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    • Minimalist boho bedroom decor ideas

      The terms minimalism and boho or bohemian chic are opposite sides of an interior design spectrum for many. Still, with some smart tips, anyone can pull off a minimalist boho bedroom. Minimalism loves bare spaces with clean lines and neutral colors, and decor is usually scarce, but all the pieces chosen are exceptionally curated. Boho distinguishes itself for embracing natural earth tones, softly layered textures, and either rustic or vernacular patterns. Both styles can somewhat agree on the use of plants as decoration and a palette of lighter colors (although this is not always the case in boho). Taking those basic concepts from each interior design style, we can try to pull off a clean look but at the same time has some boho charm to it. Here are some simple tips to achieve it. And if you want to recreate these gorgeous looks, check out our Get The Look pin suggestion below each photo. Neutral Minimalist Boho Bedrooms photo credit: @silvana_hr.ome Use greenery As I mentioned earlier, greenery is a big part of boho decor, which also is a favorite way minimalist decorate; you can use natural or artificial plants or leafy prints on canvas or as patterns on accent ornaments like throw pillows. A simple and clean color palette can be upgraded with simple details such as a duvet cover with a black dot pattern; with the beautiful coffee tray, this bedroom becomes a small nest to relax in. photo credit: @anthropologie via @willowandjadeinteriors Embrace textures Colors such as white, cream, and browns work perfectly on a boho bedroom because it gives a warm tone but doesn't turn too loud on a room where we want to rest. The bedroom has a lot of texture when you pay close attention to the photo but doesn't feel overwhelming, the selection of colors is limited, and the textures are soft. The bed is a fluffy, almost cloud-like texture and a grey/brown area rug. Other details help complete the look, such as the prints on the wall and the wooden and brass hanging light. photo credit: @my.island.reno Use muted colors A minimalist boho bedroom decor can also use grey and black; this elegant and cozy bedroom is the perfect idea for someone who wants a more neutral look, great for guest bedrooms. The simple palette in shades of grey with black accents looks sophisticated, and the texture is added by the wall macrame, throw, and wicker bin to store extra pillows and blankets. photo credit: @gerdu.interior Take advantage of textures There is no need to add many colors to create a boho design; this simple bedroom design is still bohemian at its core, despite the muted color palette, which heavily relies on white. Instead of color, we see more texture, such as the nightstand, the soft blankets, the large ceramic vase, and the dream catcher; they all create a dreamy space. Pin This! Warm Minimalist Boho Bedrooms photo credit: @handelikoto Choose natural finishes This bedroom feels like a dream, very light but very warm at the same time; the use of soft hanging light fabric above the bed and the white duvet cover mixed with the light floors give an impression of an almost floating bed, inviting you to dream on the clouds. The boho style is reflected in tan and earth tones on the secondary furniture and decor, such as the chair, bench, and side tables. The finish is also natural, which matches with the wicker rug and the pampas dry plants. photo credit: @ourperthreno Vibrant throw blanket Are you a minimalist at heart and fear committing to a boho makeover? Don't fear; you can start with small steps; that's amazing about minimalism; it's so clean that it is super versatile. So, instead of switching everything around, try swapping plain bed sheets for something that adds a pop of color, like this marigold bed, throw blanket; you can pair it with a wicker area rug and a small plant to complete a simple yet inviting look. photo credit: @my_growing_tribe Colorful throw pillows Colorful accents are the best friend of a minimal boho bedroom; the best part is you can always move them around for a cleaner look. Pair vibrant accent pillows in warm colors like red, pink, and tan with a canvas and some wood accent ornaments against white furniture to create a space that exudes personality. Don't add too many accessories as it's easy to go overboard. photo credit: @blancobungalow Keep your walls simple When it comes to boho, you can add a lot of decor to your walls, the key to creating a boho decor with a minimal twist is adding little to no wall decor; it all depends on how much you are decorating. We see a balance between the walls and the lower part where the bed is, the macrame goes well with the bed throw, and the framed canvas colors match the throw pillows; you can use this technique to divide a room if you leave the walls bare you can place more items on the lower