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  • Want to Sell your House Fast? Consider these 3 Options

    A good look at the housing market can make you cringe. If you are a buyer, it’s even worse as it’s believed that we are still in the midst of a seller’s market. But it doesn’t mean sellers like you are guaranteed a free ride in this inflation-challenged housing market. Of course, even with the presence of a market that favors sellers, you may sweat to sell your home fast. To ensure you don’t, you’ll need to adopt an approach that can give you the edge in the current troubled housing market. Here are three common ways to sell your home fast. 1. First option: Request an all-cash offer It's common practice to pay for a home with a mortgage. However, if you are eager to sell your home fast, you'll need to consider cash offers for the house because listing a home is quite slow, and many factors may hinder the process. These factors include: The time required to get an offer Homes aren't sold like garage sale items. It takes an average of 55-70 days to sell a home in the U.S. Of course; you expect a much longer timeframe for homes in rough conditions. With cash, you don't have to wait for 55-70 days to sell your home. Instead, you can ask for an offline offer and receive feedback in 24-48 hours. Some buyers may make an offer that may change after assessing the home, while others will make one offer on the spot. Will the buyer pay cash or be prequalified for a home loan? Based on data from 2021, 87% of recent buyers financed their home purchases. But, even if you spruce up your home and stage it appropriately, a seller doesn't have control over when a buyer’s loan will close. Expect this step to take more than a month before you receive your money. However, if you decide to sell your home for cash, the process is fast and smooth. The house buying company— who makes cash offers for house—pays you the full amount in cash without involving a lender. It’s a win-win situation for you and the company. How do you sell for cash? Here is a summary of how selling for cash works. ● Make a contact ● Receive a preliminary offer ● Have your home inspected ● Get a strong offer ● Closing starts ● Payment is made Easy process, right? Of course, that is what you get when you sell for cash! 2. Second option: Sell your home fast with the help of a professional real estate agent. Another way to sell your home fast is by leveraging the services of someone who knows the nitty-gritty of the housing market and can ensure that you get the best value for your home. They call these professionals real estate agents. Real estate agents understand the current market well. They can help in negotiation and paperwork, and, best of all, can help ensure that your home is sold at the right price. Unfortunately, not all realtors boast of the skills required to sell a home fast, so ensure you go for one that is qualified and has a proven track record of selling homes quickly. Here are five crucial factors to consider when selecting real estate agents: ● Strong market knowledge ● Good knowledge of the neighborhood ● Good reviews ● Have the right credentials for your needs ● Have your time 3. Third option: Sell your home yourself As scary as this may seem, selling your home fast is possible. However, to do so, you need to adopt the right approach. You see, only 7% of sellers sell their homes themselves, and just a few end up selling their homes fast. To ensure you are part of this bandwagon, you'll need to market your home properly. You can consider listing it on Zillow or an FSBO-focused site. You'll also need to do some work like cleaning, decluttering, and personalizing. Afterward, turn your focus to your curb appeal while ensuring that you make all necessary repairs. Conclusion Selling your home is easy, but selling it fast—at an acceptable price is the hardest part. While the three options provided above are effective in fast-tracking the sale of your home, selling your house for cash remains the easiest way to fast-track the sale of your home.

