Tips to clean and organize a zero-waste fridge

The most used appliance has got to be the fridge, whether you cook or not, the refrigerator is used many times over a single day to grab some drinks or snacks.

A cluttered fridge is a chaotic and unpleasing sight not just for minimalists but for everyone; there's no better sensation than opening up a clean and organized fridge.

Besides, keeping an organized fridge will help you eat better as you will be less likely to order take-out food, as you will use up most of your food, reducing waste along the way.

Even though cleaning and organizing a fridge isn't the most exciting thing to do, you can do it once and then do a monthly maintenance routine.

Check out these tips to keep your fridge organized and clean.

Steps to clean and organize your fridge

Some of the benefits of keeping a tidy fridge include making your time in the kitchen efficient, saving energy, reduce food waste, thus saving money.

1) Empty and clean your fridge

You can't create an order without going through the mess, empty your fridge and freezer. It's essential to do this step because you'll also take advantage of this to check out all your food and toss all the items that are either expired or look bad.

To clean your fridge and freezer, use a microfiber towel with soapy water (you can also search for natural cleaning recipes with vinegar on Pinterest). Then, clean all the interior, taking special care of corners tends to gather the most dirt.

2) Organize your food

Now that your fridge is clean and you have the food to store, it is crucial to do it correctly. Most fridges have different cold areas; usually, the top spot is the least cold so that you can store things like yogurt, butter, and eggs.

The middle and lower section has the best cooling system and is optimal to store meats and fish. An extra recommendation is to buy food without plastic bags or wrapping as little as possible to reduce waste.

Always keep food with the shortest expiration date to the front. This way, you'll be reminded to use it before it goes bad.

3) Use the fridge drawers

Most fridges feature drawers at the bottom; this space is ideal for fruits and vegetables. It is important to read how to store each product because they all have different requirements properly.

Avoid storing produce like tomatoes, potatoes, bananas, and onions in the fridge; they keep better at room temperature.

4) Organize your fridge door

All your bottles should go in this area, from drinks to sauces. The good idea is to place what you use the least frequently in the most visible area, and this is to remind you to use the product before it expires.

5) Get yourself acrylic organizers and glass containers

To organize your food and save leftovers, it is necessary to have some acrylic organizers and BPA-free plastic or glass containers.

Acrylic organizers such as; egg containers and storage bins are an excellent addition to your fridge, while glass containers are great to store any meat or food leftover. I included plastic containers in case you have children.

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how to clean and organize your refrigerator

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