Why can minimalism make you rich?

When we think of wealth, our first thought is probably directed towards money and expensive objects; the truth is, when it comes to minimalism, cash is the last thing you should think about, as wealth is not always related to the green bills.

If you were to live in a world where money doesn't exist, then what is wealth? For a minimalist, wealth can do what they genuinely love, anything that brings them joy, money is a tool to help you achieve specific goals.

Materialism makes you poor

In every sense, we live in an era where consumerism is through the roof, even though cable TV is losing ground (especially among younger generations).

Social media is a new ideal place for companies to push their products; here come the influencers who show many material possessions. The people who are glued to their portable devices are constantly exposed to new temptations.

In a way, social media is even worse than regular cable tv, as people are now exposed all the time to materialism, whether they are taking the metro to their job or while lying in bed.

minimalist wealth is more than money

But, materialism is not real wealth; it's merely an intelligent way companies make you think that you can access the same level of happiness and success through their products.

Understanding the real value of things is the first step to becoming wealthy for real; objects cost you money, which keeps you from improving financially (in some cases always in debt), and the clutter in your space will eat your time.

The things you hold will also hold you back; you spent money purchasing that item but now also have to take time to clean, store and organize, and even if you decide you no longer want that thing, it will also consume your time to get rid of it.

Minimalists dislike clutter for a reason and are simply because clutter keeps them from achieving their actual goals and happiness.

minimalism time and money

Money can't buy time

Even the wealthiest in the world can't buy time, and that's why time is the most valuable asset you have, you can always improve your economy and generate more financial wealth.

But once the time is spent, it's gone for good; minimalists understand the importance of this asset, so they will try to allocate the most time they can to do what they want.

Of course, we all responsibilities and during the week, everyone must use some time to do essential chores and take of themselves.

But don't let unnecessary chores clutter up your day; when you have too much stuff going on, you neglect yourself.

Minimalists reduce possessions to free up more time and use it on things that matter, whether it is a hobby or a project they are passionate about.

minimalism to become rich

The hamster wheel of life

Have you ever wondered that every day feels the same? Society teaches us that to succeed, we must work a lot, and in a way, dictates and model how we should be and act.

This way, most people end up chasing the next best thing, paying off their debt, buying more stuff, having more debt, always looking for a bigger home, the latest smartphone, etc.

And they are never pleased.

It's so easy to fall into this trap, where each day becomes automated, and there's almost no space left for things you care deeply about. Living chained to a wheel stops you from growing outside the little square box where you are placed in.

Routine is not necessarily bad, but we have to learn that life is too short to waste it thinking about superficial stuff.

minimalist small office without clutter

Less clutter, less stress

Along with time, health is another valuable asset that, in some cases, money can't buy. Clutter and excessive possessions can affect your mental and physical health.

On a mental level, clutter is a stress trigger for most people; if you arrive home from an exhausting day at work, do you want to enter a tidy or cluttered home? A house should be treated as a little oasis where you relax in a pleasant environment, and clutter won't help achieve that.

Physically, clutter makes cleaning tedious and complicated; this is why most cluttered homes tend to have more dust as more items need to be moved around and cleaned. Dust can create respiratory problems for some people (especially those who are allergic or suffer from respiratory conditions.

Clutter can also lead to accidents where something can fall and hurt anyone.

minimalism and gratitude

Practice gratefulness

One can never indeed be rich when they are always looking to buy the next best thing; instead, instead of being envious of what others have and you don't practice gratefulness.

Whenever you see someone driving the car of your dreams, be grateful for your vehicle; even though it is not the latest model, it takes you anywhere you need to.

Instead of wishing you had the new iPhone with another camera lens and larger screen, be grateful about your iPhone 10; even though it doesn't have the latest tech, it works perfectly fine to cover all your needs.

See, it's easy always to wish to have something else, and somehow that's part of our human nature, but try to control those urges, think of how lucky you are, and appreciate all those things in your life, even the smallest ones.

minimalism and money

Money comes last

Once you become more focused on the other types of wealth, you will naturally be more grateful for what you have and might try to declutter your home by making a garage sale or selling some stuff online.

Now you are not only wasting less money on things you don't need, but also you are making some of that wasted money back, spend less, and increase your savings account, which can use to achieve a real goal like traveling or using it to invest and make money work for you.

Minimalism is the best tool to become rich in every sense of the word; many people would love to be in a position such as yours, living happily with less and financial stability.


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why can minimalism make you rich