  • Crucial Things to Know Before Requesting a Flooring Estimate

    Cost is a significant factor if you want to replace or install a new floor. Part of planning for the project is getting estimates from several contractors. A flooring estimate includes the cost of materials, labor, processes, and other things. Here are three common factors in a flooring estimate and things you should know before you ask for the estimate. Crucial Factors in a Flooring Estimate Before the project begins, you must have an estimate indicating the amount of money you will pay. A complete estimate must contain various factors, including the three discussed below. Project Duration A contractor evaluates the project, and you need to know how long it will take to finish the job. Therefore, you must ensure the project's duration is indicated in the estimate. Scope of the Project This is basically the nature of the project . If you are installing epoxy flooring, the estimate must indicate the scope of work, from removing the old one to replace it with the new one. It should also indicate the costs of both the removal and installation. Extra Expenses A contractor should also consider the extra expenses in the flooring project. If you need extra expenses like heat insulation or soundproofing, their expenses will be included in the estimate. Things You Must Know Before Requesting the Estimate Requesting an estimate means the contractor must evaluate the site to know what is needed and how long the project will take. Therefore, before you request it, here are vital things to know. Does the Company Charge for the Estimate? Before you ask for an estimate, confirm if the company will charge you. This is vital to confirm before the experts show up to assess your place. Charging is a way contractors use to know if you are serious. It also helps them avoid wasting time. Therefore, contact several companies to know how they go about it. Is the Company Licensed and Insured? You can DIY a flooring project, but you risk doing a messy job or damaging your house. You can also injure yourself. So, hiring an insured and licensed contractor is best to save yourself from liabilities and injuries. So, confirm insurance and license before asking for the estimate. Does the Flooring Have a Warranty? Contractors who believe in the quality of their work back it up with a warranty. The warranty ensures you get free repairs if a problem arises within the warranty period. Therefore, ask for proof of warranty before you get the estimate. It will protect you from additional expenses in the future. Can the Company Give References? The contractor you are about to hire for your flooring needs must provide evidence of their work. Therefore, ask the company to give you contacts of their previous clients so you can confirm the quality of their work. An excellent company will be more than willing to give you the references. Final Words When having a flooring project, asking for multiple estimates from different companies is thoughtful. The estimate must indicate the project's scope, duration, and extra expenses. However, before you call the company to assess the site and give you an estimate, there are vital things you must know. We have discussed four of them to help you get the best contractor.

  • 6 Ways To Beautify Your Yard On A Budget

    Beautifying your backyard doesn't need to be costly and time-consuming. Some inexpensive designs and projects can turn your yard into a beautiful outdoor retreat. So, if you're on a tight budget and you still want to give your yard an awesome retouch, then this post is for you. Read on to find out ways to beautify your yard on a budget. ● Build an outdoor gas fireplace Nothing beats sitting back and relaxing while enjoying the warmth from a fire on cool nights, and an outdoor gas fireplace can be a great addition to any yard. An outdoor fireplace can give you a sense of adventure within your home. You can also spend the weekend night catching up with friends and family at the fireplace while gazing at the beautiful night sky. These fireplaces offer versatile gas inserts so you can build around them and create an option that suits your terrace or garden design. Additionally, you can choose from insert or free-standing outdoor gas fireplace and also the option of using natural gas and LPG. ● Vertical gardening If you want to beautify your yard, then a simple idea will be to do vertical gardening, and there are several vertical gardening that you can explore. Vertical gardening means using vertical space for growing plants. You can consider vertical gardening if you are searching for yard ideas on a budget. They use limited spaces and are budget-friendly since you might use recycled material such as old plastic bottles to make them. ● Plant inexpensive perennials Perennials usually return with colors every growing season. You would save gardening time and money since you will not buy and plant yearly. Some perennials include cone flowers, lavenders, hydrangeas, daylilies, hostas, and asters, ● Trim things Having bushes, trees, and plants can give your yard life. However, it might become overgrown when you cannot keep an eye on them. So to beautify your yard, you must ensure you trim tree branches over your neighbor's yard or close to your home. It would be best if you kept the hedges at good and consistent heights. Cut vines which creep over your fences. You can use a band saw or clippers to handle most of the trimming world. Additionally, you could also get a cordless rechargeable trimmer for use. ● Use inexpensive lighting Outdoor string lights are another way to beautify your yard. The soft and ambient glow can turn your patio into a cool summer hangout. There are several affordable lighting options that you can choose from, such as twinkle lights or the more modern clear globe lights. Though globe light strands are slightly more expensive, they are more durable than twinkle lights, and you can easily replace the bulbs. When you have picked the type of lights you want to install, you should be creative in using the lights. ● Set down mulch Setting down mulch on your gardens and serve various purposes. For example, a thick layer of mulch can make weeds harder to grow in your yard. It can also protect your plant roots from sun destruction during summer. Besides, good and dark mulch can help grow the colors of your flower petals. Mulch is quite affordable and is an excellent investment in beautifying your yard. Final Words It can be a lot of work when you own a home. It can even be costly, especially if you own a big property. However, irrespective of this, you can make your yard beautiful even when you are not an expert horticulturist at landscaping or are on a strict budget. The tips mentioned above are all you will need to get started.

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