part. photo credit: @ando.mori Add visual interest Minimal decor doesn't mean 100% bare spaces; there's room for flexibility, especially if we try to give a boho twist. Add some interest by playing with patterns, contrasting textures, and pops of color. In this bedroom, the color palette uses white and shades of light pink; the focal point is the framed art with abstract leaves in four different bold colors and adds interest compared to the more muted colors and soft textures of the bed and ornaments. If you enjoyed this photo selection, check out my finds to recreate both a neutral and warm minimalist boho bedroom by clicking the links in the pinboards below. Pin This! Nightstand | Simple Ash Bed | Plant Hanger | Stripe Duvet Cover White Tufted Throw Pillows | Throw Pillows | Macrame | Knot Cushion Taupe Bed Throw | Botanical Wall Art | Plant | Jute Rug | Woven Basket | Candle Holder Pin This! Ceiling Lamp | Bed | Wooden Nordic Bird | Nightstand | Off White Duvet Cover Bed Throw | Pampa Grass | Framed Art Geometric Throw Pillows | Safar Throw Pillow Moroccan Throw Pillow | Hester Jute Rug | Rattan Chair If you enjoy this content, don't forget to like and share it and subscribe to my blog at the footer of the page for updates and new blog posts. Follow me on Pinterest! This post contains an affiliate link(s). As an affiliate, I may earn a small advertising /referral fee if you purchase through my link, without any extra cost to you, and it helps keep this little blog afloat. Thanks so much for your support!

    • 8 budgeting tips for young adults to think of early retirement

      Do you want to retire early or finally take that dream trip you've always been pinning on your board? Being young means having a bright future ahead with many opportunities and temptations; learn some smart budgeting tips for young adults to think of early retirement. I'm not that young anymore, and although I believe everything happens for a reason, even the bad stuff we learn. I wish I were wiser about money when I was in my early 20's, looking back. I cringe whenever I think of how mindlessly (I think most of us cringe when we look at our past self) I wasted my hard-earned money. Being wasteful taught me the importance of minimalism and intentional living. Still, I genuinely wish there was someone to teach me those things early on, and I would have saved so much by now; this is why young adults must learn these tips now when they have time ahead to let their money grow. Don't believe it's possible? Trust me; when you get into the habit of budgeting and saving, you'll never look back. If I did it in my late 20's, you can do it too, and hopefully much earlier than me! If you are a young adult, keep reading these tips to improve your finances and start growing your savings account. Budgeting for adulthood Becoming financially independent is exciting, as you can finally spend on anything you want, but with money comes responsibilities, which many are not fully aware of. For those reasons, this is crucial to building good money habits and smart decisions to create economic stability. A young adult between 18 and 30 should start thinking about saving first, regardless of how big or small the paycheck is. It's easy to waste your money on wants, and marketers know this (the exact reason why ads tend to target mostly young adults!). There's nothing wrong with spending your money on things you enjoy, but it should never be an entire paycheck (precisely what I was doing), always set an amount to save, the rest to cover your needs, and the remaining money to pay any random wants. Most young adults do this the other way around and never have any money left. Starting to save early will help you grow an emergency fund, a way to pay off any student debt, or to begin investing. Why is it so important to start financial planning as a young adult? As I mentioned saving as early as possible will make the most of your money over time; if you choose a high-yield savings account, your money will create compound interest, which will keep growing over time. 1) Get rid of debts faster One of the main reasons people can't grow financially is debt; it's crafted to keep you down always, in some cases paying off only interest rates. Eliminate the anxiety by budgeting and using the leftover money to pay off the debt as soon as possible; it truly is a freeing experience to know you are a debt-free individual. 2) Emergencies won't hit you as harder Life is a rollercoaster; it has it's highs and lows; we can plan out everything, but life will always throw curveballs at you. 2020 has proven to be the case, where so many people lost their jobs and source of income, budgeting and saving helps long term to overcome those unexpected events. 