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  • 5 Simple steps to live with less waste

    People who start a zero-waste lifestyle soon realize how much trash they can stop tossing away by making a few changes in their habits. Although this switch may seem overwhelming at first, please don't give up! as it can genuinely benefit not only the planet but also your personal finance. It doesn't matter if you aren't perfect at first; what's important is taking the first step into creating the change we want in our life. So I want to show you five stress-free and straightforward steps to start reducing your waste. 1) Buy in bulk Although it seems to be difficult nowadays because of sanitary rules, as soon as life returns to normal, you should consider bulk buying. These stores are becoming more popular, so the prices become more competitive, the only difference is you have to take your containers or bags. At these stores, you can use paper bags, but as you progress, you'll realize that not only you should say goodbye to plastic containers, but any unnecessary container; for this reason, reusable options are ideal. You can buy once and use indefinitely cotton bags, grocery mesh bags, and glass jars for sauces or liquids. 2) Say no straws They are everywhere, especially during summer, although it does seem like an inoffensive object, is a significant waste due to its popularity. Moreover, because it is made of thin plastic, it becomes micro-plastic, killing wildlife and polluting the oceans; say no to single-use straws and get your reusable kind; silicone straws are the best option as they are bendy like the plastic ones. 3) No more plastic bottles These bottles are another massive contaminant; a single stainless steel bottle will save the planet from hundreds of bottles per person! Besides, water will taste better and much cheaper. Good for you and the environment. 4) Solid personal hygiene products Most beauty and personal hygiene products come in plastic containers in the bathroom, from toothpaste, mouthwash to body lotion and shampoo. Our entire bathrooms are covered in plastic! Luckily there are zero-waste alternatives to this issue. Nowadays, you can get solid shampoo and soap with minimal paper or cardboard wrapping, toothpaste, and mouthwash in reusable glass jars and compostable bamboo toothbrushes. 5) Start recycling You might already have achieved this habit, in some cases, because of your city rules. However, having a good recycling system at home will make your life easier and reduce waste by properly tossing everything. Another benefit is letting you see what kind of waste you toss the most and plan a strategy to reduce it. You will feel happier when you realize how much longer it takes for a trash can to fill up. To help you better separate your trash, I recommend buying a waste bin with separations and a small compost bin for your organic waste. I hope these simple tips help you start a successful zero-waste journey. Follow my Pinterest This post contains an affiliate link(s). As an affiliate, I may earn a small advertising /referral fee if you purchase through my link, without any extra cost to you, and it helps keep this little blog afloat. Thanks so much for your support!

