10 things a minimalist don't do

Minimalist lifestyle teaches us many valuable things about ourselves, the impact we have on the planet, and how we consume resources and find more information about the things that minimalists never do.

In my previous post, I talked about 10 Minimalists habits to improve your life quality, now let's mention the things minimalists avoid doing.

All minimalists are different like I mentioned some of them in my six types of minimalists post. In general terms, there are specific main points where all minimalists tend to agree on, and they might be things you can start applying to your life.

1 Seeing minimalism as just a style

I know my blog is about minimalist design, furniture, and decoration, but it has to be clear that a minimalist lifestyle must come first if you are serious about it.

The thing is we can get rid of everything we own, buy new furniture and it will surely look nice and clean, but if you have not experienced the change within you, after some time, all your space will look like before.

Start changing your mindset and taking your time decluttering as that will teach you what you need and what was a waste of time and money.

If you are successful, a new home, and eventually a better style will come in the future, don't jump steps.

2 Silence doesn't have to be uncomfortable

I truly relate to this one, some people can't stand silence and talk about the most superficial things to fill that void, it might seem rude, but I remain silent if I don't have anything to say or ask.

Having more in-depth conversations about any topic is more valuable, as you can listen to the point of view and share yours; this way, you truly connect with the other person.

3 Shopping for the sake of it

A topic related to one of the ten minimalist habits that I currently do and write about in this article, a minimalist would never go to a store without a list or a distinct idea of what they want in their mind.

By taking this approach, it will be easier to say No when to offers that do not match your standards. We are all humans, and marketers know our weaknesses; this is why the store's design makes you shop more than you intended.

Always go with a list and a focused mind, and you will never regret a purchase in the future.

4 Feeling guilt about spent money

I have a much more detailed blog post on this topic here; the bottom line is that a minimalist is not a cheapskate. A minimalist wants to spend better, not less.

Minimalists will part with their money without any issue if they know they are paying for something that matches their criteria. Even if it is expensive, they are paying for quality.

5 Shopping bad quality just to save money

Closely related to the previous point, minimalists know that the cheated goes up dear, so they are not afraid to part ways with their money if it's worth it.

If the product is of higher quality, it has a less negative impact on the environment or any other reason. So when minimalists are paying for something, they will gladly do it if the said product lasts longer, as it will save them money over time.

6 Throw away other's belongings

Whether its family, friends, or roommates, as a minimalist, you will eventually feel the urge to declutter things that are not yours, those dressers full of old clothes, your kid's toys, among many other things.

Stop right there; the fact is not everything has to be decluttered for you to be in peace with yourself.

Besides, you do not want to damage the trust others have in you, by throwing away their belongings without their permission, you are crossing a boundary that should always be respected.

Ask yourself, would I like someone to enter my bedroom and throw a bunch of stuff without asking me? Now you know what others would feel like if you did that to them.

Instead of forcing Minimalism into their lives, lead them with the example; when they see you decluttering and organizing, they might be interested. Even if they aren't, you can always tell them about Minimalism and the benefits.

If they want to try decluttering, let them choose what they are ready to get rid of, this process is different for everyone, and some people will take more time.

7 Try to reduce their waste

I say try because it is not an easy process, and not all minimalist lifestyles can implement such a concept as comfortably.

Even then, all minimalists know the importance of reducing waste, and they will try to find ways to do so, like using kitchen cloths instead of paper towels or fabric napkins instead of paper ones.

8 Forcing yourself to declutter

My decluttering process took six months, and it is still going; when we start Minimalism, the first step for most people is decluttering, but don't just grab everything and throw it away.

Take your time and evaluate what has to go, some things will be more natural to discard, start with those and move forwards, use this guide with 25 items, to more delicate items like sentimental ones. It's better to take time and let each decision mature before you rush.

Now do not let this stop you from making these decisions; take your time, but do not forget about them.

9 Don't hoard virtual clutter

Even though this clutter doesn't take any space physically, it can make your working space a nightmare.

A minimalist deletes useless files and organizes everything else, whether personal or business-related, developing an organization system with folders and names, which will save them a lot of time and stress.

10 Force others into Minimalism

Discovering Minimalism is like finding a treasure, its life-changing and saves a lot of money in the long run, so naturally, we want to tell everyone about it, so they make the switch.

Minimalists like me have learned this lifestyle alone; nobody forced us, so why should we force it on others.

We have to remember that everyone has different lifestyles and their choices have to be respected. Instead of forcing a belief that will only cause an adverse reaction, lead with example, and more will follow.


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10 things a minimalist dont do