What is the minimalist lifestyle?

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The problem of today's society

Nowadays, the minimalist lifestyle emerges in a world where unbridled and inconsiderate consumption has become the norm.

The media continually influences us on new products that we have to buy, which are essential to living, which is going to make our lives easier, among many other imposed needs.

And human beings by nature always look for instant gratification, new and shiny things.

Unfortunately, this lifestyle of inconsiderate consumption brings with it serious problems such as exploitation of non-renewable natural resources, deforestation, environmental pollution, labor exploitation in developing countries, among some of what I can name as I type this paragraph.

The minimalist lifestyle emerges as a social response from people concerned about indiscriminate consumption or who are worried about the lack of care and preservation of the environment.

What defines a minimalist person?

Have you ever wondered if you have too many things? Or that the amount of stuff you have is overflowing, and you don't have the time or the desire to put them in order?

minimalist lifestyle blog

Maybe you are shyly awakening a minimalist side within you that is tired of having so much. That is monopolizing your thoughts, which is good because you are taking the first big step towards a radical change in your life from where you won't want to return.

People who adopt the minimalist lifestyle in general terms buy only necessary objects when needed (not thinking about the famous "just in case") and evaluating the quality-to-cost ratio as long as possible.

They also make the most out of the products until they stop being useful and try to find sustainable alternatives to reduce the amount of generated waste and save money in the process.

They also take good care of the current possessions, and when its time to say goodbye to certain items, the minimalist tries to rehome or recycle it.

Some consider that the minimalist people are only the wealthy ones since they always look for the best quality or luxurious; it is a half-truth.

Some people squander money in all the social groups and not necessarily essential or good quality things. It becomes dangerous when people get into debt to waste and live a fantasy that precisely the media make them believe that it is the best way to live.

In my opinion, the definition of a minimalist person is someone who can belong to any socioeconomic stratum. The idea is that you find the best products and services to make the most of them, taking into account the money that is within their budget. A minimalist life is not tied to a bunch of bills, but to a way of thinking.

minimalist lifestyle blog

I am not a millionaire, but I am very interested in this minimalist lifestyle, and I say that I am curious, because although I have adopted some concepts and I will share them with you soon.

I'm not a 100% minimalist, and I think that I will never be able to adapt this lifestyle completely, in the end, everyone should take what they feel is most useful and change it to their life to make it work for them.

It is illogical to think that everyone will live with the indispensable in white houses from one day to the next, which is fine because that is the beautiful thing about us human beings, our individuality.

Within the minimalist movement, there are many variables. Some people adapt more to one style or another. It is a fascinating topic on which we can delve into a whole new problem.

Minimalist design

minimalist architecture and design

Now, as an architect, I'm also interested in a minimalist design, which is not the same as a lifestyle. However, they can complement each other (indeed, I discovered minimalist design at university many years before the minimalist lifestyle gained the popularity it enjoys today). I plan to talk to you about what characterizes minimalist architecture and interior design and furniture in a forthcoming post.

I want to clarify that in this minimalist blog, I will share information about minimalism, lifestyle and design, and architecture. Perhaps some other related concepts that may seem appealing to share with you are in line with the idea of this website.

So I will have articles where I will share ideas for renovating spaces, recommend furniture and other products such as books or courses.

Everything will be categorized so that everyone can read about what interests them most.

If you want to discover a better way of living, the minimalist lifestyle blog category will teach you tips to make a living a minimalist lifestyle easy and adaptable to your necessities.

If, on the other hand, you want to be inspired to design, remodel, decorate or buy some furniture or decorative item, you can go to the categories of minimalist design.

I will also have blogs that tie both design and lifestyle, such as how to have a minimalist home, learn about minimalist storage and minimalist declutter and organization tips, or evaluate a product before buying it. You can go to the category of lifestyle.

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