What isn't minimalism?

There are many ideas about minimalism, either minimalistic design, and lifestyle, I want to focus on the lifestyle in this article.

Some people believe that being minimalist equals being a cheapskate; others think living with pure essentials.

I don't think minimalism should be labeled as a one and the only path; owning less doesn't necessarily mean you are minimalist.

We all are at different stages of our lives and have passions, values, and beliefs that differ from others; that's what makes us unique; there can't be someone else exactly like us.

With this perspective in mind, I want to write about minimalism to stop the confusion and learn how to make minimalism work for us instead of forcing it down our throats.

Here are 6 things that are not minimalism

Is not living with a set amount of objects

The first idea people tend to have when trying to switch to minimalism is getting rid of everything.

We get carried away with this idea at the beginning because when we look at minimalist home photos or watch minimalist YouTubers (who I also love to binge watch), we see, in some cases, perfectly curated homes with pure essentials; everything is neat and tidy.

This is great, but there's no way it will be a realistic lifestyle for everyone; many of these minimalists are single or don't have kids, which helps cut down possible extra clutter.

If you can't achieve their low level of possessions, don't worry, being a minimalist is not defined by how many things you have; if I have 200 items and you have 250, I'm not more of a minimalist compared to you.

So throwing everything away won't make you a minimalist; instead, try to keep those items that add meaning to your lifestyle.

Even if others would consider it clutter, we are all different, and there is an undeniable truth in that.

If you are interested in learning about some things that can be easily decluttered, click here.

Is not living in shortage

A minimalist doesn't live in shortage. Even when minimalism can become a great tool to hold on unnecessary expenses when dealing with a debt or save money, it is not about living in precarity.

Minimalists don't live in shortage; instead, they enjoy the abundance of the things they love, or that add value to our lifestyle; it can be material like books, art, even a nice ceramic mug, or they could be intangible things such as health, financial freedom, or the trip of your dreams.

Minimalists are not cheapskates, and I have talked in extense in this article, this is a common misconception. Minimalists will happily spend their money on things aligned with their priorities, needs, values, or beliefs, or they can enjoy buying gifts for others to show appreciation.

If you want to know more about what minimalists do with money, check out this article.

Is not stop purchasing

There is absolutely nothing wrong with purchasing things; there is no point in life if we can't enjoy our money while still alive.

Always keep in mind to make a conscious buy in something that will add value to your life; the good thing about minimalism when it comes to non-consumable objects is you tend to buy less frequently so you can indulge in getting the best quality you can afford, which also means the item you get will either last longer.

You will be more careful and caring about it so that you will spend less money on replacements.

Don't forget to be aware of any lousy shopping habit you might have to stop you right before you fall into the store's tricks to make you spend more than what you budgeted.

Is not a sacrifice

This ties in nicely with the two previous points I made, minimalism doesn't want you to sacrifice or stop getting the things you genuinely love.

If you feel you have to get rid of something, you love just because it doesn't align with a minimalist concept, don't.

Minimalism is not a guilt trip; what we have to learn is to take steps to change our habits in the long run, remember minimalism is a change for the rest of your life, not a short phase.

Is not a decor style

I love minimalist design and decor, but let's not forget that even though lifestyle and design can go hand by hand, they don't have to, and is not a requirement.

As I mentioned before, the curated minimalist homes we see are amazing but not a must, a clean house with white walls and furniture with simple lines looks excellent, but you can have your home however you prefer as long as you feel at ease in your space.

Is not a trend

The last 5 years have been incredible for minimalism; society becomes more aware of our impact on the environment and how we contribute to a healthier economy.

If you want to learn more about the positive impact of minimalism in the environment, read this article.

Minimalists learn to stop quick gratification and model their life through their values, instead of what society tries to dictate.

But unlike boho bedrooms or neon color outfits, minimalism is not a trend even when it is perceived as such; this is a lifestyle born from Buddhism, where once you start seeing the changes both around you and from within you, it will be hard to let it go.

So let's resume what minimalism is

Minimalism is a lifestyle where we stop uncontrolled consumerism and instead focus exclusively on the things we love and align with our values.

Even if said things are not deemed minimalism, we have to fit minimalism into our lives in a way where it doesn't feel forced, or we have to make sacrifices.

Minimalism is life lessons for the rest of your life that will help you be the best version of yourself by pushing your focus and energy on the things you are passionate about.


If you have any questions please write it down below and I'll answer it as soon as I can.

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