20 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

Searching for inspiration to renovate your bedroom and create your own personal oasis, get creative with these 20 gorgeous bedroom design ideas!

Our bedrooms are probably the most important room in the house because it is the place where we can unwind after a stressful day and recharge our batteries for tomorrow.

But what happens when your bedroom is nothing but a relaxing place? Instead of serenity, you are greeted every day by clutter, piles of clothes everywhere, clashing colors, and a complete sense of disharmony.

Minimalism can help you create the bedroom of your dreams, before considering doing a major renovation project which could include changing the curtains, floors, or painting your walls and ceiling.

You have to start decluttering, otherwise, you are painting over a dirty wall, I have an interesting article about items you can start decluttering right now, but to give you a general idea of what you can start decluttering:

  • Clothes

  • Shoes

  • Accessories

  • Books (They shouldn't be in your bedroom anyway)

  • Beauty products

  • Knick Knacks

  • Papers & other office items

  • Sentimental objects

Those are some basics most people tend to store in their bedrooms, if you have more things, declutter them too, it will be easy to renovate, decorate and maintain a decluttered room, this is a must for those who are too busy or just don't want to spend too much time cleaning up.

Now that we set the foundation, its time to get inspired by these beautiful designs.

Note: Below some pictures, I might include a product suggestion if you want to purchase the look, they are not necessarily the same item but similar.

1 Classic White

The classic minimalist design concept, a bedroom mostly in white, with few accents in black like the nightstand with a gorgeous glass lightbulb lamp that seems to be floating like a balloon, clean lines for the furniture, and very little texture.

2 Sloped ceiling

Here we see how minimalism works on a sloped ceiling to visually open up space, in this bedroom, the ceiling and walls are painted in white, the floor and bedframe give warmth with the cream color carpet, the accents of the room are the grey sofa and bedsheets. The use of natural light in this bedroom is exceptional.

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3 Cozy sloped ceiling

A final example of a sloped ceiling, this design is more in line with Scandi but since its compatible with minimalism I included it to give different options, here the headboard goes all the way and hugs the ceilings with light wooden laminated tiles and yellow lighting details between tiles, which gives a cozy cabin sensation, the accent, in this case, is the white duvet cover and lampshade.

4 White and black

The use of black as an accent is very common in minimalism, as white and black complement each other, in this bedroom the white serves as a canvas to the black bed and geometric pattern area rug.

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5 Peaceful bedroom

Minimalism works great on small bedrooms like this one, you don't even have to use a pure white, in this picture the main color is a warm white which creates a cozy vibe, the extra texture doesn't feel cluttered as the color palette is in similar shades.

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6 White and grey

In this bedroom the white walls and ceiling are combined with a light grey carpet, the bed has a white headboard and uses a deeper grey color on the duvet cover to pop up, The leather ottoman gives another color accent.

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7 Minimalist with a classic twist

This is not exactly what most people have in mind when they think of minimalism, this is a beautiful option for those who do not want spaces that are too bare. A white bedroom serves as a canvas for the blue area rug and throws pillows, the chesterfield headboard is the centerpiece and the bedsheets and accessories are all in white to balance the number of textures.

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8 Grey and yellow

Minimalism doesn't have to be white and black, in this example grey is contrasted with yellow to create a vibrant room that doesn't feel overwhelming.

9 Adjustable lamp

Here we have another pleasant example of a bedroom with a Scandi feel, the bed and large mirror have clean lines and natural wood finish, the duvet cover is a dark grey and the lamp is adjustable, this eliminated the need for a nightstand.

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10 Industrial minimalism

That's exactly what comes to my mind when I see this picture, we have a warm red tone wooden floor, with a soft light grey duvet cover and live plants, which contrast against the rough concrete wall finish, this is a nice idea for those who are renting a place and don't want to invest fixing the walls.

11 Industrial Japandi

Another idea for a rented place, this interior design is even more daring as it mixes an industrial feel from the black brick wall against a soft Japandi style in the low black bed and fluffy duvet cover and pillows.

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12 Accent wall

Another Scandi design, this cozy bedroom, the color palette is a great idea for those who are unsure about which colors to use but also want their bedroom to look elegant, perfect design idea for a bachelor bedroom.

13 Masculine and feminine balance

This design mixes a strong bold masculine touch with the black bed and headboard with a more delicate feminine side using the beautiful drawings and the live plant, beautiful minimalist design for couples.

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14 Natural bamboo ceiling

Beautiful rustic bedroom design with minimalist and vernacular touches, the centerpiece of this bedroom is the bamboo ceiling with the exposed beams, which is complemented with the wooden floors and furniture.

15 Emerald accents

Another good option for those who do not want a bare feeling in their bedroom, this design uses a white and cream color as the main choice and the wooden furniture and grey headboard are the secondary additions to a pop of emerald color, the best part is the pillows and blankets can be switched to create a new look every time.

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16 Seaside bedroom

This minimalist design brings the sea to the bedroom, white and blue accents with a nice touch with the captain hat and round mirror which resembles a boat window, this is a nice bedroom for a beach house.

17 Classy and minimal bedroom

Another example of a classic style bedroom with a minimalist twist, the wooden floors complement the light grey bed and headboard, the leaves patterns on the pillows match the bird's paintings over the metal console.

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18 Minimalist with a vernacular touch

Your eyes are immediately pulled to the accents, the white walls and bed go into the background and let the yellow throw pillows and fabric art piece command all the attention.

19 Light curtains

If you are lucky to be able to hang light curtains you will give the room a spa or hotel by the sea vibe, which gives such a serene feeling to the room, as I said only try this if your bedroom has privacy.

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20 Scandi style

The best for last, this is my favorite photo in this selection, a Scandi style bedroom with plenty of wooden touches and greens, a beautiful cabin bedroom.

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Hope you found some inspiration in this curated selection!

If you have any questions please write it down below and I'll answer it as soon as I can.

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