7 tips for a minimalist bathroom

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Here I share seven tips to make your bathroom a minimalist refuge for you or your whole family. A relaxing, calm place that will feel like a spa.

The bathroom is one of those versatile home spots; it can be used by one person or an entire family. The decoration can be overdone or straightforward, so there are bathrooms with a modern or more natural touch.

This list starts with the things everyone can do and ends with the most elaborated changes that probably involve hiring skilled workers.

1 Keep the bathroom clean

white clean minimalist bathroom

A basic, but it is necessary to mention it; the bathroom, along with the kitchen, is two of the spaces of the house that get dirty the fastest because of how much daily use they receive.

If your bathroom has white tiles, it will be more noticeable what I recommend is to do a quick daily cleaning.

Which includes cleaning the mirrors, I like using a solution of white vinegar and water, the sink, if you have a vanity too, the shower or bathtub, and the floors.

Cleaning is one of the crucial steps for minimalism as it brings calm and harmony.

2 Fewer products and objects

skincare and beauty products

Before minimalism, I used to have many personal hygiene products that were spoiled, body washes above all, in my case, it was a massive waste of money for two reasons.

First body washes can last a reasonable amount of time; with a loofah, the amount of body wash needed is little. Second I bought too many and did not want to throw them away, so unconsciously, I was using double or triple the amount in each bath to finish it, so in the end, I was still wasting product and money.

I recommend you to check all your cabinets, take out all the products and group them by categories; shampoo, soap, dental products, toilet paper, shaving products, medicines, etc.

Start checking all the expiration dates and throwing away everything that has already expired. Additionally, you can open each bottle or jar and smell the products. If it has a strange fragrance or the texture has lost consistency, it is most likely spoiled.

Beauty products usually do not have an expiration date like medicine or food, in those cases, it has a jar icon with the lid open and a number followed by the letter M, that is several months, this means that the product will be ok for the number of months printed in the jar icon after opening it.

If for some reason, you can't even remember when you opened that body lotion, it's best to throw it away and avoid a visit to the dermatologist.

Finally, once you've cleaned up your bathroom, don't buy too much. I understand that certain products are better bought in bulk, such as toilet paper or toothpaste because we use them faster.

But when it comes to other products such as body wash, shampoo, deodorant, or perfumes, only buy a replacement when the one you currently have is already gone or very close to being gone.

3 Improve your organization

minimalist organized bathroom drawer

Some bathrooms are more significant than others, but the truth is that you don't need a huge bathroom with lots of storage to keep them all tidy and handy.

Once you have cleaned up the bathroom items, you have to organize them. If you have storage under the sink, you should try to place everything here.

I suggest using rectangular baskets to organize the products by category, shower, dental, fragrance, etc. There are also retractable shelves on the market that take advantage of the verticality of the cabinet.

The towels can also go here if there is room, if not stored in a dresser or a linen closet.

You can use a slide-out cabinet like this one.

4 Transparent glass jars to decorate

white minimalist bathroom with glass decorative vases and jars

It is unnecessary to fill the bathroom with objects to decorate it, but I would dare say that the restroom is one of those spaces where you should avoid decoration as much as possible.

The bathroom's humidity tends to damage the decorative items, depending on their material. Apart they will complicate the cleaning; there is nothing more desperate than trying to clean the bathroom fast but have to move everything around to do so.

A decorative and functional option is the glass lid jars, in the market, and in them, you can store cotton and gauzes, among other things. Even if you use hand soap, a glass liquid dispenser will serve as a decoration, especially if your soap has an attractive color.

The good thing about glass is that humidity won't damage it, and cleaning is effortless as it is a smooth surface to make it even easier to choose objects with no nooks and crannies.

A set of glass jars like this one would look great on any bathroom.

5 Bathroom plants

minimalist design idea with white sink and green monstera plant

In the same line as the glass jars, another decorative element you can incorporate is plants.

You should take some aspects into account; depending on the design of your bathroom, the light, ventilation, and humidity will vary.

Some plants like humid spaces and with little light, but I always advise that the bathroom has some natural light entry or the plant could die.

If your bathroom is small, you can have a glass vase with a small lucky bamboo, if you have a large bathroom you can incorporate a snake plant.

If you want to read more about interior plants, read this article.

Check out this snake plant that can be placed on a bathroom corner.

6 Big mirrors

This concept applies to most rooms in the house but takes on greater importance in the bathroom. Using large mirrors bounces the light, giving additional illumination.

Besides generating the feeling of a larger space, this is key for small bathrooms in apartments. Cleaning big mirrors is more complicated. I recommend a quick daily cleaning without going into details and deep cleaning once a week.

This big mirror includes white LED lighting to brighten the bathroom.

7 Lighter colors

white minimalist bathroom with wooden floor design tips

For a minimalist bathroom, not everything has to be white, although a classic minimalist design staple is not a must.

If you don't want your bathroom to have that hospital sterile feel, you can try mixing white with other colors.

A great way to make this mix is to put the white tiles on the walls and light grey tiles on the floor to contrast. Or put all the white tiles and accents like the vanity in a wood finish.

A vanity with a deep rich wood finish like this one by Fresca is a great example to give warmth to a white bathroom.


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7 tips for a minimalist bathroom

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