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Photography by: Light Locations

What sets apart Edwardian architectural house design from Victorian houses is their roomier spaces; they also feature wider hallways and more windows; another difference is the front yard to separate the house from the sidewalk, giving more privacy.

These differences are what make most Edwardian houses so easy to re-imagine with a minimalist concept, as they offer the perfect background for such a change, giving the house a new breath of life.

Photographed by the studio Light Locations, this house is located in the Barnes district, a converted space close to the Thames river and the Mutton pond; the district still keeps its British architectural charm even when it is quite close to the center of London. For this reason, the changes aren't noticeable from the exterior.

For the full tour and information on the house, please visit Light Locations.

Photography by: Light Locations

Upon entering, we are welcomed by the main hallway and stairs to the second floor; the all-white walls help visually expand the space, the light wood tiles make a gentle contrast.

The door leading to the home office is made of glass with black metal frames; this trick allows the room to feel bigger and bring more natural light from the home office.

To make the entry feel cozy, some details have been added, like the stairs running rug in neutral colors.

To create contrast, we see decorative pieces in rustic or natural finishes such as the worn metal texture from the ceiling lamp and round mirrors, and the wooden clothes hangers and wall clock.

Photography by: Light Locations

As we open the door on the first floor to the left, we enter the home's central area, which features a small living room, kitchen, and dining room under an open space concept.

The small living room and kitchen area have mount ceiling lights, and the same floor tile from the hallway continues here to give a sense of fluidity to the home.

The barn-style doors save space by sliding and providing more light thanks to their glass panels and thin metal frames.

The living room features a single large off-white sofa, two side tables, and a small leather ottoman; the decoration is simple to balance the dining room, using a patterned blanket, strings of white faux feathers, and a large ceramic vase.

Photography by: Light Locations

The main kitchen accent is the large island in black with a matte finish; there are a secondary sink and an induction stovetop with a hood.

To the side, there is a table ideal for breakfast, quick lunch, or to entertain guests while cooking; above the table, three ceiling lamps help virtually separate the kitchen from the dining area.

Photography by: Light Locations

The cabinets are white to mix with the wall, there are almost no handles to create a cleaner look, and the counter and backsplash are made of a single large marble slab, the bigger sink, and ovens are installed to this side.

Photography by: Light Locations

Photography by: Light Locations

Photography by: Light Locations

The dining room offers the best view inside the house; the picture windows open up to the large yard, letting the greenery be the space's decorative piece.

The massive dining table can seat ten people comfortably and is a bold accent piece balanced with the simple chairs in white and thin wooden legs.

Photography by: Light Locations

The sideboard is a rustic finish piece that creates a strong contrast compared to all the furniture in this open space, breaking the pattern and giving personality to the design.

The decor on the sideboard features glass vases, jars, and paintings all reminiscent of plants and flowers to create a visual bond with the yard.

Photography by: Light Locations

The dining room's opposite wall has a barn-style door that isn't see-through because it leads to a small home office.

Photography by: Light Locations

The home office has no furniture except the chairs; since it is a narrow space, it made the most sense to build a table along the wall to obtain a large working area. There are three focal point lights fixed to the wall and three wall outlet plugs.

The opposite side has a wall-mounted library and shelving in white to mix with the walls.

Photography by: Light Locations

The home office design includes a sleek window nook, and all the surrounding area is storage space, which cleans up nicely when all the doors are closed, perfect for hiding all the office supplies and electronics that create visual clutter.

As this narrow room has the advantage of opening up to the yard, the window is big to let plenty of natural light in.

Photography by: Light Locations

The patio features concrete tiles and metal furniture; there is a grill area with storage space for logs and other grilling equipment.

Photography by: Light Locations

Thanks to Light Locations for the photos, don't forget to visit their website to view the full house tour and more.


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