3) Prepare you for more responsibilities Nobody can start saving some months before they want to buy something expensive, you might not have too many expenses now. Still, your future self might have more ambitious plans; budgeting in your 20's or earlier will remove some pressure from future payments. These small actions will create a natural habit to save and invest, turning them into a natural part of your financial life, learning from an early age to manage money wisely. 4) You can still afford the lifestyle you want Budgeting for adulthood doesn't mean you have to cut off doing fun things; after all, your 20's are the best time to explore and discover while not having major responsibilities. If you are smart and create a spending plan each month, you will be surprised at how much you can do; this is where minimalism plays a huge role, as you know what you want and will focus your resources on that instead of impulse buys. Budgeting and tracking each dollar will help you locate your money on things you want to do like scuba diving in the Bahamas or paying for a photography course; the world is your oyster. 5) Use minimalism as a smart tool to save more money effortlessly. These budgeting tips work for anyone (so if you aren't a young adult, you can also apply them). Take note of these simple tips to create good budgeting habits, especially for young adults. Hopefully, you feel inspired to start budgeting; check out these budgeting basics for young adults. 1) Keep track of your income and expenses Make sure to write down for a month how much money enters versus how much leaves. First, gather all your income sources and write them down; if you have any random income that is not frequent, write it on a separate list. If the income fluctuates, create an average. On a different list write down all your expenses for one month, it's easier to write everything down each day before bed, this way you won't forget all the small costs. You can organize it however you like; some people like to categorize, for example, transportation, food, clothes, entertainment, etc. I write down the day, the name of the store, what I bought, and how much it cost; this way, I can group similar categories by the end of the month. By doing this, you will see all unnecessary expenses or things you could cut off, like random subscriptions. Use this tool for budgeting your upcoming months and for cutting off as many costs as possible. 2) Save and invest There are two paths you can take with your extra money, either save it on a high-yield savings account or invest it. There are different ways to invest; the easiest for me is the stock market, it sounds scary (and it was for me), but there are so many YouTube channels where you can learn plenty about the stock market and how to make your money grow. I'm no financial adviser, but from what I learn, if you place the money you won't need on stocks that won't disappear (think of Disney or Microsoft), long term, it will create gains much higher than the ones bank interest could give you. 3) Don't forget about your emergency fund I like having some money saved for an emergency fund (and this is why the first tip is so important to know how much you should save for 5 to 6 months if you have no income sources. In case something terrible happens, you won't disrupt your entire finances. 4) Have a goal Budgeting is essential, but it's easy to lose focus or motivation along the way; for this reason, I will always have some goal to work towards something specific. Doing this will motivate you to be more diligent about your budget. Some great examples of goals include; paying off student debt, saving for your first house, a dream trip, or early retirement. 5) Always keep track of your budget Budgeting is not a set and forgets thing; your expenses will change over time, so make sure to adjust your budget accordingly. 6) Make it realistic A budget is a tool to help you have more money in your pocket, not to torture yourself. You should still enjoy some things you like responsibly; if you find yourself struggling to stay within your limits, don't feel bad about switching it. Being honest with your spending is better long-term as you won't break the habit. 7) Don't be scared of banks Saving your money at home is one of the worst decisions one could make; your cash will be stagnant and actually will devaluate because of inflation. Research all the bank options in your area and look for a savings account that makes the most sense to you; even though the interest rates are usually low is much better than having your money hidden below your mattress. You can also google different online banks; they usually offer the highest-yield saving accounts because they have fewer expenses than traditional banks. 