5 scandi style decor principles

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Are you curious about the Scandi style?

This warm, minimalist look comes with natural wood finishes that guarantee a cozy and stylish atmosphere.

Although this trend emerged nearly 100 years ago, it’s still seen as one of the most timeless designs around today; just take inspiration to get your own signature version going at home.

Despite their differences, both styles share many common characteristics.

They both employ wood with natural finishes, incorporate organic forms in the design and prioritize practicality over visual appeal – you might even say they’re two sides of the same coin!

scandi style

The modern mid-century style may have been about looking good, but the Scandi style was born of a deeper necessity.

In Scandinavia’s dark, cold winters with little natural light to go around – adopting bright colors and wood materials were essential for comfort at home.

This unique mix of rustic earthiness combined with contemporary design gives this much sought after Scandinavian aesthetic its warmth & functionality; perfect for anyone in need of some cosy practicality!

Natural light

Embrace the wonders of natural light with Scandinavian style – curtains are rarely seen!

Sure, they give us a bit more privacy in certain living situations, but if at all possible go without.

And if you must use them..opt for lighter and airier fabrics or window roller shades in white; these look great when rolled up and make dusting simpler than ever before.


If you’re looking to light up your living area, white walls and ceilings is the way to go!

Not only will they serve as a blank canvas on which you can work with furniture or accents; but pale shades like pink, gray, turquoise – even bolder colors such navy blue – make for great home decor too.

Pull it all together by adding wood elements from furniture pieces and natural plants – we’ve got just the article if you need tips finding those perfect minimalist touches.

Natural wood

scandi style

For Scandi-style home decor, look no further than wood – it’s the star!

Showcase your wooden accents in furniture and decoration for a cozy ambiance.

Natural or laminated flooring is also an excellent choice; rugs are acceptable but should be tastefully used to provide pockets of warmth without taking away from that inviting forest feel.

We recommend lighter woods such as ash, pine, birch and bamboo for creating this nature-inspired atmosphere.

Clean lines and space

Get ready to take a journey into the world of Scandi-style minimalism!

It’s time for an extreme cleanse; if it doesn’t bring you joy, bid it goodbye.

This approach requires organized spaces free from clutter that promote feelings of tranquility and harmony as views stretch across every corner.

Wintery Nordic friends know this concept well but anyone can benefit from these harmonious havens – perfect when your soul needs some peace and quiet!

Thoughtful accents

There’s no need to clutter your home with knick-knacks, just pick a few carefully chosen items for that cozy feel.

To give it some character, why not go for the classics—rugs and plants evoke nature; paintings introduce artistry; fresh flowers bring life into any room; candles provide ambiance–all without taking away from each other when used thoughtfully!

Take care also in choosing colors so they blend harmoniously together.

One trick I like is using one standout item as inspiration (e.g., a cushion) then selecting complementary decorations afterwards – simple yet effective!

Want to implement this style in your home? Here are some of my favorite products and some tips.

scandi rug

Indian White-Beige Scandinavian rug

When it comes to sprucing up your living room, the accent rug is an important part of the equation.

Choose a hue that suits your style – olive and maroon are popular choices! Befriended by furnishings?

Make sure you measure appropriately so there’s enough floor-hugging surface area for all those friendly faces down below.


Solid Wood Dining Chairs

These chic dining chairs are the perfect marriage of modern style and durability – ideal for family dinners.

And with soft, cushioned seats that can withstand any stampede, you’ll be well equipped to entertain guests in comfort!


Chaise Sectional Sofa

It seemed like the perfect photo for Scandi-style decor: rug, sectional sofa and a pillow that complement each other in an impressive combination of colors.


Wool Round Pouf Ottoman

If there’s one thing this picture shows is that you don’t need white or cream when styling – just pick your own palette from the various options available!

This accent ottoman, with its stylish Scandi look and sophisticated grey hue, is the picture of perfect refinement.

Its texture brings out all kinds of richness that will have your space looking luxurious in no time!


Large Vertical Wall Art

Transform any room in the house with this stylish leaf print, crafted to live up to your high standards.

Give it a unique touch – whether that’s hanging it above the couch or adding some flair to your bedroom: no matter where you choose, its handsome frame will make sure all eyes are on the guest of honor!

Nesting Coffee End Tables

Decoration Pillow Covers Supersoft Linen Cushion Covers

Merino Large Chunky Knit Blanket Thick Wool Blanket

Blue Forest Mountain Range with Trees Landscape Wall Art

Livinia Canberra Dining Table Four People

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5 scandi style principles

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