  • How to choose the right shampoo bar

    There are many benefits of using shampoo bar over conventional kind; discover how to choose the right shampoo bar and the best type of shampoo for your hair. Many of the benefits of buying shampoo bars include reducing plastic waste because shampoo bars have no plastic wrapping. Once they are finished, there is no waste left. Although it isn't the norm, most shampoo bars usually are made of natural ingredients, but it is always a good idea to check if the product is paraben, silicone, and sulfate-free. For this reason, natural shampoo bars are great for the environment but also for your hair as they contain no chemical ingredients, and they can be safely used during pregnancy or to bathe babies. Check out this guide to pick the right shampoo bar. Why change your regular shampoo for a shampoo bar? It's undeniable that regular shampoo is tempting because of its bottles, color, and fragrance. Most people will buy these types of shampoo based on what they smell like and not their benefits or composition. And it's with this long list of ingredients where the fantasy of a beautiful shampoo ends; it's common to see listed things like silicone, sulfate, parabens, artificial scents, among others. The most controversial is Sodium Laurel Sulfate, an additive known to dry out the scalp and cause dirtiness and, in some cases, dandruff. Natural ingredients tend to be more common when it comes to shampoo bars, and SLS isn't found in the list. To substitute this product, more gentle cleansers with a coconut base are used. Another unknown benefit of shampoo bars is their extended life; a single bar can last on average 60 uses for a person with long hair, someone with short hair can use it for over 100 washes. A regular person with long hair can use up to 10 shampoo bottles depending on how frequently they wash their hair; this is a lot of waste per person. A final benefit of shampoo bars is they take up minimal space on a shower caddy or a shower shelf, unlike shampoo bottles. Remember to place your shampoo bar on a dish with a drain to keep its shape. What to take into consideration before buying a shampoo bar? Natural ingredients: Always check the ingredients list; ideally, you want artisan-made products with natural ingredients. Sulfate-free: Avoid ingredients that are bad for the environment and your hair. Vegan: If you want a cruelty-free shampoo, choose a vegan kind with a coconut base. Expiration date: A crucial aspect when it comes to natural shampoo as it will last longer, you should buy a bar with the most extended expiration date possible. Hair type: Keep in mind your hair type when buying a shampoo bar; check out the best shampoo bars below. Natural shampoo bar for each hair type Normal hair This hair type is neither dry nor greasy; there's a broader range of options to choose from; some great ingredients for normal hair include; cinnamon, orange, anise for deep cleansing. Chocolate shampoo bars also offer a deep cleansing with the extra benefit of giving a soft texture and a tempting scent. Pine shampoo bars also leave the hair clean and smelling fresh, an excellent option for people with normal hair that is either dyed or grey hair. Dry hair Dry hair needs a lot of hydration and moisturization; you will receive such benefits using vegetal keratin, coconut oil, shea butter, or oat; any of these options will give your hair the necessary moisture to avoid frizz. Greasy hair Excess hair sebum tends to become greasy fast; you need to remove such excess without stripping your scalp from any oil. Other great oils include mint and rosemary to refresh and kill bacteria. Green clay and jojoba oil are your best choices Curly hair These hair types can be challenging to manage because they tend to become dry; shampoo bars with shea butter, vegetal keratin, or coconut oil are the best options to clean the curls without damaging them. Sensitive hair If you have a sensitive scalp, you need a shampoo bar that will clean your hair and won't irritate the skin, use a shampoo bar without essential oils or color, choose a shampoo bar with calming and soothing properties such as wheat or oat. More volume If you want fuller hair, your best bet is to use a shampoo bar with orange and cinnamon; both ingredients have properties that help thicken the hair follicle, which increases the volume. Hair strength To strengthen thin hair that tends to break and fall quickly, you need deep nutrition and strength, vegetal keratin, maca, and argan oil have. Delicate shampoo Some people with hair conditions need specific products because they have more sensitive scalp and skin. The best option is buying shampoo bars without any essential oil; vegan shampoo bars are the way to go, the best gentle ingredients include oats, chamomile, and olive oil. How to get used to shampoo bars? After choosing your shampoo bar is time to get used to it. At first, you will have to adapt your hair to a new natural cleansing method after using commercial shampoo for years; this process might take a while as your hair will start to detoxify. For this reason, it is expected not to see any change. First, you might even notice your hair becomes dryer, and if your hair is greasy, it might not look as clean as previously; this is because regular shampoo strips your scalp from its oil. In contrast, shampoo bars regulate oil production, are a matter of patience and time. Shop Shampoo Bars Follow my Pinterest This post contains an affiliate link(s). As an affiliate, I may earn a small advertising /referral fee if you purchase through my link, without any extra cost to you, and it helps keep this little blog afloat. Thanks so much for your support!