8) Use minimalism to help you One of the best things about minimalism is how it shapes our mind to focus only on the things we truly need or want; no more impulse buying. Besides, minimalism is just the tip of the iceberg; through minimalism, many people discover other habits to add to their life, such as reducing waste or learning new skills to repair things themselves. Owning less stuff will clear your mind and reduce your expenses; consider minimalism as a way to improve your budget by removing extra costs you don't need or use much. Best budgeting methods for young adults There are plenty of interesting methods and challenges to budget and save; I'm sharing three that will cover most people's needs. 1) Bullet journals A great way to actively follow your goals; this method is ideal for those who like to write down on a piece of paper their budgets instead of leaving them on an app. Bullet journals are flexible and allow you to organize and stay on top; not only of your finances but pretty much everything; you can be as detailed as you want using this personalized logbook. 2) Envelopes It is a great old-school method for those who prefer using paper money or those who need more control over their spendings. Store your allotted cash in each category, such as food, transportation, entertainment, etc. Any leftover money by the end of the month can go to your savings account or as a surplus for your next month's budget. 3) 50 30 20 method Ideal for those who need more budget flexibility and beginners who don't want to feel trapped by their budget. With this method, you divide your budget into three parts; 50% will be used to pay for all your needs, including; food, shelter, and services. 30% will cover all your wants such as; entertainment, travels, eating out, or parties, and the last 20% to cover your long-term financial goals. Best budgeting apps for young adults There are many budgeting apps in the market for those who need extra heps; I'm covering three popular ones; these are not sponsored recommendations. 1) You Need A Budget (YNAB) A personal finance manager that syncs with your bank account, YNAB will readjust your budget, so it works as each month expenses might change, with this app each one of your dollars will have a job, the service costs $6.99 per month, not the cheapest but the users swear by it. 2) Mint It works similarly to YNAB; it also connects to your bank account to track your purchases; you can also create budgets and set alerts when you exceed the amount. It's a free app with some pop-ups every once in a while. 3) Pocketguard It connects with your financial accounts, similar to the first two apps. Still, it illustrates your financial information by taking your spending habits to create a personalized budget. This is an excellent way to see areas where you can reduce your expenses. The monthly fee is $3.99 per month. Use these simple budgeting tips to become aware of where your money is going, how much you have left, and start saving for your future goals.

    • 17 amazing minimalist design items (November 2020)

      The year is almost over, so here's my latest compilation of amazing minimalist design items for November 2020 I've found for the past month, just like in my previous entry, this is just a fun list with well-designed items some are functional and others purely decorative. These items cover different areas such as decor, tech, games, kitchen, and others. By the end of each month, I will be creating a new list with some great finds. If you still have some Christmas gift shopping to do, this list might come in handy. Check out my past selections of minimalist design items below September 2020 Minimalist Design Items October 2020 Minimalist Design Items PIN THIS! Acrylic Chess Set | Travel French Press | Candle Holder | Oil Diffuser Alarm Clock | Tic Tac Toe | Sun Rays Wall Art | Giraffe Lamp Ceramic Planter | Round Mirror | Nutribullet | Pet Bed | Chair Nonstick Cookware Set | Pitcher | Soap Dispenser | Throw 1) Acrylic Chess Set Channel your inner Beth Harmon with a game of chess, the beautiful set made of acrylic and designed by Jonathan Adler features oversized chunky chess piece over a glossy chessboard. Check price here (Jonathan Adler) 2) Travel French Press Take your favorite pressed coffee with you, with this minimalist designed french press bottle, the double insulated wall prevents the coffee from getting cold and is the perfect travel companion ready to resist any impact thanks to its shatter-proof stainless steel construction. Check price here (Amazon) 3) Candle Holder A simple and sophisticated candle holder, the minimalistic design boosts elegance but also a Scandi charm, made of high-quality iron with a shiny silver finish, it features a wide rounded base with anti-slip and protective mat for additional safety. Check price here (Amazon) 4) Oil Diffuser Small diffuser perfect for the office or even the car, it uses batteries or a USB cable, simply drop some of your favorite essential oil and let the diffuser work its magic, the diffuser includes three pads to switch different aromas, extra pads sold separately. Check price here (Amazon) 5) Alarm Clock Simple and elegant, this wooden clock is sleek and