Why start at Zero Waste

We have been hearing about climate change for a while now, and I believe it is a severe matter; consumption keeps increasing rapidly, which consumes many resources and creates huge amounts of waste.

Humans are depleting the little resources on the planet, destroying environments, and reducing wild animals' natural spaces.

Climate change feels more like a reality, and even though it is sad to see, we still can do something to move the scale the other way.

Even as individuals, we can reduce waste and save the planet for future generations; as little or insignificant it might feel, greatness can be achieved when many contribute.

If you want some reasons to motivate you to live more sustainably, I want to share some benefits to you, your finances, and the environment.

The first and most important benefit is the environment; we want to create a better place to live for all; waste takes up space that could be better things than landfills such as parks or natural reserves.

Not only do you reduce your consumption of single-use items, like the ones made of plastic, you also contribute to reducing the demand for such products, thus reducing the carbon footprint necessary to manufacture them.

You become more aware of what you buy and its impact on the planet; you will easily spot what things you might be buying regularly that are difficult or impossible to recycle.

It's the natural next step for a minimalist; minimalists can choose this lifestyle for different reasons; they may not want to own as much, have less stuff to clean, reduce their consumption, and save money or enjoy the minimal aesthetic.

Regardless of the reason, all minimalists can become zero waste quickly, as their mindset is already programmed to consume less and only but for what's necessary.

Becoming zero waste saves money by purchasing reusable items and repurposing others like empty glass jars to store leftover salsa or food.

You will eat much healthier, as zero waste people tend to avoid plastic wraps and packages on their foods. They will lean more towards less processed items, such as fruits and vegetables, which improves their overall nutrition quality.

Better nutrition increases your overall health and reduces the risk of getting sick, extending your life and reducing doctor visits.

You will feel happier, as becoming zero waste creates a sense of doing something good for you, your community, and the planet.

You can even become a zero waste influencer to motivate your family and friends to try this lifestyle, and if they enjoy it, they could also influence their close ones, creating a larger network.

When we talk about the zero waste movement, many people assume that they contribute by recycling. Don't get me wrong, recycling is great, but we must tackle the root of the problem first, which is the excessive consumption of hard to recycle products.

Recycling is a natural part of how we deal with waste, but first, we have to reduce it as much as possible; the less you have to recycle, the better for the environment.

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7 reasons why zero waste is important