5 scandi style decor principles

These finish design dining chairs are sturdy, and their modern yet warm vibe go with any style, the seat cushion is comfy and resistant, ideal for families with children.

As we well know, the Japandi style is the fusion between the Scandinavian and the Japanese style. Before this fusion, the Scandi style had a lot of popularity until today, because of its clean and open manner.

Do you know what furniture or decorative objects you need to achieve a scandi style in your home?

There is a bit of a mismatch between the Scandi style and the Swedish Ikea furniture, but it does take inspiration from this style.

The Scandi trend has much more history; it emerged in the 1930s, almost parallel to the modern mid-century style in the United States.

And it should be noted that both styles have many similarities such as the use of wood with natural finishes, organic forms, and the emphasis on functionality over aesthetics, this is why both are interchangeable.

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There is a big difference between the two styles, while the modern mid-century emerged with a more aesthetic purpose; the Scandi style was a style that responded to a need of the Scandinavian countries.

These countries, so close to the North Pole, have the peculiarity of enjoying very little natural light in autumn and winter, so light colors were the most logical option to bounce the low natural light available.

In addition to this, cold and harsh winters are typical, so using natural woods provides warmth and comfort.

These two fundamental characteristics have made the Scandi style so attractive because it is slightly rustic due to wood use. At the same time, functional and clean lines create a pleasant balance between warmth and practicality. It offers a contemporary style for those who want to adopt a minimalist design that does not look austere or cold.

Here are five principles and suggestions on how to incorporate the Scandi style into your home.

1 Natural light

As I mentioned previously, the Scandi style makes the most of natural light; it is rare to see curtains as they block the passage of light.

Of course, this is not possible for everyone, considering that curtains give us privacy depending on where we live.

If you can avoid curtains, do so, if not possible, instead of using heavy and dark curtains, opt for white and lightweight fabrics.

Allow plenty of light or the popular window roller shades in white; these are ideal because when rolled up are hidden visually apart that cleaning and maintenance are easier.

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2 Colors

The primary color is white because it seeks to provide as much light as possible to space.

Use white on the walls and ceilings; you will serve as a canvas on which to work and have the advantage of allowing the change of furniture and accents and will always look good.

The color palette includes other pale shades such as pink, gray, turquoise, and sometimes dark accents such as navy blue are applied.

The last colors are the ones from the woods of the furniture and natural plants; if incorporated as part of the decoration, there is more information about the best plants for minimalist homes in this article.

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3 Natural wood

Wood is the Scandi style star, and it makes sense since woods alone can be decorative elements.

An excellent place to start is the floor; you can put natural wood or laminated tiles, rugs are accepted, but only to cover areas like the living room, limit the wood to the floors, and incorporate it in furniture and decoration.

The woods to achieve the Scandi style are the light ones like ash, pine, birch, beech, spruce, chestnut, maple, light oak, white oak, bamboo, to mention a few.

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4 Clean lines and space

A key to achieving the Scandi style, think of spaces free of clutter and clean, where the view can go through every corner of your home and feel serenity and harmony.

In this aspect, Scandi approaches minimalism; it is crucial to organize, but even more important, to get rid of everything you do not need, it is also essential to clean.

It is essential for the Nordic people because they need those peaceful spaces where they will stay for long periods during the winter. This concept is equally vital for people who do not face extreme climates if they want to achieve peace of mind.

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5 Thoughtful accents

It is unnecessary to fill our house with ornaments to make it feel cozy, just choose a few well thought out pieces, and it will be enough.

Among the decorative objects that I would personally use are rugs, houseplants, paintings, natural flowers, and candles.

Always taking care that the accents do not collide with each other, and there is harmony in the selection of colors. I suggest one or two that match for accents. Usually, I use a cushion if it has patterns or colors, and then I take the palette for the rest of the decorations.

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Want to implement this style in your home? Here are some of my favorite products and some tips.

Yara Scandanavian Abstract Geometric Blue & Mustard Yellow Area Rug 7'10" x 9'10"

If you add this rug to a living room, you can take those colors to find the other accents, in the carpet I picked the accent colors are mustard and blue, so include those two colors in wall art for example.

As an extra tip when you pick an area rug, make sure it is big enough for all your sofas and accent chair to be inside the carpet, at the very least the front legs.

Christopher Knight Home Francie Fabric with Oak Finish Dining Chairs

These finish design dining chairs are sturdy, and their modern yet warm vibe go with any style, the seat cushion is comfy and resistant, ideal for families with children.

Rivet Revolve Modern Upholstered Reversible Sectional Sofa Chaise

Sadly, I couldn't find a photo with a white or cream color, which I would pick personally, but on the link, there are many colors available, including those.

The photo is an excellent example of the Scandi style, the rug doesn't cover the entire floor, and the color matches the pillow and brick wall while the sectional sofa matches the wall print, exactly what you want to achieve with your decor.

Round Pouf Foot Stool Ottoman

This accent ottoman goes perfectly with the Scandi style, the grey color is a subtle accent, and the texture adds a lot of richness to space.

Green Leaf Hand-drawn Canvas Wall Art

Easy to hang high quality leaves print for any room in the house, like a bedroom, living room, kitchen, or study. The artwork is framed and ready to hang.

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Decoration Pillow Covers Supersoft Linen Cushion Covers

Baxton Studio Sorrento Mid-Century

A mid-century style accent chair, but as mentioned earlier, both styles can be combined and are compatible.

Merino Large Chunky Knit Blanket Thick Wool Blanket

Well Woven Mandy Blue Modern Geometric Zigzag Stripes Pattern Area Rug

Blue Forest Mountain Range with Trees Landscape Wall Art

Neutral Painting Dala Horse

Livinia Canberra Dining Table Four People

Rivet Sloane Mid-Century Modern Sofa


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5 scandi decor principles

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