  • 10 essential oils to relax

    Life can be stressful, especially nowadays when people are worried about the pandemic, and many have to look for extra jobs to pay their bills. There are many ways to relax, and a popular choice is essential oils to relax. Whether you had a rough day or a stressful job, it's vital to have a selection of essentials oils to help you out. The best thing about essential oils don't require any prescription; besides, natural essential oils don't possess secondary effects like prescribed medication or harmful effects like alcohol. Essential oils have the power to relieve even the most stressed person and relax a person who feels overwhelmed by excessive work. Besides, there's a strong relationship between being busy and healthy; even though life can become repetitive, we have to remind ourselves that humans aren't born to work and pay the debt every once in a while. The best way to relax is to use essential oils, and you can start today. How essential oils work to relax? Pure essential oils are composed of aromatic molecules that can reach your brain, which has a positive impact on the areas that control feelings of conflictive emotions. Essential oils can be stimulants, and they will adapt to each person; in a way, some essential oils will have a completely different effect depending on the person. Certain studies also note that essential oils can also positively affect a biological level, such as respiration, cardiac frequency, blood pressure, and the immune system. Regardless of the use, always remember to use pure natural essential oil and avoid any artificial scent that might cause headaches. 10 essential oils to relax 1) Lavander It's a popular essential oil to sleep, calm babies, and create relaxing baths; for this reason, lavender is the most popular and powerful scent. The light and fresh aroma can lift your mood and relax. Most people use lavender to promote sleep. You can rub a few drops on your feet or elbows. 2) Cedarwood The warm and green scent is capable of relaxing any stressed mind while lowering worry levels. You can add a few drops to your essential oil diffuser before bedtime. 3) Orange A bright and sweet scent, it's hard not to feel happy or uplifted after sensing this aroma; this scent is not only delicious and a great energy booster; it can also reduce stress levels. A few drops of orange essential oil can improve the mood of an entire room, a great scent to use when working with a group of people. Some studies also note that orange essential oil positively impacts reducing a high blood pressure level. 4) Tea tree This essential oil is the most versatile; it can also help improve acne and dandruff and mixes well with other relaxing oils. Tea tree can be used on a warm bath, also is excellent to create a natural home deodorizer or as the scent for homemade cleaning solutions. 5) Chamomile For a long time, chamomile has been a favorite flower to use for its calming properties on teas or warm baths. It's mainly used to calm the digestive system. It's a great option to soothe itchy skin. Due to its popularity can be used on diffusers or on body lotions to receive relaxing massages. 6) Jasmine Jasmine is a beautiful fragrance and has been used for centuries to boost a low mood and promote better sleep, as it can help deal with sad feelings. You can use a few drops on a warm bath or a diluted solution to rub your shoulders and neck. 7) Frankincense This essential oil is known as the king of scents; it's used to renew the appearance of the skin and the mind. Ancient civilizations used this oil and were even a gift to Jesus Christ when he was born. It's a popular choice to use for meditation, yoga, and spiritual ceremonies. Because this essential can be expensive, it is better to use it on an oil diffuser. 8) Ylang Ylang Another popular flower from East Asia was used for centuries in ceremonies. This essential oil has calming effects; the exotic scent can quickly improve a positive feeling on people with rage issues. You can dilute a few drops of this essential oil on some coconut oil and rub it on your neck; you can also boost a bath with a few drops of this essential oil. 9) Rose Roses are a worldwide symbol of love; this essential oil can be super expensive due to the number of rose petals needed to create a small bottle of pure oil. Rose essential oil smells wonderful but also reduces stress levels. If you find yourself feeling stressed, smelling this oil can boost your self-esteem and give you a sense of peace. 10) Sandalwood A dry and woody scent improves your mood; sandalwood works wonders to promote a sense of being connected to the earth and waking up the mind. The sweet scent promotes focus and well-being and a healthy balance of stress levels for busy people. You can rub some diluted oil on your wrists or behind your ears; this is a great oil to diffuse. Find your essential oil We are all different, and one essential oil won't have the same effects on everyone, some blends will calm nerves, so it's better to blend and discover what works best for you. Remember that essential oils are pretty strong, and it is always advised to use a few drops and if you plan to use the oil on your skin, always do a skin test on a small area of your arm or legs to find any adverse reaction. Always buy 100% pure essential oils and avoid any artificial scent. Shop the Essential Oils Shop Oil Diffusers Follow my Pinterest This post contains an affiliate link(s). As an affiliate, I may earn a small advertising /referral fee if you purchase through my link, without any extra cost to you, and it helps keep this little blog afloat. Thanks so much for your support!

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