value through things.

This is not about throwing away all your belongings but saying goodbye to those things that do not make a positive contribution to your life. The sooner you learn that attachment to things is unhealthy the better you will be able to see those things that have to go.

In the end, you will learn that minimalism is not about saving every single penny you have, its about becoming a wise consumer, a good way of switching our perspective to make the best purchases is thinking of whatever we want not as money but time and effort, because with time and effort you receive money which then you exchange for that thing you need.

Minimalists and money

minimalist money

Minimalism is a great lifestyle to help you out saving money but the truth is minimalism is not about spending less or living with the bare minimum. That is a minimalist superficial way of seeing it.

Minimalism teaches you the real value of things in your life and to get rid of those things that don't, this is why minimalism is so personal as we all different values and passions.

A minimalist buys almost the same things compared to normal people, the main difference is they do not succumb to impulses, a normal person would buy their groceries and some candy bars that were on display at the checkout while a minimalist would just stick to the groceries list.

If you think that a high paying salary is a reason you buy a lot, check out these ways minimalists use their money.

1 Saving

minimalist savings

Minimalists tend to become very good at saving money because it comes naturally when you stop impulse shopping. A minimalist does not receive money to spend it right away, they set priorities, and this way they are capable of properly managing their funds. The savings could have a goal like an emergency fund, early retirement, or just saving as there is no need to spend said cash.

2 Personal growth and experiences

minimalist hobbies

Some minimalists seek financial independence to growing personally and do those activities they always wanted to.

So paying for courses they are interested in, is something they might do, like painting, gardening, blogging, or anything they feel curious or passionate about. They are paying for something but at the same time investing in themselves.

3 Charity

minimalist charity

Some people say that they will give to charity when they have a money surplus but when will that be? it's difficult to trace a line like that.

For a minimalist is easy to reach a point where they earn way more than what they spend, for minimalists with humanitarian interests, helping out others in a difficult position is rewarding and fulfilling, they might even create personal charities to tackle certain issues they are concerned about.

4 Traveling

traveling minimalist

Minimalists will not waste too much money on things but they surely will on trips, as they value them much higher.

You might work to buy plenty of material things but the truth is when we die we can't take those things with us, but our life experiences will go with us, all those little happy moments and memories that were an important part of your life and made you who you are.


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what minimalists do with money