clean with no visible buttons or plastic parts, it will look great next to your bed or on your desk. It features an acoustic sensor so it activates by voice or clapping, the LED light will beautifully shine through the wood. Check price here (Amazon) 6) Brass Tic Tac Toe Play this classic game with an elegant twist, the base is made of marble, the bibelots pieces have been sculpted and polished by hand, a unique gift for this Christmas season. Check price here (Jonathan Adler) 7) Sun Rays Wall Art Decorate your living room or bedroom with this minimalist wall art design by British artist Simon West, the chic art piece measures 18x24 inches and includes metal sawtooth hangers for easy wall display. Check price here (Amazon) 8) Giraffe Lamp Illuminate your home with this fun and artistic table lamp, created in Soho, the model is sculpted with clay and sent to Peru, where artisans produce each piece from the mold in high-fired stoneware, in a way each lamp will always be different. Check price here (Jonathan Adler) 9) Ceramic Planter To display small plants like succulents, use a minimalistic design ceramic planter like this one, the 10 inches rectangular planter includes a removable draining tray and two draining holes. Check price here (Amazon) 10) Round Mirror Beautiful simple rounded mirror, ideal decor piece for small places, to help bounce light and create a bigger visual appearance of the room, this minimalistic design includes a gold frame and a hanging chain, great to decorate a bedroom or living room. Check price here (Amazon) 11) Nutribullet A healthy diet is vital to protect our immune system and boost our well-being, for this reason, smoothies are a great healthy meal to take every day, with this nutribullet you can create different smoothies to take with you, with minimalistic design and optimal functionality. Check price here (Amazon) 12) Cat Bed Give your pet home with style, this minimalist design cat or small dog bed is made of bamboo and includes a soft round cushion for extra comfort. The modern enclosed bed measures 13.8 x 17.8 inches and offers enough space for a pet up to 10 lbs. Check price here (Amazon) 13) Lounge Chair A sleek, light, and comfortable chair to use everywhere; bedroom, office, dining room, or kitchen, the design is simple and will match any decor. It features strong and resistant plastic seating with four wooden legs, easy to assemble and stack. Check price here (Amazon) 14) Nonstick Cookware Set Don't let the design and colors fool you, this is a sturdy and durable cookware set, made of aluminum body, it heats fast and evenly but also dissipates heat quickly, the marble coating makes cooking and cleaning easy, the handles are made of wood to protect your hands from heat, it can be used on gas, ceramic, electric, halogen, fuel, and induction stovetops. The set includes three cooking utensils and two oven mitts. Check price here (Amazon) 15) Water Filter Pitcher This simple water pitcher includes a long-lasting filter that will clean 150 gallons of water thanks to its active carbon filter (ACF), improving the taste and odor of any tap water. Using a water filter pitcher will help you save hundreds or thousands on bottled water, bad for your economy and the environment due to all the waste it generates. Check price here (Amazon) 16) Automatic Soap Dispenser Nowadays it's crucial to maintain our homes and ourselves as clean as possible, hand washing is vital to prevent different diseases. For that reason any home should have a soap dispenser that provides liquid soap, the safest way to wash our hands. This automatic dispenser is equipped with a sensor to automatically release the soap. It's powered with four AA batteries which will work for three months of frequent use, it holds 11.8oz or 350ml. Check price here (Amazon) 17) Throw The Mondrian throw by Jonathan Adler is made with brushed Alpaca wool, to give your home a true luxe quality item, natural and neutral colors will mix and match with any room decor, made by Peruvian artisans is hand-loomed with one brushed-out for more fuzziness and the other woven flat. Check price here (Jonathan Adler) I hope you enjoyed this curated selection! Here are some other Minimalist Lifestyle posts you might find interesting. 7 Tips for a Minimalist Bathroom 5 Scandi Style Decor Principles Japandi the New Interior Design Trend 30 Minimalist Living Room Ideas 50 Minimalist Kitchen Ideas Best Minimalist Bedframes If you enjoy this content, don't forget to like and share it and subscribe to my blog at the footer of the page for updates and plans I'm working on. Follow me on Pinterest! This post contains an affiliate link(s). As an affiliate, I may earn a small advertising /referral fee if you purchase through my link, without any extra cost to you, and it helps keep this little blog afloat. Thanks so much for your support!

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